Who is Davido father? Name, pictures, net worth and cars

Who is Davido father? Name, pictures, net worth and cars

Davido father goes by the name Mr. Deji Adeleke. He was born in Enegu in March 6th 1957. His father, Davido’s grandfather chief Adebayo Adeleka was an investor and a business man took part in making Nigeria a proud state. Mr. Deji is a proud Yoruba man from Ede and Osum. The good doctor and business man, comes from a well-off family explaining his affluence and far-wide exposure and wealth. Mr. Deji Adeleke is the younger brother of the former governor of Osun State Mr. Isiaka Adeleke. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Pacific Holdings Limited. This deals with financing and investing in a countable number of Nigeria’s Economy. We will delve in deeper into Davido’s father life history and his wealth.

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Davido biological father

Davido goes around hyping his dad and many would want to know the man behind Davido’s hype as he goes bragging every time by saying “omo Baba Olowo” meaning the son of the richest man. Dr. Deji Adeleke a Yoruba man from Osun and State in the southern of Nigeria also the CEO of Pacific Holdings Limited; is Davido’s dad. He got married to-now deceased- Dr. Vero Adeleke, who worked as a lecturer in Babcock University; the mother to his son, Davido. Here is the picture of Davido’s father and mother;

Who is davido father? Name, pictures, net worth and cars


Who is Davido grandfather?

For you to understand who Davidos father is and how he came to be, it is wise to begin by learning a few things about his old man; Davido’s grandfather. Going by the name Chief Adebayo Adeleke, Davidos grandfather is celebrated as the man who crafted the idea well-known to the modern society as, Banana Island in Lagos. His plan changed the real-estate landscape in Nigeria, both for the locals and foreign investors. To date, Banana Island holds a reputation associated with the affluent and well-performing individuals in the society.

Davido’s father profile

  • Born: March 6th 1957.
  • Age: 61 years, as of 2018.
  • Origin: Nigeria.
  • Marital status: married to the late Dr. Vero Adeleke, as of 2018.
  • Occupation: business-man.
  • Famous for: Business-man and being father Davido-a popular Nigerian performing and recording artist.
  • Davido father net worth: Estimated to be $700M
  • State of origin: Enegu in Nigeria

Davido father biography

Davido’s father Mr. Deji Adeleke, was born in March 6th 1957 in Enugu state as a young Yoruba child from Osun State, South Western part of Nigeria. He is a shrewd investor and businessman, who really want to follow after his father’s steps. His old man left a legacy in Nigeria after having run the Banana Island, which left pride in the country. Mr. Deji was the pioneer and co founder of the Adeleke University in the composed town of Ede Osun state, and also CEO of Pacific Holding Limited. Subsequent writings seek to enlighten you about davido father wealth.

Davido father career

Dr Deji Adeleke is the Pro Chancellor and partnering founder of Adeleke University in Ede, Osun state. He’s also the CEO of Pacific Holdings Limited, a company which deals with investments in various areas all over the country. Davido’s father is an authoritarian, a committed Christian and a generous donor. He went ahead and donated a hall to Babcock University, same university where Davido graduated from. Few years ago, he built a multi-million naira church house for his Seventh Day Adventist Church. The investment deals with example steel products, logistics, warehouse and energy.

Davido father family

Dr. Deji married a very beautiful woman Dr. Vero Adeleke who worked as a lecturer in Babcock University. He has two kids; son is David Adeleke now the famous Nigerian singer Davido and daughter is Sharon Adeleke she is also called Coco and he has a granddaughter that’s is Davido’s daughter

Who is davido father? Name, pictures, net worth and cars


Him being the disciplinarian he pushed Davido to finish his university level despite his celebrity and music career. He has a brother who was a former governor of Osun State by the name Isiaka Adeleke but he later died in April 2017.

