List of all Yaa Pono songs and albums

List of all Yaa Pono songs and albums

An ideal world one can dream of is one where there is no pain, stress, challenges, problems or things simply not going against their wish. However, this is far from the truth as in the real world, human life is characterized by much of these negatives and positives some within their control while others are way beyond. Psychologically, it is proven music soothes off these pressures people have be they from their work environment or social places. Yaa Pono songs just offer this assuage helping your let go of all forces, re-energizing you and gives you the zeal to carry on.

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Yaa Pono is one of the most promising talents in Ghana who has no only soared high his name but also that of his country. He is undoubtedly talented, has the charisma, influence is not an issue to him and he just thrives in whatever the dares to venture into. Since he ventured into the music industry he has been able to produce several music albums under reputable music labels that make his song sail through the highly competitive industry seamlessly. He has been producing songs one after the other, each release hitting the air waves a notch higher – Yaa Pono new tracks.

Well, you could be wondering who this hit maker who is praised left right and centre is. Allow me to take you through Yaa Pono songs. You will be surprised that some of your favorite tunes are his work or have his involvement. Here are the Yaa Pono songs 2018/ 2017 some of the latest he has released including those that brought him to the ground breaking point to receive fame, wealth and influence.

Yaa Pono faster than Gods Album

This is one of the Yaa Pono earth moving tracks in the album dubbed ‘faster than Gods’. It was released sometime in 2017 and has the following Yana Pono new tracks, you should consider listening to them if not watching the highly invested in videos.

1. Yaa Pono – Street boy

Yaa Pono new song -street boy is a piece of art and one which is easy to relate with. Well, Africa and Ghana to be precise is not just home for the rich but also the poor. The song speaks about hope that the street boy will someday find a ray of hope or make it through in life despite what they may be going through at the moment. It talks about the walk alone in quest for a better life and life thereafter characterized by money and fame one of the inspirational pieces Yaa Pono has produced.

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This song was gladly received thanks to its message of hope, good choreography and good imagery records. In addition to this the hip hop genre to which the song is produced may have worked to it success. This kind of contemporary music is not only popular but prevalent especially in the younger generation who incidentally are the primary consumers. Yaa Pono street boy was produced and directed by Jay Twist.

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2. Yaa Pono – No. 1 in Africa

This is another of the Jay Twist production which is also known as Amendwo. Yaa Pono simply knows what the audience wants to be feed with and this is one of his successes in just serving this need. If you are looking for one song that won’t go down without you shaking up a leg regardless of age, then Number one in Africa is. It will leave you entertained and is similarly and informative song about the African roots; speaking so highly of our motherland.

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I simply believe, Yaa Pono No. 1 in Africa must have known the song was just awesome right form writing down the lyrics to its production. As a matter of fact, the song was released before it was due as he disclosed during a recent interview; it was a great success and trendsetter in the hip hop genre songs sing it is utterly original yet highly tasteful in all dimensions. It is his sole work which means he has not featured or collaborated with other artists in the industry.

3. Yaa Pono – Love for you

The affairs of the heart comes with all the twists and turn in life yet they are inevitable. Love is inherent so every being is bound to love and be loved for this reason, Yaa Pono sat down and composed one of the best love songs my hears have heard. Most of the line we ordinarily have heard and it almost obvious to dismiss as a cliché but not in this song.

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In this Yaa Pono new track, he speaks to a lady in love who he wants to know, be allowed to love and take home. He comes with a promise to eternally love care in fact he flattery confessed he built a house for her. He hopes that she will come someday and emphasizes he is one tired fighting for her. It is one masterpiece you will listen to over and over again without getting bored. It is in the faster than Gods album. He features his fellow artist Sarkodie who is equally talented and has brought in some unique taste in the song.

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4. Yaa Pono - Sokoo

The life led by the high and mighty in the land is envious and most of us dream to have such a life. In the Yaa Pono song, Sokoo it depletes the image of the high life; what the rich enjoy; good fully furnished houses with exotic interior décor, lavish sleek ultra modern cars, social amenities and joints they hangs around, the who and who they associate with just to highlight but a few content you will find there in. he truly did invest in making the video eye catching and swimming in the life’s epitome riches.

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The Sokoo song is in the faster than Gods album and has been produced by one esteemed music house by the name Unda Beatz. The one thing that probably made this song to take off quickly is how it was released. Yaa Pono decided to surprise his fans, followers and friends on his birthday with this song. As is with people on the lime light, this is not one story that would go down without the attention of the media. The media then did the free publicity and thanks to it, the song hit by a storm. One of the fine Yaa Pono new songs he is celebrated for.

