Michael Essien net worth in 2019

Michael Essien net worth in 2019

Our African parents usually go like – go to school first, pursue a white collar job then you can go chasing those passions of yours. You can even sing to your ears the old clichés, 'education is the key to success'. Well, I am not against education, but all I am saying is that everybody has their own unique abilities. Some are born to make a life out of education while others out of their ingrained talents and abilities. However, in the recent past, parents have become more accommodating and welcoming to talents and they are even nurturing their kids to become better versions of themselves. Michael Essien’s mother is one of these rare parents, she has been his pillar of success and she can now happily tap her back and say, "My son made it." He is indeed a top earner judging from Michael Essien net worth.

michael essien net worth 2019

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For those wondering who Michael Essien is, he is a Ghanaian footballer who has played for top football clubs including Chelsea. He is a living prove that talent can indeed pay much more than a career can. He has been signed under contracts with prime clubs and money is channeled towards him regardless of whether he is bought or on loan. The wealth he flaunts on social media and in various joints has been amassed from football. It is evident that this young man must be handsomely compensated for his talent which has even led him to get lucrative corporate deals that are envious.

This information without a doubt triggers you to know exactly the net worth of Michael Essien. This is the kind whom you want to precisely know the figures to which his bank account circulates with. It is worthwhile noting that Michael Essien is paid on weekly basis just like most of the seasoned footballers do and hence money is always flowing into his account. At one time he was named as the top 10 world’s top paid footballers.

Michael Essien net worth in 2019

He is one of the big boys in the industry; loaded with money and good looking in stature. He is every girl’s kind of a dream man but sadly he is off the market having recently married publicist Akosua Puni Essien. Well, admiring him is what girls are left to do which again is not harmful. But what exactly makes girl earnestly reach out to him, in my own opinion money is. He drives some of the ultra modern automobile, lives in deluxe gated areas and is a heavy spender just like other wealthy people are.

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Michael Essien net worth Forbes proves he is one of the richest footballers in Africa. In 2011, he was already earning $110,000 a week when he was playing for Chelsea football club. Ever since, his annual salary of $5,500,000 should have accumulated hence making him a wealthy person in the country. Forbes record is something we can go by and believe it’s accurate since the latter has consistently proved effective.

He has grown, the net worth of Michael Essien in 2015-2016 was $25 million with an annual compensation of $5.5 million this has since then increased as other football clubs have come looking for this talent in exchange for hefty sums of money. It is estimated that he probably could be higher than $35 million in net worth because he is paid on weekly basis and gets other monies from deals he has endorsed and this only serves to skyrocket his earning and net worth as a result thereof. This is some impressive enormous fortune this midfielder is swimming in well lets now roll the ball unto other Michael Essien net worth in 2019 and find out the assets and properties under his name.

Michael Essien cars

We all love sleek sports cars and so does Michael Essien. Well, unlike too many who this only remain a dream, to Mr. Essien this is one of the easy thing to buy for himself besides money is not a problem for him. In addition he is very extravagant just like other footballers are since there isn’t much to do if one had invested and money keeps being debited to your account. Michael Essien cars choice just proves that this man indeed has a taste for awesome automobiles; he has not one, two but several sleek and modern vehicles which he drives.

His love for cars cannot be concealed. When he was an AC Milan player on his first day of the match he was seen hanging around Sulley Muntari Car Showroom alongside Balotelli and Asamoah. The two must have been looking for some pimped car to buy and probably did thereafter. He drives the kind of cars veteran footballers like Mario Baloteli, KEVIN Prince Boateng and Kwadwo Asamoah drives and even can afford a customized imported car from any country in the world.

Michael Essien cars include an Audi Q7, Aston Martin, a Milan Car, a posh Mercedes Benz, and a recently acquire Range rover Vogue estimated to have cost him well over 75,000 Euros. Clearly Michael Essien net worth is on another level judging by his ability to be in possession of such cars and a whole lot more others which he uses for commercial purposes. He is undeniably rich and flaunts his fleet of cars on social media regrettably something that has attracted robbers to his crib and more often he is attacked by robbers and valuable things taken away. He has recently devised a way to keep away from robbers and prefers to have a low profile about his life both in London and in Ghana.

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Michael Essien house

Unlike most people who struggle to own a decent home or even raise rent, Michael Essien has none of these as any of his problems. He is wealthy and can afford the state-of-the-art home with all social amenities in any prime location in the world thanks to his reputation and money which speaks for him silently.

As would be expected, Michael Essien house is a site to behold. A simple looks tells it all that some millions must have been pour to the completion of these architectural structure. He has some imported details and interior designs added to his house making it palatial. The house has a heated swimming pool, a pitch or playground, ample parking space for his fast speed cars, a beautiful backyard and artistically made landscape. The house has all the social amenities including a health and fitness centre, secret bullet proof rooms, lobby area among other things.

