10 Best: Kwesi Arthur songs in 2020 (videos)

10 Best: Kwesi Arthur songs in 2020 (videos)

Kwesi Arthur has taken the Ghanaian music entertainment industry as well as other countries across the globe by storm. He is not only super talented but also very young, which shows that he has a long way to go and a lot more to offer us. Listening to Kwesi Arthur songs or watching his videos will make you realize that he is a shining star.

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While some artists are out there just to release music and make money, others are looking to impact the society and the nation at large. Kwesi Arthur is one of the young and super-talented Ghanaian musicians who have shown not only a great passion for singing but also the ability to produce songs with deep lyrics and relatable content. The ability of his songs to speak to your core will leave you inspired and wanting to hear and watch more. What are some of his best songs and videos so far?

Kwesi Arthur songs and videos

The young and super impressive artist has been in the music industry for quite some time now. Here are some of his hits.

1. Kwesi Arthur Anthem

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Anthem is one of Kwesi's songs that you should look out for and listen to in 2020. Written by Kwesi and mixed by Jay Fyn, the tune was released in January 30th 2018, and it remains a great hit to date. The opening scenes of the song showcase the singer in his kitchen preparing Gari, a traditional Ghanaian dish.

This has left a majority of the viewers, utterly amazed as it surpasses the regular beginning of all the other pop tunes. Arthur also showcases the discomfort that comes with being around so many people. Besides, he is not ready to mingle, as seen in his disgust when a female sits next to her in a cab. The video of this jam has been positively received with thousands of fans taking to social media to try out the dance moves showcased.

2. Kwesi Arthur Grind Day

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Grind Day is another great hit that is written by Arthur and produced by Kayso from the Nkrumah Krom -EP album. The jam is a narration of active days without mentioning any time in particular or even the sun's position. Basically, it is a call to work hard at all times regardless of what time of the day it is or whatever day of the week it is.

The lyrics of the song mention of a guy who seems worried about how he will make ends meet and earn a living. He doesn't know how to get butter and bread for survival in his gutter-like living condition. The song and video were received well that he produced a remix which was received even better with a huge viewership.

3. Kwesi Arthur Back On The Wall

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The beautiful lyrics of the jam Back on the Wall by Kwesi has remained as one the best products from the Nkrumah Krom – EP album. The hit displays the day to day occurrences that take place in people's lives. The lyrics talk about how human being will look down on you whenever you get poor.

Kwesi says that, when your back is against the wall, which means things are seemingly over, no one will like or show interest in you. In case you are feeling rejected because things aren't going your way; this is the song to listen to as Kwesi understands exactly how you feel. Besides nothing can relate those feelings as perfectly as this tune has done.

4. Kwesi Arthur Pray For Me

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Kwesi's 2019 album dubbed Nkrumah-Krom seems to be a legendary one as it has hit after hit. In a jam, Pray For Me, the artist talks about how life gets unfair at times, and you end not getting whatever you have been searching for. The lyricist says that even though he strongly feels the urge to light another one, there is no one who really cares.

The situation is so dire that he feels like he is losing his way, and trouble is following him wherever he steps his foot. Although he asks for prayer, he is certain that the next day won't be a guarantee that why he lives life like there is no tomorrow. If you are feeling lost and hopeless, Pray For Me by Arthur assures you that prayers are the way to go.

5. Kwesi Arthur Ade Akye

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Ade Akye is a great inspirational jam by Kwesi and produced by Jay Fyn and Kayso. Once you listen to this song, you will be filled with a magnifying spirit that will enable you to break all barriers in life, thus achieving your set targets by having collective powers.

It is an inspirational song, whose lyrics will make you want to push on and work hard to make all your dreams come true. The serene and fresh spirit in the lyrics will surely bring you into a state of activeness which is all you need to become a better person and achieve your goals.

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6. Kwesi Arthur Seven

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When it comes to inspirational music, Kwesi Arthur is your go-to person, and he has never disappointed. Seven is a great Rap/Hip-hop jam released in 2018, and it was well-received by all across the country and the globe.

The song's lyrics are a message to the Lord asking him for his blessing. The artist is longing to get many things that he has seen his friends blessed with, and the lack of them makes him feel embarrassed. He wants a car, good education, better clothing, among other things.

7. Kwesi Arthur Woara

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One of the most striking facts about Kwesi's songs is the ability to inspire and motivate listeners. His jam Woara is a great inspirational melody that touches one to the core with its one of a kind message.

Kwesi uses the song to appreciate that it has to be through the mercies and grace of God that he has come this far in his journey; personal and career-wise. He attributes the success of his journey to God, whom he claims is the reason why he has come this far. If you want to hear some reassurance that God will make it happen for you this year, this is the song to put on replay on your playlist.

8. Kwesi Arthur Chill

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2019 seems to have been a really good year for Kwesi's die-hard fans as he has given them hit after hit without lowering the standards. The recently dropped tune dubbed Chill is a mid-tempo hit that will help you get rid of all stressors easily. The jam talks about what most people always long for, especially during summertime; they all want to go home and chill with their friends and family members.

Arthur too can't wait to get out of the studio and go home to relax in the company of his friends. Well, if you are looking for what to do during summer, here is the advice, go home and chill. The video of this song will not only electrify you but also leave you in awe of the strong impression in it.

9. Kwesi Arthur One Stone

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From the 2019 album dubbed One Stone Kwesi released the sizzling hot tune by the name, One Stone. The song talks about some of the prominent people across the globe such as King Mufasa, Kwame Nkrumah, and Bob Marley, among others. He talks about how the youth are working hard to bring back prominence to the land.

He assures us that this brand new return of the youth will not only be bigger and better but also legendary. It is a reminder to the young generation that it is their time to rise and shine and become prominent members of society.

10. Kwesi Arthur Issues

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The song has a super powerful message, not forgetting the catchy video, thus making the song nothing short of an addiction. It is the combination of such powerful aspects that makes this song to stand out.

Arthur talks about how the Lord works in mysterious ways as he could have been dead, but 20 years later, he is a great man with a huge mission to accomplish. It is an encouragement to anyone who feels like they want to give up. He assures them that, in the end, everything will turn out fine.

Kwesi Arthur songs will not only entertain you, but they will also get you motivated to become a better person in life as you strive to achieve your dreams. Be sure to sample a few of these songs if not all. Besides, the video of each is such a huge entertainment.

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