5. Yaa Pono - Mr. Lucifer

This song is believed to be the last production in the faster than Gods album. Well, the title is not one we can expect regardless of how our minds are liberalized by Yaa Pono is full of surprises. He know what to treat the fans with even when they least expects it. It is allegedly told that this song was a Shatta Wale diss. We all know that the two personalities do not see each other an eye for an eye. They seem to have an inherent, never-ending grudge against each other, and just when the waters seem to settle yet another deep beef arises. This is Yaa Pono response and he is actually unremorseful, Mr. Lucifer.

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Mr. Lucifer, one of the Yaa Pono new tracks was produced by Lahai. It has attracted both reprimand and being upbraided in equal measures but surprisingly the song has received massive air waves despite all these. Seems there is a correlation between drama/ scandal and popularity. It was released in 2017 and is available in digital media and iTunes online and even in hard drives.

There is many other song sunder the Faster than Gods album and you should therefore check them out to have an exhaustive list. The listed above Yaa Pono songs are just those that are frequently played but there are many other songs in the album.

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6. Yaa Pono A.R.T. (African Relaxation Techniques)

The A.R.T album is yet another creative piece by Yaa Pono. It comprises of songs in the genre of hip hop, rap, dancehall and reggae. The songs have remained relevant over time indicating just how effort was put in their development all the way to production. Below are some of the songs under the Adrican relaxation techniques title worth listening to:

7. Yaa Pono – Noko

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Well, they say if you cannot fight them join them. I am not sure which was or is the take on Charles Nii Armah – Shatta Wale in cognition of the prevailing beef with Yaa Pono. Apparently, the later went talking about financial status of the Yaa Pono and this did not go down well. In Yaa Pono new tracks he has fired shots one after the other. Yaa pono noko is just one of the diss song in reference to Shatta Wale expressing dismay. Interestingly, the song has been played national event in events.

Shatta wale of course has responded to it saying he actually loves the song - this sounds sarcastic although I stand to be corrected. Nonetheless, he is not the kind to pick up a quarrel like Yaa Pono does, he has played it cool and tactfully. In fact in a recent interview he stated that he went to school and got bullied implying that this is just one of the staunch he can easily pull through or accommodate; I mean live with undisturbed.

Yaa pono noko is one of the Yaa Pono songs 2018. Although it was produced in 2017 by Jay Twist it has received much play in 2018 in addition to relevance and the diss wave continues. We are on the lookout for the next crop of diss song surprise probably coming after.

8. Yaa Pono – Gbee Naabu

Yaa Pono Gbee Naabu is yet another composing after Noko which is an outright expression of disagreement with Shatta Wale. Apparently, Yaa Pono is not content with the first song he release down grading the fellow artiste. Well could he be making a mountain out of a mole hill. Shatta Wale tok up to advice the upcoming artiste to make informed decisions with their money, investment and lifestyle lest they die poop like a pauper. This did not go well with Yaa Pnon. He composed the Gbee Naabu song to show discontentment.

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However, the boy Shatta Wale only said he love to tease ant its his time to tease. However, the partially expressed joy that the news surrounding him somewhat make him famous and be sought after and hence more money is following in. it is called swaying with the tide so long as there are felt returns. This song was produced towards the end of the year 2018 by the Unda Beatz. Other than the controversy surrounding the song, it is just one entertaining piece you should check out for. It is available in the digital media for download if need be.

9. Yaa Pono – Edwuma No Esi

Well, if you just thought Yaa Pono songs are only in an International language, well you are wrong. He values his native language and for this reason he composed ethnic songs from time to time. The admirable bit about it is just how the song is able to cut across the horizons and be sung or cordially recepted by people who do not even understand the language let alone grasp what the song is talking about.

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However, he has managed to give us great lines and rhyme work that is soothing, “Edwuma No Esi ooo ooh, Edwuma No Esi Favor, favor, favor on me ooo ooh Edwuma No Esi ooo ooh, Edwuma No Esi…” I am sure you remember this punch line and the lyrics; easily memorable calling good tidings your way. Yaa Pono Edwuma No Esi was produced in 2017 by the music guru; producer and director Unda Beatz also known as K.C Beatz. It is one of the reputable powerhouses in Ghana where only the top rated Musicians and song writers are signed in. The video beats and vocals are flawless while the video shoot location leaves you eyes glued to the screens.

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10. Yaa Pono – Fake

“Yea Fake i never want to be fake i just wanna be successful i cant be stress Fake i never want to be fake…” you remember this line in the Yaa Pono Fake song? Yes you should be, besides who forget such a good songs that one can sing along. It was produced just recently and is one of the Yaa Pono Songs 2018 which has just been released in March.

