African wedding dresses for guests 2020 (photos)

African wedding dresses for guests 2020 (photos)

Thinking about the best African dresses for wedding guests may not be something most brides consider but it should be. A good wedding caters for the needs of the bride and all that matters to her including her guests. Weddings cannot be complete or interesting without beautiful fashions and designs. It is even more important when the parents of the couple and their close family relations and friends stand out. An African themed wedding must be represented as so by the attire, at least from the host’s side. Any person coming across these African wedding dresses for guests must feel a little jealous or get inspired to say the least. For this reason, take a look at some of the best attires and designs for this occasion are discussed below.

Beautiful African dresses for wedding guests

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African dresses for wedding guests- beautiful African dresses for wedding guests

African bridesmaid dress styles in Ghana

It’s quite beautiful to dress to kill when attending the wedding of a friend or relative but in doing so, I would discourage outdoing the bridegroom, after all we do not want any awkwardness. Africa is blessed with extraordinarily talented tailors who can perfectly work around their sewing machines to come up with a very beautifully designed dresses for wedding guests. Some of the most unique types of African print dresses for wedding guest that are most prominent in Ghana include the following:

Lacy print dress

This normally has a little-glittering material that is exceptionally beautiful. It makes one of the best African wear for wedding guests and friends. In most cases, lacy materials are preferred in making the bride’s dress but wedding guests can still use them. They bring a more presentable appearance, beautiful to the eyes and also African in nature. A lady in lacy print dress looks more appealing and outstanding.

African print maxi dress styles
Beautiful African dresses for wedding guests

Layered Dashiki dress

It’s not strange to have the fully attention of the audience in a wedding when dressed in layered Dashiki dress. This is due to its unique style which is not only attractive but also chic. It is a more advanced styled dress with oversized sleeves and fitting bodice. Its layout is good with desirable stretched bottom.

Beautiful African dresses for wedding guests

Sleeveless mid-dress

This sleeveless dress is one of the most prominent African traditional wedding dresses in Ghana and some other parts of Africa. As the name suggest, it has an admirable fitting size which ends at the knees. It has a perfect layout and exhibits originality.

African Kente wedding dresses

Mermaid designer dresses

Sometimes, you can decide to steal the attention at the ceremony by putting on your neatly done mermaid designer dress. It’s a long dress stretching to the toes with an excellent combination of colours that are attractive. Ladies looks exceptionally attractive when in mermaid designer dresses. This is best dress to wear to a wedding.

Unique and elegant African bridesmaid dresses
Beautiful African dresses for wedding guests

Pleat mid dresses

It’s not always comfortable to hold the attention of people because of your hot dress especially when all the attention should be on the bride. One may decide to cool the situation by wearing a simple pleat midi dress. This is a non-complicated dress with simple color matches. An interesting thing with this dress is that you look more original, more appealing and beautiful than the other categories of dresses.

Beautiful African dresses for wedding guests

Hybrid dresses

I can’t imagine on the number of gazes that you are likely to pull when in a hybrid dress. It’s a hot catchy dress with a pleasant look. It can offer a remarkable competition to the bride’s lacy dress due to its attractive appearance and body fitting size.

African dresses for wedding occasions

Fitting elbow sleeve

This dress is mostly preferred by the classy kind of ladies. It’s a high profile dress with raised elbow sleeves that bring out an intense feel. This dress is catchy with high styled design. Fitting elbow sleeve is slightly expensive compared to the other types of dresses.

Couples should try these African dresses and outfits
African dresses to wear to a wedding

Red on print skater

It has been said that red signifies love. It therefore brings more sense to be on a red print skater dress during a wedding party. It’s a romantic cloth and frequently encourage seducing. Attending an African traditional wedding with this type of dress is more appealing and convincing. You would rather look for one to decide the fate for the next wedding. You never know, you might just attract a suitor of your own.