Davido father net worth

Dr. Deji Adeleke is one of the most successful people not only in Nigeria but also in Africa at large. He has really invested in; Records Labels, securities and Real Estate. He is the Pro Chancellor and partnering founder of Adeleke University in Ede, Osun state. He’s also the chairman of Pacific Holdings Limited, a company which deals with investments in various areas all over the country. Dr. Deji’s net worth is roughly $700 million that’s like 280 billion naira money. Is Davido father billionaire? Yes he is just from seeing his net worth.

Davido father house

After Dr. Deji being so rich and sponsoring churches and other institutions, he also would want to live a posh life and enjoy life. He bought himself a very beautiful house in Atlanta.

Davido dad private jet

Adedeji Adeleke must definitely own lots of cool cars if he can be having a private jet for himself. From the source Davido’s father jet might have cost him $35 million. He's also used the jet for his concerts whenever he had some.

Davido father new car

As the most respected business man, the billionaire Dr. Deji has got himself a superior car as a birthday present for himself. Bently is the type of a car he bought and here is the picture.

Who is davido father? Name, pictures, net worth and cars


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Davido father university

The name of the university is Adeleke University and it is still under construction. Davido and his brother Adewale Adeleke, Davido being the Chairman of the HKN record label, visited the university and realized there is still some progress going on in the location. Dr. Deji’s son Adewale Adeleke wrote the positive result the school has brought to him and to the society.

Adewale Adeleke wrote on the impact the University has had on the community so far. "Came to my Village this weekend and witnessed something amazing! My Dad has been working on his school for some time now and it's coming along Great! The fact that he's providing our Home town with so Many jobs and education opportunities just shows how Great of a man he is. Always give back! It's such an important thing to remember now matter how much or how little you have we need to remember to give back! #OsunState #AdelekeUnversity #PacificEnergy #hkngang" wrote the HKN Chairman.

After from the rumors, Davido’s father Mr.Deji has never been interested in politics at all. The father to the popular musician and a philanthropist businessman said in a statement that he had no intention to run in the governorship election on the ticket of the All Progressives Congress, APC. Rumors say that Dr. Deji has secured tickets of APC to contest for the governorship. The statement that was said by Dele Adeleke illustrated the assumptions “false, unfounded and ludicrous.” For those asking is Davido father a politician this is what you got to read;

“Adeleke is not a politician and has chosen to continue to render his contributions and service to humanity in his private capacity and through his foundation. We hereby appeal to the good people of Osun state and all Nigerians to disregard the mischievous publication in its entirety.”

“Our attention has been drawn to a rumour in a section of the media that Deji Adeleke is being pressured to contest for the governorship seat in Osun State on the platform of All Progressives Congress,” the statement read.

“Deji Adeleke is not interested in seeking any political office nor involved in any talks/plot to make him the governorship candidate of APC or any other political party.

As we have seen how Davido father history is well elaborated here. Most of the artists have come from a very not well family background but Davido is the lucky one. His family root is of millionaires and few billionaires, but this has not stopped the talented artist to focus and follow his dreams and passion. Mr. Deji as a well known disciplinary who is the co founder and partner of the Adeleke University in Eden had no choice a part from ensuring his son Davido has cleared his university level.

Mr. Deji being from the rich background where his dad had the dream of making Nigeria proud by fulfilling his dream of planning the Banana Island come true, he dint stop pursuing his own dream and leave a legacy just like dad. He has partnered with few music labels, constructed churches, and also being the chief Executive Officer of Pacific Limited a company that deals with example steel products, logistics, warehouse and energy.

He is a man who doesn’t like public attention; he tried working things out between his son Davido and Sophia (baby mama) to Davido’s daughter. Even after rumors were all over about him vying for the governor he just came out and said he has never thought of being a politician. He loves church and that’s why he has used multi millions naira some of his money to build churches for his Seventh Day Adventist Church.

Mr. Daji is one of the richest men in Nigeria and also Africa. He is also a man who loves his family and supports them like he supports his son Davido by giving his jet to him just to go perform for his concerts. This proves why the award winner davido says his dad is his role model. Mr. Deji’s net worth, biography and his Private jet is all around here. Know about him through us.

Davido father best photos

Who is davido father? Name, pictures, net worth and cars

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