Nathaniel Bassey songs: Top 10 in 2020

Nathaniel Bassey songs: Top 10 in 2020

Worship in Africa was revolutionized especially when he stepped into the scene. At a time, where the gospel industry is under scrutiny or spreading prosperity for monetary gains, he changed the minds of many people who were brought closer to the gospel. I am talking about no other than the only passionate servant of God Nathaniel Bassey. Nathaniel Bassey songs have the power to deliver the message of God and move souls. The moment Nathaniel Bassey gospel songs sound hits your ears, you will certainly feel something inside.

Top Nathaniel Bassey songs ever

Nathaniel Bassey songs are one of the most well received gospel songs in the continent. He has numerous awards and accolades due to his passion and devotion in his career. However his journey to his current status hasn’t been a walk in the pride. He uses his past experiences as a way to show the greatness of God in his life and in others. Songs of Nathaniel Bassey have managed to cross borders into the global market and it has become prevalent to see him perform on the grandest stages of them all across the world.

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Latest Nathaniel Bassey songs

Some of his latest releases include:

  • Strong Tower ft Glen Gwazai
  • Awamaridi ft Tomi Favor and Tope Alabi

Nathaniel Bassey songs list

We have done a round check and compiled some of the Nathaniel Bassey new songs that are currently taking over the airwaves and changing lives and are surely bound to impact the society. We have also included some of the songs that made him a household name in Africa and the rest of the world.

1. Nathaniel Bassey - Imela

Imela when translated means thank you, which is probably one of the most, played gospel song in the continent that introduced the star to the rest of the continent. The song was so successful that it followed by world tours such as Night of Wonders Musical Concert and the Imela Tour (Free Worshipper). It features Enitan Adaba who is also an established gospel artist in Nigeria. It is an uplifting song that aims to thank God for all the grace and mercies He has shown. It is a wonderful worship song that will lift up you’re your soul during any trying moment in your life.

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Ever since its release the song has managed over 22 million views on YouTube and the numbers keep rising by the day. The many claim the song is his claim to fame, whether true or false, it’s no doubt that the song made him a gospel music export out of Nigeria. The song received massive airplay not only in Nigeria but also home in Ghana and even in the United States. The song has been released with two versions in English and their local dialect but over the years, many other gospel acts have created renditions for the song making it more popular.

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2. Nathaniel Bassey - Casting Crowns

It is a single off the album dubbed ‘God of Love’. It is a spirit filled song that has a moving impact due to its deep lyrics backed up with tight instrumentalist. This makes it straight to the list of the most lied Nathaniel Bassey worship songs. It has a simple but deep hook that repeats the lyrics ‘casting crowns, lifting hands, bowing hearts is all we have come to do’. The song is a must have during worship seminars not only in Nigeria but all across the continent. After 5 years of its release, it’s still on the billboard of greatest worship songs in Nigeria.

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The song has been given different renditions with other artists such as the guitar, violin and piano version of the song. The visuals to the song are of a true worship session with a live band and congregation. Ever since its release, it has received 5 million views on YouTube. Even since the release of the song, it became viral and a necessity in worship experiences. It remains one of the most of requested worship songs in Nigeria and really shaped the concept of worship in the continent.

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3. Nathaniel Bassey - Onise Iyanu

‘Onise Iyanu’ is Yoruba for miracle working God and His awesome wonders which is a single off the album This God is Too Good which features talented gospel American singer and song writer Micah Stampley with the chorus backed up by The Glorious Fountain Choir. It basically speaks of the blood of Jesus Christ. It is a divine manifestation of the awesome wonders of God. It is a wonderful and uplifting song that praises God. Every time you hear the song, you will be inspired and appreciative of all the miracles God has done in your life.

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The song lacks an official video which is quite common of Nathaniel Bassey gospel songs, but it has a lyric video that has massed over 6 million views on YouTube. There are several other live performances of the song by Nathaniel Bassey which have been well received by worshipers all across the world. The intro to the song tells the story which goes like ‘you are the God of awesome wonders, I’ve tasted of your power onise iyanu’. It is the perfect song to kick starts your Sunday with recognizing all the magnificent things God has done for us.

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4. Nathaniel Bassey - No Other God

It is a powerful song that declares God as the only ruler of all and that no other being is greater than Him. It’s comes from his album ‘God of Love’ which clearly shade a new light on the way worship was carried out in Nigeria. It is also an inspiring song through the lyrics that ‘I may not know what you are going through today your sorrow, the hardship, the pain’ but God knows all of our troubles and struggles. It features Love Song as the visuals are of a live performance executed perfectly by the duo. The song has over 3 million views on YouTube.