Beautiful African dresses for wedding guests

Black and white dress

You can decide to try a new style which will make you more outstanding and confident. Don’t stress yourself on looking for another type of dress since black and white dress has its own kind of a beautiful taste and feel. It brings the moods of wedding and somehow comfortable relaxing mood.

Beautiful African dresses for wedding guests

African print dresses for wedding

General appearance of a woman is a great concern especially when addressing the topic of weddings. Every woman would love to command the attention of the crowd by looking exceptionally awesome. In an African wedding ceremony, print dresses are the best choices due to their pleasant look and high show of class which makes them look stunning. Print dresses are the best African dresses to wear to a wedding. Check out the following African dresses for wedding occasions anywhere. This category of dresses is amazing and therefore I would recommend one for the next wedding you have to attend. Below are some of the different types of African print dresses for a wedding:

Best African prints styles for attending a graduation

Sherri hill high and low dress

It’s an extensive high profile dress which has an excellent African feel. The dress is sleeveless with a unique outfit which make it outstanding and different from all the print dresses. Sherri high and low dress is hot dress possible best option for those who may want to steal the pride of the bride.

Ankara print baby dress

Unlike Sherri dress, Ankara baby dress is non complicated and is mainly reserved for kids in a wedding. They are loose fitting dresses which are attractive when worn by a baby. They however have an African feel, simple and appealing. I can only guess how one feels when her baby is on Ankara print baby dress.

African wear for wedding guests

Vera cozy wrap dress

This dress is extremely intensive and unique. It has a beautiful wrap around the neck which is very attractive. It’s one of those dresses which identifies you as a classy babe.

Top African print styles ladies need in 2021
Beautiful African dresses for wedding guests

Mixed cocktail dress

Here is another sexy mid-sized dress with length spreading. It has pink and yellow colorations with favorite matching. With confidence this can easily pass as one of the most beautiful of all African print dresses for a wedding and a great recommendation for someone to try one out.

Beautiful African dresses for wedding guests

African Kente wedding dresses

Ghana is one of the very few countries in Africa which is still celebrating her culture even after strong emphasis to migrate to western civilization. Customary Ghana kente wedding ceremonies are still prominent across all boarders of the country. It looks beautiful to be on your kente dress for a traditional weeding. Some common kente weeding dresses include:

Rowvon dress

Traditional weddings in Ghana are not interesting and do not look complete if Rowvon dresses are not included.They are beautiful and romantic gowns with multiple combinations of colours which make them more attractive. Brides look prettier when in Rowvon dress than other types of dresses.

Ghanaian wedding dress styles for 2019
Beautiful African dresses for wedding guests

Pistis dress

No kidding, you can easily find your eyes arching, not because of any other reason but the beautiful view of brides on Pistis dress. Its currently the best kente dress in Ghana. They look so beautiful and attractive hence help to add confidence to the bride. Pistis dress has a taste of class which makes it more appealing.

Beautiful African dresses for wedding guests

African dress styles for wedding guests

Dress styles in Ghana wedding is a crucial part of ensuring a beautiful and appealing wedding. Some of the common styles for African dresses for wedding guests include the following:

The front slit dress

This dress has a front edge slit which makes it unique from all other types of dresses. It has a sound African feel and also looks beautiful and attractive. Front slit dress is classified as the best styled wedding dress. It’s a hot dress which often commands the attention of a crowd.

The best African print dress styles for Ghanaian weddings
Beautiful African dresses for wedding guests

The half sleeve midi

This is a non-complicated colourful dress with small patches and attractive layout. Its style is more appealing to the eye and has a strong African feel. When you don’t need to attracts much attention, this type of dress may be the best for you.

Beautiful African dresses for wedding guests

The neck strap maxi

High profile individuals love to use this style of wedding dress. It’s a long stretched dress that partially sweeps the ground with beautiful color patterns. It has an excellent neck size with nice color matching. Most Celebrities or persons of class in society usually go for this style.

