How to Write an Application Letter for Any Position Without Experience

How to Write an Application Letter for Any Position Without Experience

For you to get a job, writing an application letter is a must do. An application letter specifies which job you want and why you want it. Unlike a curriculum vitae (CV), an application letter is less detailed, and it goes straight to the point. While job hunting, if you fail to carry an application letter to a job, then chances of being called for an interview are very slim.

How to Write an Application Letter for Any Position Without Experience

An application letter is a mandatory piece that any person looking to be employed should have. It is written formally with two addresses. One address is for the person looking for a job; it usually is on the top right or middle of the letter and the company’s address or who you are writing to on the left. In other cases, the addresses can also be aligned to the left to make it appear neater. In this case, no paragraphs should be included. This letter should be 100% formal so the language used should be official. For example at the end you should not write “yours faithfully” or any other terms instead you should go for more serious terms or omit the first part “yours” and simply write “sincerely,” followed by your name and your official signature.

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How to write an application letter

  1. Start by getting yourself a computer near you and open a blank word document
  2. Start with a personal address. This will include where you live and the postal address
  3. Write the company’s address below. If you are writing to the human resource department, you have to specify and if you are writing to an individual, do not write his or her name first but instead his department, for example, head of Human Resource.
  4. Write a clear reference. A reference is meant to indicate the position of the job you are applying for.
  5. Write the introduction speech below the reference. The introduction starts with “dear sir or madam.”
  6. Start your application letter for the job by indicating where you saw the job advertisement, or if not, you can say why you want that particular position.
  7. Indicate your latest achievements, for example, a graduate in business administration from the University of Ghana
  8. Make it clear and precise

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An example of an application letter for employment should be as shown below;

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How to Write an Application Letter for Any Position Without Experience

Sample of application letter

The below sample indicates precisely how an application letter should be.

Example of an application letter

Mercy Johnson

P.O BOX 345



Head of Human Resource

Sovereign investments

P.O Box 229



Dear sir/madam,

This is to respond to a job vacancy in the newspaper on 19th January. I am very interested in this position so that I can apply my skills adequately for efficient and effective results.

I am a graduate in Accounting and Finance from the University of Ghana Legon. After campus, I undertook an internship where I sharpened my skills in accounting. I am a competent individual, self-driven and who is ready to work under pressure. I have adequate knowledge on accounts that will be applied when I start working with you. I am a team player and working with you will increase my expertise that will help take our country’s economy to the next level.

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I sincerely hope that you will consider me, and more of my details are attached to my resume. I look forward to hearing from you.



Mercy Johnson.

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