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Just like I premiered saying, Yaa Pono just never ceases to surprise us; he has a unique way to bring out his art in unconventional way that makes him standout in this world where everybody desires to be different. Fake is not just an ordinarily title and just as it meaning has it, he does not want to be fake but original and successful not a copy or imitation of some other people but as who he is. He emphasizes the need to remain that you are without getting manipulated or absorbed into others. This song, Yaa Pono Fake was produced by KC Beatz as a single song and is available online in digital media both for Viewership and audience in MP3 on Youtube and other sites.

11. Yaa Pono – Bibi nti

One of the primary characteristic that has made Yaa Pono relevant in the day is his creativity; he never runs out of ideas. Unlike other artist who releases a hit song them go unwraps for year only to appear later with a single, Yaa Pono is in the industry all through. in fact he has taken up the music career as his full time job and hence all the seriousness vested into his work.

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Yaa Pono Bib nti is yet a new jam he recently released into the market. This time round he did not want to treat us with his sole vocal but enriched the song with those of confidant and fellow musician, Black Boi. The chemistry between the two is stand alone as their voices blend in so well leaving us gazing and astounded by the young talents. This uptown energy sensation has equally invested handsomely towards this project as in the voice clarity and quality visuals and motions on the video which leaves a lot to be desired. Similarly, Unda Beats which is the song’s production house did not disappoint. The Yaa Pono Bibi nti is quickly getting popular since this music house helps a great deal in marketing the songs and helping then reach a broad scope of audience.

Yaa Pono biography

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Whenever a person makes it so high in life, people get interested in knowing just who they are, their journey to success, their personal life, net worth, who they are linked to, where they live and so on and so on; the list is endless. The same public scrutiny has come in the life of Yaa Pono. He prefers to keep a low profile but journalist have mastered up their art and just unravel the gravel when he thinks he has gotten his life altogether. His recent beef with Shatta Wale is probably what has made him stay in the limelight for so long thanks to his unapologetic attacks.

Yaa Pono was born , Solomon Andu Antwi and raised up in Tema although little is known about his family. In fact the most absurd thing about his life is that he even does not know his date of birth, weird right? Yet he has no record of it neither has anybody come out in the open to affirmatively talk about it. Nonetheless, as he was growing up he show great passion in music but as any other child had to pursue an academic based career. Yaa Pono high grade is a degree in marketing as he recently revealed during an interview.

Another interesting aspect of his life is the name Yaa means a female born on Thursday remember he is male, while Pono means Prince of no origin. Well, this has brought a fierce controversy about his life but just being who he is he is not ready to change the stage name. Besides he thrives in controversy, enjoys being in mud and money somehow traces him there. Well let’s forget his name and get down to his music career.

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Yaa Pono early career

yaa pono new song, yaa pono songs 2018, yaa pono new tracks

Yana Pono at the infancy stages of his music career would participate in competition locally, and latter appeared in a local radio due to his outstanding performance and talents in 1995. Since then he has never looked back, he keeps on climbing a stairway higher and higher. In 2007 he did a mix tape which makes his official genesis in music as it was a big hit. Pidgin records label offered a place for him to soar high. He got to interact with renowned music producers who coached and guided him into being a star he is today although talent and hard work was his primary propeller in life.

2013 mark the year of his glory as it was the official turnaround of his life. The song Amen, a tribute to the fallen King Fela Anikulapo Kuti cemented a strong position for him in the music industry. He then began releasing songs and albums one after the other and found favor in his audience. This widen his career and he is one an international dancehall, hip hop and rap sensation. Since then he has over 30 songs to his name Yaa Pono Etwe,, eduvuma no esi among many other. His recent collection of songs includes street boy, gbee naabu, sokoo, noko, and sika duro.

He is unique in style as he is one among few artist who can speak and sing in their mother language flawlessly – Akan Language. This makes him real, original and ethnic hence the popularity across people of all walks of life. To his name are prestigious titles and wards including MTN Ghana music awards – 2011 song of the year, Tare Tare Virgin Ghana music awards, 2014 best traditional artists’ song and best hip life music video song. It is estimated he makes about 2 million US dollar every year implying he is a very rich man. In fact if his palatial home, cars and private jet among other properties linked to his name are accessed he is indeed wealth.

Yaa Pono has a daughter together with his baby mama who is based in the United States. He often flaunts his beautiful daughter to the world on his social media pages. Yaa is a cousin to Stonebwoy, an artist who together composed a diss song for Shatta Wale. After all is said and done Yaa Pono is a talent to watch, with great potential for growth and expansion and one which is highly versatile.

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