How to Style Natural Hair at Home

How to Style Natural Hair at Home

Just the mention of natural hair, and you can create a buzz among a majority of women. For most people, the transition to growing natural hair is all about growing chemical-free, strong, and healthy hair. Others go as far as eliminating the use of any chemical products and settling on natural alternatives.

How to Style Natural Hair at Home

With many people preferring to maintain natural hair, coming up with a DIY hair care recipes is the way to go, as it is cost-effective. Additionally, getting the right tips on how to style natural hair always goes a long way.

How to Style Natural Hair Step by Step

For some people, defining their hair texture can be a little difficult. Styling any hair texture in a stunning, beautiful, and polished way is achievable as long as the right hair products are used. Another important factor is getting the right tips on how to style your hair to achieve the ultimate look. Below are some simple steps on achieving the best results. All you have to do is follow the instructions to the latter.

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  • Spray the natural dry hair with revitalizing leave-in conditioner.
  • Apply organic coconut oil
  • Add butter cream daily moisturizer to your hair.
  • Partition the hair in small bits then start twisting the hair.

How to style natural hair with gel is another trend that is taking the world by storm. Hair gel has been in use for decades and it can be used to come up with any type of preferable hairstyles. Once you have your perfect style in mind, applying gel is a simple process. Whether you want just a formal hairstyle for an upcoming event, or a frizzy look, using hair gel is the way to go.

How to Style Natural Hair at Home

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Most of the hair gel in the market is made using the same type of chemicals. As much as their colors and smells are different, their function is the same. Most of the gels in the shelves are applied using fingertips while others are sprayed. It is however advisable to choose one that suits you best.

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  • A thick hair gel will keep the hair strands in place, as it will hold them all day long.
  • If you want a light and messy look, consider using a light and foamy gel.
  • To get your hair to stay in a gravity-defying way with amazing shiny spikes, then a medium hold gel would do.
  • With gel, the methods applicable are quite easy to follow and always wash your hair before applying the gel.

How to style natural hair after washing

When you begin the journey of growing natural hair, maintaining an easy guide will come in handy. Love is always in the hair. How to style natural hair without heat is simple, provided you follow the methods given in a tutorial by natural hair bloggers. Below is an easy DIY guide on how to go about it.

How to Style Natural Hair at Home
  • To protect the locks from UV rays, always wash your hair with a conditioner and shampoo.
  • After taking a shower, wrap your head in a towel for about 15-20 minutes until it stops dripping. For people with straight hair, using a wide toothed comb is the tip to prevent breakage. For extra love, use a detangling spray.
  • Let the hair dry for the next two hours; avoid tying it back, or using hair bands since they create unnecessary dents in the hair.
  • Hair masks are another great tip of ensuring the hair dries while leaving behind smoother hair follicles.

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How to style natural hair after blow-drying

  • Before starting the process, de-tangle your hair using an appropriate brush.
  • Partition the hair into four neat sections.
  • Wet the hair with a little amount of water
  • Blow dry on low heat until it dries up.
  • Afterwards, style it as you desire, taking care of the strands so that they do not break.
How to Style Natural Hair at Home

How to style natural hair should be easy since there are numerous instructions, and different ways to do it which will yield great results if followed keenly.

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