African wedding dresses for mother of the bride

Red midi dress

For those who know love very well, red is their favorite colour, it signifies love. This dress style is great, somehow seductive, and more playful in nature. It attracts greater attention due to its glittering and bright colours. It’s a good dress to attend a wedding in.

Best African dress styles for weddings in 2020
African kente wedding dresses

The pleat design dress.

This dress style is more preferable for those who hate complicated appearance. This design is not much attractive and conform to a very simple and ordinary appearance. Its shape and size are more appealing and have African touch than other types of dresses.

African dresses for wedding guests

The colorful peplum pencil dress

This dress style type assumes a simple structure with flowering patterns. It’s a hybrid dress style which is less catchy but more appealing and beautiful. Peplum pencil dress is included in this because of its unique style on how is it made.

Beautiful African dresses for wedding guests

African print wedding dresses styles

These styles are more prominent in many parts of West Africa especially Ghana. These prints give a more stylistic African wear to a wedding that is all African. There are two categories of these print styles for a wedding. They include:

Kitenge style- this is more prominent in West Africa although some other regions of Africa have adopted it. For those who like cool style, one which is less calling, kitenge is the best for them.It has an African feel and is very simple.

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Ankara style – this is a traditional style prominent in West Africa. It has the best African touch, it’s more natural and original. Even though these dressing styles are simple, they command great attention due to their indigenous nature.

African dress designs for wedding in different parts of Africa

A wedding is an exciting occasion where everyone loves to look prettier and more presentable or even outdo the others in the party. This therefore raises the need for people to search for the best designs for a wedding which are not only catchy but will also attract attention to the ceremony. Wedding dress styles depend on the society concerned and therefore the designs will vary significantly in different regions of Africa. Some of the common designs include the following:


This is a simple design most prominent in Eastern Africa countries like Kenya ,Tanzania and Uganda. It has simple writings usually in Swahili which is believed to have deeper meaning. Dresses made from kanga look beautiful and have an African touch. Attending a wedding in a kanga dress looks more sweet and brings good attitude towards African culture.

African dresses for wedding occasions

Kitenge dress design

It’s a beautiful style to be in a kitenge dress for a wedding. It has the best African look and makes people look more natural. Kitenge is a bright material with various matching colours. Kitenge designers across Africa have agreed that kitenge is the most prominent design in the whole of Africa. Its more preferred for African traditional weddings than any other style.

Beautiful African dresses for wedding guests

Jelabiya design

Jelabiya is more common in Northern part of Africa. it’s a long dress with wider short sleeves and a tight neck. They are beautiful for a wedding especially for mothers. Some time, it can be used as a dress to mothers of the brides.

African print wedding dresses styles

The Ghanaian smock

This design was initially reserved for men in Ghana but is now modified to accommodate women. It’s a sleeveless midi-dress that looks sexy and attractive. It’s a prominent design for a wedding party in west Africa.

Beautiful African dresses for wedding guests


A lot of gratitude to our friends in Nigeria for seriously preserving their culture, and honoring their clothes designs. Asooke is one of the most prominent Nigerian traditional design. It has beautiful color combinations which are good to match a wedding. The dress however has four different components as follows: iro, iborun, gele and a should sash. It’s used for traditional weddings in West Africa.

African dresses to wear to a wedding

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This is a respectful gown preferred by African women. it is extremely long and wide with pretty colours. Low profile women love these designs and they are also attractive with a motherly feel.

African dresses for wedding guests

African wedding dresses for mother of the bride

Mothers of the brides are a very important part of an African wedding ceremony and therefore they need to appear more presentable and appealing to the crowds. The bride cannot be comfortable if her mother is not happy. Dresses reserved for mothers of brides are large and respectful dresses, the likes of the Gomesi dress.

African dress for bride’s mom

It’s a beautiful and glittering dress with nice color combinations that makes her feel African. This dress can move a crowd due to its appearance. It accurately fits into the body of a mother and accord her high status.

With this, it is very easy to get ideas on African dresses to wear to a wedding.

Beautiful African dresses for wedding guests

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