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5. Nathaniel Bassey - Wonderful Wonder

On this track, Nathaniel featured Lovesong whom they had a great contribution to his album ‘This God is too good’ which happens to be the most sold gospel album in Africa. It recognizes God as the maker of all the mountains, blue skies and seas and all the seasons. Lovesong did a perfect job in the chorus with all the angelic voices in total harmony making this song a masterpiece. The song does not have an official video but has a lyric video on YouTube which has been viewed over 2 million times.

The song is available on Apple tunes, iTunes, and Spotify. You can alternatively purchase the album ‘this God is too good’ which features Nathaniel Bassey all songs that are currently making waves in the worship industry in Africa. You can also follow him on social media to view some of his live performances of all the tracks in the album backed by a live band. The song is a common feature in most of all the major worship events in Nigeria and has redefined the worship experience not only in Africa but across the world.

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6. Nathaniel Bassey - Alagbada Ina

The song is a single off his latest album released in 2017 called ‘Revival flames’ which features gospel female sensation Victoria Orenze when translated means ‘The one clothed in a garment of fire’. Victoria Orenze did a spectacular job especially in the ethnic chants and ad libs. According to him, the song is a worship song as well as a cry and declaration of revival. It is also a cry for God to us to glorify him and a manifestation of himself. The song will surely trigger a new passion in your heart for the Lord once you listen to the lyrics.

The song was produced by Nathaniel himself with co-production by Emmanuel Uzozie for Juzzy Production and mastered by Paul Cox at the 226 recording in Houston Texas, United States. The bridge is simple and flows ‘mountains will flow down and darkness will flee at the sound of your voice’. The lyric video to the song has received over 500 million views on YouTube and still enjoys massive airplay from local stations and has maintained its position as one of the best worship songs to be produced in 2017 and still carry its success in 2019.

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7. Nathaniel Bassey - This God is too Good

The song was the cover single for the album ‘This Good is too good’ and features internationally recognized American singer and song writer Micah Stampley. It is a true definition of a worship song and how it should sound like. The lyrics generally revolve around how God is merciful, faithful and glorious. The chorus is sang in unison and goes like ‘Love him forever because this God id too good oh’. It has a low beat tempo which starts as a slow fine tune that sets the mood of worshipping.

The visuals to the song are still not yet out but there is a lyric video making rounds on YouTube that has been viewed over 1 million times. It is truly by the mercy and grace of God that the song has reached masses even without media push and awareness. The album landed him the award for Best Gospel Artist Award at the 4th Edition of the Africa Music Magazine Awards (AFRIMMA) that was held at House of Blues, Dallas, Texas, United States. The song and the album have done successful in the continent with millions of sales.

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8. Nathaniel Bassey - Book of Life

Probably one of the oldest songs to make the list released way back in 2010 during the launch of his album ‘Someone’s at the door’. He was still new to the international gospel scene and hadn’t still acquired his current status. It is more of a narrative of a man who walked up in heaven and asks us if our names have been written in the book of life. It talks more of the bible also the actions of a man who thought because he was pillar to the church and offered tithes and offerings he had acquired the heavenly riches.

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It is more of a reflection on our lives of our actions and the importance of forgiveness in our hearts and living as Christians to avoid surprises in the final Day of Judgment. It is the perfect song for modern day Christians to learn from the story. The video lacks an official video but has a YouTube lyric video with close to 400,000 views. The song received massive airplay in Nigeria but unfortunately it did not cross borders as it was supposed to. But the fame of the album came after the success of ‘imela’ when people looked into his previous works.

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9. Nathaniel Bassey - Someone’s at the Door

Undoubtedly, it is one of the most successful singles from the album that will be celebrating and marking its 8 year anniversary this year. It is a larger than life son with little elements of jazz. It is a combination of utter genius to make it an exquisite, soul soothing, reassuring and total uplifting worship song. The song speaks of letting Jesus into our lives as He is knocking on our doors.

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The video has a calm ambience and Nathaniel looks cool, collected, deep and thoughtful. The production is awesome with little hints of violin, piano, double bass, organ and drums all in perfect harmony. The video is set in a church with stained glasses and ancient architectural designs with true conviction making the scene more epic and memorable. The song has managed to gain over 2 million views on YouTube. The song has a deep message that revels the living situations of Christians in their daily lives.

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10. Nathaniel Bassey - Abba Father

One of his latest offering that has surely dominated charts and revolutionized the worship experience in Nigeria and the rest of the world. The piano in the beginning of the first verse is very fulfilling and sets the mood for the rest of the song. It is a single off his released album ‘Revival flames’. The song came immediately after the immense success of single ‘onise iyanu’.The chorus is settled with repetition of ‘hallelujah oh hallelujah oh hallelujah’. The song is up to 100,000 views on YouTube.

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After listening to Nathaniel Bassey songs, you will agree that they are definitely inspirational and motivational.

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