List of technical schools in Ghana

List of technical schools in Ghana

Technical schools in Ghana like technical schools elsewhere offer education focused on research and vocational training. The students pursuing the courses at technical institutes are molded for careers based on a practical approach and this include on-job training. The programs offered by this institutes often lead to careers in areas such as computer, electronics, science, business, drafting, medical information technology and health sciences. Courses in many of the programs are specifically geared towards preparing the students for work and therefore they mostly do not include academic classes in general education.

all technical schools in Ghana

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The prosperity of any given country economically relies immensely on its ability to tap and utilize the existing knowledge and talents among its citizens. This said, the technical schools in Ghana come in hand in doing this effectively. The country has invested colossal resources into these institutes and this is evident from the stiff competitions which exists between these schools in Ghana. Being a country with hardworking people, the technical schools in Ghana receive uncountable number of application letters in their institutions on yearly basis. With this escalating numbers, consequently comes mushrooming of new training colleges in Ghana both private and public. This has therefore led to the list of technical schools in Ghana being so long that it is becoming overwhelming to choose an ideal one. The article will not focus on all technical schools in Ghana because believe me it will require volumes and volumes of papers, it will pay more attentions on few but rather the best technical schools in Ghana because after all, it is everyone’s desire to go for the best. It should also be understood that admission in any of the Ghana technical schools does not guarantee a direct entry into the university, it is the student’s hard work, commitment and discipline that positively influence the final performance.

Technical Schools in Ghana are the hub of quality Education in the West Africa region. The country boasts of having the best and unique technical institutions not only in the region but also in the entire African continent, this can be attested to by how many technical schools are in Ghana. Within the borders competition amongst these institutions is so stiff no wonder the best position is not held dominantly by only a single institution. The position is held interchangeably amongst the schools in Ghana.

Let’s look at some of these Ghana technical Schools, their locations and the programs they offer;

Secondary and Technical Schools in Ghana. First on the list of these institutes is:

1. Koforidua Technical Institute

The institute’s Location: Region Eastern, District/Location- Fanteakwa: Koforidua.

List of technical schools in Ghana

Koforidua Technical Institute was established in 1967 by the first president of Ghana, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. It was formally called Ghana Secondary Technical School. At the time, it was opening it is doors for only male students. In 2000’s it became a secondary technical school in Ghana hence its name Koforidua Secondary Technical School. The Institute adopted its current name and also admitted girls into the school system in 2012.

This is with no doubt one of the best Technical schools in Ghana. The institute has a reputation which has traversed far and beyond the horizon, with many institution paying heed to it’s academic records. It’s an academic giant in the country, and this is seen by how it is competing tirelessly with all technical school in Ghana.

What makes this institution the best? Let’s delve into their records. When history is consulted, the institution set an extraordinary record by attaining the biggest numbers of those who passed in Western African Senior High School Council Examination (WASHSCE) with over two hundred students scoring A+ in all eight examinations this was in the year 2011. Notably, in a class of four hundred and eighty-eight students, four hundred and eighty-five of them had passed with flying colors. The institution was ranked second in Eastern Region. Secondly, in 2012 it hit the limelight yet again after producing sixteen A’s in the WASSCE examinations of that year. The school has been retaining this trend in the education sector for quite some time now showing consistence year in year out.

Programs offered in Koforidua Technical Institute

The courses offered here include the following;

  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry and
  • Information Technology

For technical courses, the institute offers mainly;

  • Technical drawing.
  • Building Construction.
  • Metal works.
  • Applied Electricity.
  • Woodworks, and
  • Auto mechanics.

General arts and visual arts: These are other two courses Koforidua technical institute is known for:

General Arts incorporate the following;

  • Christian Religious Studies.
  • Akan language.
  • Economics.
  • Geography.
  • Literature.
  • Government.

Visual Arts, on the other hand, include;

  • Graphic design.
  • Leatherworks.
  • Picture Making.
  • Economics, and
  • General Knowledge in Art (GKA)

2. Kumasi Technical Institute

The institute’s location: Region of Ashanti. District/Location- Kumasi Metro: Kumasi

Best technical schools in Ghana

Mention the list of technical schools in Ghana, and the name of Kumasi Technical Institute will always pop up. This technical institute was established in 1976 by the Ghanaian government. This was made possible thanks to the helping hands from the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).

