Top 20 longest Snap streaks ever recorded in the world

Top 20 longest Snap streaks ever recorded in the world

In the digital era, where friendships are cultivated through social media, Snapchat reigns supreme as a platform for forging connections. The concept of Snap streaks is central to Snapchat's allure. Some users have achieved remarkable milestones as they attempt to sustain their streaks, forming long-lasting connections through everyday interactions. So, what is the longest Snap streak ever recorded?

Longest Snap streaks ever
Hannah and Lauren Luckey hold the global record for the longest Snapchat streak. Photo:, @alexander-shatov (modified by author)
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When coming up with this list of the 20 longest Snap streaks ever recorded, we considered figures that have been submitted by various Snapchat users, as the Snapchat app does not have an inbuilt ranking system of users with the longest Snapchat streaks.

Longest Snap streaks ever recorded

Snapchat streaks, representing consecutive snaps exchanged between users, have become a symbol of modern friendship. Here are the top 20 of the world's longest Snapchat streaks.

NoUsersSnap streaks
1Hannah and Lauren Luckey3046+
2Inge Christian and Birgit3000+
3Francesca and Rachel2968+
4Kristina and Will2920+
5John and Kristen2902+
6Abby and Holly2900+
7Jacob Wikar and Carlyn Mc Grath2873+
8Robin and Ashley2805+
9Adriana and Madison2798+
10Alexa and Susie2779+
11Andrea Alfaro and Cassidy Waller2739+
12Lauren and Hannah Garrett2700+
13Paige and Gus2700+
14Emily and Kristen2697+
15Carol Pappas and Lisa Glogowe2695+
16Carly Schwartz and Missy Krieger2681+
17Carolann and Justin2666+
18Samko and Fatmis2655+
19Emily Hagans and Shelby Granath2638+
20Hannah and Tom2629+

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Origin of Snapchat

Snapchat was launched in 2011 by then-Stanford University students Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown. The app's origins can be traced back to a simple question: What if photos and texts disappeared after viewing them?

Inspired by a desire for more authentic communication and to capture fleeting moments without fear of permanence, Spiegel and his co-founders set out to realise their vision. The eventual result was Snapchat, a mobile app that allowed users to exchange photos and short videos, known as snaps, that disappeared after viewing.

Initially launched as Picaboo, the app underwent several modifications before being rebranded as Snapchat. Its distinctive feature of disappearing messages immediately became popular among young people, providing a new way to connect that felt more spontaneous and authentic.

Snapchat has evolved over time, providing features such as filters, stories, lenses, and Snap streaks that have changed how users interact with the app. These additions have helped Snapchat cement its position as a visual communication and storytelling pioneer.

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What are Snap streaks?

A Snapchat app on an iPhone
Snap streaks are consecutive days of exchanging snaps with a friend on Snapchat. Photo:, @thought-catalog
Source: UGC

If you're new to Snapchat, you may struggle to understand what users mean when they discuss their Snapchat streaks, often called Snap streaks, with their pals. The concept behind a Snapchat streak is simple: you and a friend snap (exchange images, videos, selfies, and favourite movies) with each other at least once every 24 hours.

After three days of consecutive snapping, you'll get a small flame emoji and a new number: 3, representing three consecutive snapping between users. This is your Snapchat streak, which will increase each day you and your friend exchange snaps. Therefore, Snap streaks are the days you have sent snap(s) to a Snapchat friend.

The Snapchat's Snap Streak feature was officially introduced on 6 April 2015. However, several users have stated that they had already begun maintaining streaks up to 12 days before the announcement, implying that the functionality was made available to users 12 days before it was officially announced.

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How do you start a Snapchat streak?

Send a snap to everyone who might be interested and wait for them to respond within 24 hours. However, make sure to approach the right people- those who are willing to send you a snap every day.

These may be the individuals you often interact with, such as your best friend, siblings, or schoolmate. You'll be one step closer to achieving the longest Snap streak ever recorded with the right individual.

How do you increase your Snapchat streak?

A Snapchat app displayed on a phone
The key to increasing your Snapchat streak is keeping your Snap streaks going. Photo:, @solen-feyissa
Source: UGC

The key to increasing your Snapchat streak is keeping your Snap streaks going. Keeping a streak going can be more challenging than you realise. Sure, it starts simple, as you and your friend(s) exchange photos, selfies, movies, and other content.

However, you may be surprised to realise how easy it is to slip and forget to send a photo back to the individual, even if you are sure you checked your Snaps that day. Here are some simple strategies to keep your streak going:

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  • Begin each day by sending Snaps to the person or persons with whom you have a continuous streak. Create a routine; you'll be surprised how easy it is to focus and remember to do it after a few weeks.
  • Remind the other person if they have yet to return a Snap by the expected time. Send them a reminder text telling them you are waiting for a response.
  • Snapchat lets you know when your streak with someone is ending. If you're running out of time to save your streak, a little hourglass emoji will display next to your contact. This indicates that time is running out for both of you.

If you're having difficulties deciding what to include in your snap with your friends, using your Bitmoji avatar is one of the best ways to fill the frame without sending a blank image. Snapchat even offers a few streak-based stickers and Bitmoji alternatives to include in your shot.

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Another option is to type "streak" into your device's text tool and send it to your buddies. They'll understand the photo's meaning, and you'll have sent your image for the day.

How long will Snapchat keep a streak?

Snapchat strives to preserve streaks as long as users exchange snaps daily. However, if a day goes by without a snap being sent between users, the streak will be broken, and the flame emoji will disappear. Once a Snap streak is broken, it's gone for good.

However, the social media platform has introduced features that users can use to pose streaks.

A lost Snap Streak doesn’t mean your friendship has gone cold, so starting today, we’re making it easier to take a break with a new feature we’re testing to let you reignite the spark and restore a Streak with just one tap

What is the longest Snapchat streak?

Hannah and Lauren Luckey hold the global record for the longest Snapchat streak. As of 2023, they had 3046+ Snap streaks.

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What is the 100th streak in Snapchat?

The 100th Snapchat streak is a milestone in the daily snaps exchange between users. It symbolises 100 days of continuous interaction on the social media platform, establishing a solid friendship bond.

What happens after 1000 streaks on Snapchat?

Achieving a milestone like a 1,000-day Snapchat streak is a huge accomplishment. While no special awards or features are unlocked at this milestone, it demonstrates the quality of the friendship and the consistency with which users communicate.

The top 20 longest Snap streaks demonstrate individuals' incredible dedication and commitment to sustaining friendships in the digital era. Snapchat streaks serve as a reminder of the enduring worth of genuine connections and the significance of staying in touch with loved ones, one snap at a time. recently published an article on the top overrated things people love and care about. In a trend-driven society, succumbing to the allure of hyped things is easy. However, certain aspects of life receive excessive attention that is not always worth it.

Social media influencer culture, expensive designer clothes, and reality TV shows are some things considered overhyped. Discover more overrated things that do not deserve all the hype they get.


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