The latest Metro games in order: Which game should you play first?

The latest Metro games in order: Which game should you play first?

If you are an avid gamer, you have probably heard about Metro games. While there is a misconception that they are complex, playing Metro games in order gives you a sense of continuity and, therefore, a better mastery of its plot.

Metro games in order
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Do you have to play Metro games in order? Although each video game in the series is unique, playing them based on their chronological order gives you a competitive edge. For example, Exodus relies heavily on Metro Last Light regarding ammunition usage.

How to play Metro games in order

In what order do you play the Metro games? Well, the best way to play it is by following its storyline. Here is the complete order of how you should play it based on plot continuity and intricacy.

1. Metro 2033 (2010)

This is the first game you should play in this series. In this game, you play Artyom, one of the Moscow Metro dwellers who survive a nuclear war. Metro 2033 also has a brief introduction to post-apocalyptic Moscow, specifically the underground Metro tunnels, where all the fighting occurs.

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Whether you are playing it on Xbox 360, PlayStation, or PC, the graphics are decent, and the frame rate is unmatched. The combination of pictures and high frame rate per second makes the one-shooter game one of the most realistic games in this genre, even though it is a ten-year-old game. Why should you play Metro 2033 first? Well, there are several reasons, including:

1. The storyline is ideal for introducing players to the game series

As a player, you will assume Artyom's role, who, apart from being a perfect shooter, informs other remnants that there is an impending danger from outside. The introduction is critical in understanding the plot, even in the sequels.

Additionally, its intro redefines the meaning of a one-shooter game by introducing more elite shooters. This information is critical in the subsequent games, especially in the 2019 Metro Exodus, which requires teamwork.

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2. Metro 2033 is a perfect introduction to the intricate way of acquiring new weapons

One of the key criticisms about the Metro game series is the complexity of acquiring weapons. Due to this complexity, only professional gamers have been interested in this game series. However, playing the Metro 2033 gives you a better orientation in acquiring weapons and, more importantly, identifying the best weapons for different missions.

2. Metro Last Light (2013)

Metro games in order
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Metro Last Light is the 2033 sequel with significant improvements in graphics, customization aspects, and weapons. Like the previous one, this one is a one-shooter experience with similar but more lethal enemies and mutants.

Why should you play Metro Last Light after Metro 2033 but before Exodus? The Last Light's plot is vital in understanding the Exodus plot. There are some things that you will need in Exodus that were introduced in this series. Some of the key aspects include:

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1. Advancement of Metro 2033 storyline

Unlike the previous game, Artyom has more informants, and decision-making is based on accurate information. The plot gives you a clear path of what to expect regarding the storyline. Also, it informs you of what strategies to apply in the next set of challenges. Lastly, you have a definite number of fighters, and this development breaks its monotony.

2. The game has weapon mods as opposed to preloaded weapons

The ability to buy weapons in this instalment creates a technical bridge between the two games. Also, replacing preloaded weapons with weapon mods allows players to customize the game, especially in Exodus, where the enemies and mutants are more dangerous than in the previous games.

3. Metro Redux (2014)

After Metro 2033 and Last Light, a lot changed in gaming. For example, the consoles have a higher frame rate, and the graphics are better than earlier versions. If you have the latest console or you want to play its first two games with better graphics, this is a perfect bundle for you.

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Is Metro Redux both games? Yes. It is a remake of the two games. The plot development is also similar to the previous games, but with the gaming company making only minor adjustments, especially in graphics.

Can you play Metro Redux before Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light? Yes. Since Metro Redux is a remake of the previous games, you will not miss anything by playing the new versions. Additionally, you will save money by buying the Metro Redux as a bundle compared to individual games.

Apart from the money aspect and playing experience, the remade versions have similar in-game mechanics. For example, the Metro 2033 Redux has a mask wipe gesture identical to the original game.

These unique aspects make the Redux an ideal replacement for the previous versions. However, if you want to immerse yourself in the world of Metro, you should first play the original two games before picking this bundle.

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4. Metro Exodus (2019)

Metro games in order
Visitors queue to play the video game 'Metro Exodus' developed by 4A Games and published by Deep Silver during the 'Paris Games Week' on 27 October 2018 in Paris, France. Photo: Chesnot
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Metro Exodus is the latest game in the Metro series. The game blends in first-person shooter experience with unmatched survival elements. Metro Exodus is arguably the best shooter game, thanks to its dynamism and the availability of chunky environments with deadly opponents. Also, the graphics are unmatched.

The Metro Exodus continues Artyom's story but with many twists. Unlike the previous games, he embarks on a journey with Anna and other elite shooters to look for and rescue other survivors.

Why should you play Metro Exodus last? While you can play Metro Exodus as the first game in this series without any challenges navigating the plot, playing it last gives you a different experience. Some of the key reasons the Exodus journey is the best as the last game in the Metro game series include:

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1. Plot development and challenging gameplay

Unlike the other two games, Metro Exodus explores the Moscow ruins by taking a long and dangerous trip on a locomotive. The journey through the Taiga forest and across the desert to the Caspian Sea—searching for survivors—takes a different direction from the typical Metro series plot.

Also, the antagonists play a significant part in how the story unfolds. Therefore, Artyom and elite shooters' survival chances depend on different factors and not solely shooting skills.

The possibility of many outcomes—based on the shooter's decisions—makes Metro Exodus the most challenging game in this series. Therefore, the previous games' knowledge enables the shooter to make wiser decisions, especially regarding scarce ammunition.

2. The weapon customization depends on experience from other Metro games

It relies significantly on the shooter's creativity in customizing available weapons and, more importantly, using less force when fighting mutants. Unlike the other games in this series, the primary goals are rescuing other survivors and staying alive.

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Metro games in order
Gamers play the video game 'Metro Exodus' developed by 4A Games and published by Deep Silver during the 'Paris Games Week' on 27 October 2018 in Paris, France. Photo: Chesnot
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If you have played other Metro games, you will know that not all antagonists deserve shooting or using your ammunition. Also, you can export survival tactics from the Metro Last Light in this game and have an edge in fighting enemies.

While each game is different and has a different set of challenges, all three games—and the remastered edition are first-person shooters. For a better playing experience, it is advisable to play the Metro games in order. Additionally, playing the games based on their complexity gives you a competitive edge in the subsequent games. recently published an article featuring Despicable Me movies in order of release. Despicable Me, a beloved cartoon franchise, has captivated audiences of all ages with its adorable characters and compelling narrative.

The Despicable Me film franchise has four main features and two prequel films. The franchise began with a 2010 release that was a commercial success, encouraging the creation of sequels, prequels, and spin-offs.


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