Kumasi Technical Institute is on a forty-acre plot of land. The land was provided by Asantehe, Otumfuo Opuku Ware.

The programs offered in Kumasi Technical Institute

The institute is consolidated into the following two departments;

  • Mechanical
  • Building

In the Building department the following programs are offered;

  • Block laying and Concreting
  • Plumbing and Gas-fitting
  • Welding and fabrication among others

The Mechanical department on the other hand has its focus on;

  • Industrial mechanics.
  • Motor vehicles mechanics.
  • Diesel and Heavy Duty Mechanics.
  • Auto body repairs.
  • Refrigeration, and
  • Air- Condition Mechanics.

The Institute comes too among Best technical school in Ghana. Kumasi Technical Institute has a mission of equipping their students with the required necessary skills and knowledge for the betterment of the country’s economy as well as themselves. Its motto is “Training for industry” and for sure it has conformed to it.

3. Asuansi Technical Institute

This institute’s location; Region Central, District/Location: Abura/Asebu/kwamank: Asebu

List of technical schools in Ghana

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It will be unfair when discuss the secondary technical schools in Ghana then fail to talk about Asuansi technical institute with it rich history. It ranks up there too of the list of technical schools in Ghana

Asuansi Technical Institute was not only the first technical school in Ghana but in West Africa. Having been established in August 1917 as a Rural School focusing mainly on reading, writing, and arithmetic up to standard three. In 1922, the school was changed to Trade School, this came intentionally to boost Vocational Education in Agriculture, Carpentry, Metal Work, and Masonry. The year 1963 saw its name changed to Asuansi Technical Institute hence it offered craft courses.

Programs offered in Asuansi Technical Institute

The courses offered are

  • Agriculture
  • Home Economics
  • Visual Art
  • Business
  • General Arts
  • General Science and
  • Core subjects

Asuansi Technical Institute also offers some short courses

  • The short course include;
  • Training of Master Craftsmen
  • Traditional apprenticeship training and
  • People in trade Associations.

The above courses are demanded mostly to upgrade people’s skills. The demand is more on the people in the informal sector.

4. St Joseph Technical Institute

The institute’s location; Regions: Northern, District/ Location- Bole Saboba

List of technical schools in Ghana

St Joseph Technical School was established by the SVD Missionaries of Catholic Arch-Dioceses of Tamale. It was established in the year 1967 hence became one of the technical schools in Ghana. The institute was managed by the missionaries until 1984 when the government stepped in and offered the management assistance. The year 2002 saw St Joseph Technical School institute gain boarding status.

Programs offered at St Joseph Technical institute

The courses are mainly:

  • Building Construction Technology and
  • Wood Construction Technology.

The institute too offers seven primary courses.

They include;

  • Home economics,
  • Agriculture,
  • Core subjects,
  • Business,
  • Visual Arts,
  • General Science, and
  • General Arts.

The institute is equipped with required facilities to ensure it offers effective learning. It has many classrooms together with workshops, Library and Computer lab.

5. Private Technical Institutes in Ghana

The private sector in Ghana has not been left behind too. It has added to the list of technical schools in Ghana quite a number of institutes. Like their public counterparts, the list is long, however let’s look at the private technical schools in Ghana.

  1. St. Anne Vocational Institute-Yilo Krobo.
  2. St. Vitus Technical Institute- Sunyani.
  3. Abutia Community Secondary/Technical School- Volta.
  4. Ho Dokta Electrical Works-Kwebere East.
  5. Catholic Technical Institute-Kumasi Metropolitan.
  6. Adventist Secondary/Technical School- Techiman.
  7. Young Women Christian Association.
  8. Royal Technical College-Accra Metropolitan.
  9. National Technical Engineering College- Accra Metropolitan.
  10. Samonya Tech Institute- Akatsi.

Ask how many technical schools are in Ghana? And the answer is definitely, many. The institutions are coming up every day thanks to the increasing population of the West Africa Country. The populace is full of individual hungry for knowledge and the applications made seeking for places in this institution are definitely high. However the education ministry has not left this unattended to, the ministry has put in place measure to control the establishments of training colleges in Ghana. These measures are to ensure that technical schools in Ghana rank high in the region and beyond.

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