Ghana CEPS Ranks and Their Symbols

Ghana CEPS Ranks and Their Symbols

Ghana is one of the fastest developing nations in Africa. Of the many things, Ghana boasts a vast wealth of natural resources and a peaceful political state. These two factors have made this nation one of the most sought-after nations when it comes to trade and commerce. Therefore if you are looking to trade with Ghana in terms of their import and export business then it is of importance you learn about their industry.

Ghana CEPS Ranks and Their Symbols

Ghana CEPS- Customs Excise and Preventive Service, is the national forces mandated with the responsibility of inspecting, monitoring and regulating the exports into the country. Inasmuch as exports play a very important role in the economic growth of Ghana it too can pose serious threats to the country by allowing unwanted and dangerous goods in the country. It is for this reason that this sector is controlled and regulated by the CEPS a unit of Ghana’s Special Forces.

Just like with the Country’s National Defense forces, there are different CEPS ranks and their Insignia that are used to identify with power and authority. However, before we look at them, let’s first understand the role and mandate commissioned to this service.

The Role of CEPS

  • Collect export and import duty tax on behalf of the government
  • Impose and supervise imports and exports restrictions and prohibitions put in place
  • Protects Ghana’s boundaries by preventing external aggressions imposed by militias
  • Acts as the country’s watchdog when it comes to border revenue collections by preventing entry of smuggled goods into the country

CEPS Ranks in Ghana and their Symbols

When it comes to disciplined forces, ranks and symbols are very important. These two things indicate power and authority of the officer. CEPS ranks vary depending on the position of the officer and the experience level. The following are some of the ranks of CEPS and their symbols you ought to be aware of including the official seal of the force.

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The official Customs Excise and Preventive Service seal

CEPS is a division under the larger Ghana Revenue Authority. As highlighted above the mandate of this service is to oversee and protect the border revenue collections in Ghana. Below are the ranks and the different symbols of the collection officers.

  • Junior collection assistant 3rd Class
  • Junior collection assistant 2nd Class
  • Junior collection assistant 1st Class
  • Collection Assistant 3rd Class
  • Collection Assistant 2nd Class
  • Collection Assistant 1st Class
  • Assistant Collector
  • Collector
  • Senior Collector
  • Principal Collector
  • Senior Collector
  • Assistant Commissioner
  • Deputy Commissioner
  • Commissioner
Ghana CEPS Ranks and Their Symbols

Ghana CEPS Ranks and Their Symbols

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