Car dealers in Ghana: top 10 scams and how to avoid them

Car dealers in Ghana: top 10 scams and how to avoid them

Owning a car feels good and it is sad that some people have decided to take advantage of this. Not everyone can afford a new vehicles and hence they opt to buy the cheaper ones, but they end up getting conned. Fraudsters have flooded the car market, here is how to be on the lookout.

Buying a car in Ghana: top 10 scams you'll encounter & how to avoid them

Buying a car second-hand car in Ghana can be cheap, but it comes with its detriments. Instead one can opt to buy a car in Ghana and pay in installments. Once a person purchases a new car, they would want to quickly dispose of the old one at a low price regardless of the model. Being new in this industry can lead you to be downplayed mainly if you are not conversant with what the best choice of a used car should entail. So what do you do, to avoid being downplayed?

Buying a car from a fake website

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Ensure the website you are dealing with is legitimate. If it is a new car from one of the many assembling yards, it is perfect. The mind-boggling issue; is it safe to buy a used car in Ghana for sale? The answer could be both yes and no. However, clients need to be enlightened about fraud to keep away from used cars. The cars thrive on the reputation of reasonable prices, and excellent quality, but what if you found yourself driving a stolen car! There is also the emergence of fake websites using unknown identities to cheat buyers. Below are some simple tips you should be aware of while buying a car.

Buying a car on credit in Ghana from companies set up by fraudsters

Ensure the company you are buying from is a trusted one. Ascertain for this by checking up their permanent address from the Post Office Directory. Check whether your vendor is registered legally and a member of Ghana used Motor Vehicle sellers.

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Buying a car in Ghana: top 10 scams you'll encounter & how to avoid them

Buying a car on loan in Ghana without knowing its model and make

Before embarking on a journey of purchasing a vehicle, you need to have an idea of what you want. A trusted car dealer needs to have a photo of the car in all angles. Some other notable stuff should include the legal documents and the plate. If it is not satisfactory, ask for more pictures and consult with one or two people that are familiar with vehicles before purchasing. Also, one can buy a car in Ghana and pay later provided they have an agreement with the seller.

Do not make a payment before the car is in your possession

Exchange and payment should be done at the same time. It is advisable to only make a payment once you receive the commodity. Paying upfront can lead to disappointments as the seller may fail to deliver the product.

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Do not do a business transaction over the phone

The best approach to avoid fraud and disappointment in business is to have a glimpse of the item you are purchasing. If possible, meet the seller and check the product you are interested in before paying for it.

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Buying a car in Ghana: top 10 scams you'll encounter & how to avoid them

Never give out financial information

With good rapport, most sales people earn a customer’s trust easily. Be weary of the person you avail your debit card information to. Bank account details should be private including PayPal/eBay information, and any other details that could cause you to lose money.

Be wary of unrealistically low prices

When you are out buying a used car in Accra, you need to be suspicious of every seller since the market is full of frausters. Do not be swayed by those fancy cars coming at amazingly affordable prices. Ensure the Sales Executive or manager is someone traceable in case an incident occurs where you will be required to go back to the place you bought the car.

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Use your best judgment

In most cases, your instincts will react to any offer being availed. If this is the case, then wait for the right seller before buying the car you desire.

Sellers convincing you to purchase an item without the legal documents

Document the entire process. Ensure you keep any signed document. Safely keep records of names, phone numbers, and any other relevant information. All these will come in handy if any investigation is required in future.

Buying a car in Ghana: top 10 scams you'll encounter & how to avoid them

Don’t accept to have a car being shipped from overseas without your consent

People selling cars from other countries could have stolen them and the whole process can be a syndicate.

If the price of a car is too good to be true, think twice before you buy a cheap car in Ghana.

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