Ghanaian wedding decorations: Trends in 2020 (photos)

Ghanaian wedding decorations: Trends in 2020 (photos)

Many people have an imaginative and clear picture of their dream weddings. Some have a deep yearning to ride on a horse chariot, vintage cars, a sleek high speed sport car and some outstanding décor among other desires. While these wishes vary from one bride/groom to the next,wedding or event planners work hard to offer satisfying services to the content of both the groom and the bride. There is something that sets the Ghanaian wedding decorations apart.

Ghana traditional wedding decoration, african themed wedding

The thrill of culture and our African heritage is evident on Ghana wedding decorations pictures. Ideally, an African themed wedding will have touches of kente, Ankara or kitenge. Additionally, artifacts such as curios, beads or beadwork, antique jars, chevrons and monograms may be used in making the event colorful or speak out a mood.

Ghanaian wedding decorations

There are many ways a wedding venue can be decorated to wow all that will be in attendance. However, the choice of décor solely lies on the bride and groom although in some cases their close friends may chip in in addition to the event planners advisory. There are two common decorations as you will see in the Ghanaian wedding decoration pictures;

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Ghanaian wedding decorations ideas, western themed wedding

Western themed décor

We cannot assume the assimilation of the western culture into our setups. A western themed décor may entail the Romeo and Juliet fairy tales of caravan of cars, white gown with a long veil, groom and his men in suits, church set up just to mention a few elements. This means that even the decorations part of it may be more contemporary, elaborate and modern in the layout plans and even general arrangement and décor pieces.

African themed décor

This defines the Ghanaian traditional wedding décor. Although with some elements of a western themed wedding it lays more on the African culture from attire to décor. It emphasizes more on who we are as African, our proud heritage and our values withheld. They are most popular and young generation seems to be really appreciative of it.

Ghanaian wedding decorations ideas, ghana wedding decorations

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Ghanaian traditional wedding décor

When the word traditional appears, many think of ancient something outdated, well in this you are wrong. Old is gold. Ghanaians have an undeniably rich culture and looks so great when well spelled out to masses. Apparently, the wow effect on Ghanaian traditional wedding décor is the kente, Ankara and kitenge. Decors experts have come of age and understand trends and settings very well to surpass the expectations of the bride and groom they are working with.

Ghanaian wedding decorations ideas, western wedding decorations, trendy wedding ideas for ghana

Ghana wedding decorations with all the value and enthusiasm it spurs may entail; bride, groom and the bridal party groomed in Kente / Ankara attire as per their preferred design and style. The bride in most instances forgoes the white gown for an African gown of any contemporary color. Groom and his men dress in an African fabric or if they choose to go with the suit, fabric touches may break the formal look into a ceremonial one. Décor from the signage, entry way all the way to the wedding venue may have fine touch of Ankara or kente. The stand covers in rhyming fabric with flowers or traditional jewelry arranged to catch an eye.

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Ghanaian wedding decorations ideas, garden wedding ideas

Guests may or may not be asked to dress as per the theme which only makes the wedding event livelier. They bring in a bright side of life and denote a celebration of love and friendship. Comprehensively, Ghanaian traditional wedding décor means an included detail in all areas of African heritage. The flower bouquet/ flower vessel wrapped in kente fabric, round tables covers smartly in a kente fabrics.

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