The fact that he has not one but several house unit locally and even abroad just attests to the fact that indeed Michael Essien is rich. His ability to afford and buy such high end luxurious home in prime locations around the world is just amazing. However, despite all the fame and money Michael Essien has remained to be a humble guy something that has made his popular among his fans. Regrettably so due to his high profile it is almost impossible to interact with him as his personal security has to be safeguarded at all cost even is this has to be traded off with his interactions.

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Michael Essien, the richest footballer in Ghana

Yes, Michael Essien is among the richest footballers in Ghana and at one point in his life, was the highest paid in Africa as a continent. Although other football star has risen he still holds the record on being the first black African man to play under a team on an international rank. Allow me tell you of how his journey towards a successful football career and money has been.

It is worthwhile to premier this discussion with his values that propelled him to the top. Michael Essien has always been resilience and determined to be the best. This has even been made better by the fact that he struggles not in the field as he has unique abilities to maneuver the midfield position he plays notable by other teams.

He began humble at school playing the football matches, after school he joined the Liberty Professional in Ghana from where he played and was coached. Michael Essien later joined Bastia, which is a France football team for three season beginning 2000 to 2003. During this time he played in 66 matches and had a record of 11 goals. Immediately after he signed another contract with the Lyon team – Ligue 1 in 2003 where he appeared in 71 game winning 7 goals. This team introduced him to a broader scope as he got to play for the UEFA Champions League for the first time.

It is while playing this game that Chelsea football club took note of this talent and realised how valuable he would be if he played for them. They organized for his transfer which happened at a cost of £24.4 million after signing all the contractual documents. At the time, he was the best compensated African footballer and the only one playing for the premier league from Africa. It is while at Chelsea that the team won two times in the Premier League in 2006 and in 2010. Similarly, they won the UEFA Champions League in 2012, the FA cup and the League Cup. Michael Essien won the Chelsea Goal of the Season twice in the seasons 2006/2007 and in 2008/2009. He appeared in 168 matches and had a record of scoring 17 goals for his team, Chelsea. This is when his star shone bright making his the Michael Essien net worth go high. He was attached to this team for a very long time from 2005 to 2014.

While still attached to Chelsea, he went on loan to play for Real Madrid for a season long deal in 2012 to 2013. This marked a major reunion with his former manager, Jose Mourinho who referred to him as his son during the opening press conference. He played in 21 matches scoring 2 goals. He later joined AC Milan for about one and a half years until 2015 appearing in 20 matches.

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In 2015, the richest footballer in Ghana, Michael Essien signed a 2 year contract with Panathinaikos, which was a Greek club. He played in 13 matched and made a remarkable goal for them. However, his tenure therein was not as sweet as in other teams he had played for. He suffered a leg injury which kept him off the field and the team refused to compensate him for the games he played until the court ordered them to pay him. He was dismissed from the team thereafter.

In 2017, he joined the Persib Bandung Indonesian team after having declined an offer in 2016 from the Australian A-League club. He signed a one year deal which would be subjected to an additional one season. He played no. 5 just as he did for the Chelsea team. He played in 29 games during his time and won 5 goals. However, he has recently been released from the team due to the club exhausting the maximum quota of foreign players stipulated in the PSSI’s regulations.

Even as he played for the international team, Michael Essien also played for the Ghanaian national team and even coached players. He has been actively played for it from 2002 until 2014 making 58 match appearances and having an outstanding record of 9 goals. He still has maintained affiliations with the national team although it is now on administrative terms. Micheal Essien is indeed a successful football player and the richest footballer in Ghana.

Below are some interesting facts about this Ghanaian footballer

  1. He was the first African to receive the Chelsea Player of the Year title - Michael Essien must be holding a synonymous title in the English Premier league. His contribution during the 200 – 2007 season led him to being dubbed the Chelsea Player of the Year but his Fans a title that was confirmed in 2007 on May the 15th. During a match against Arsenal, Michael Essien scored an equalizing goal which was termed the Chelsea Goal of the season.
  2. He is the richest footballer in Ghana – Michael Essein as you have observed here above is one of the highly paid African footballers. His talent has negotiated for lunactive deals with top football teams in the world, received company endorsement and deals such as with Adidas been offered on loan to other teams among other thing this footballer has been able to do with his talent. If the net worth of Michael Essien is anything to go by he is indeed the richest footballer in Ghana and at one time stood at being the richest in Africa.
  3. Michael Essien is nicknamed Bison – during a match you can easily observe that Michael Essein is strong spirited, energetic, optimistic and an aggressive player. He has great opposing skills and forcefulness which help him stand strong in tackling the opponent players. For this reason he was given the name ‘Bison’. This name refers to a terrestrial animal which is as large and energetic as an adult buffalo. However, in reality he is soft spoken and gentle.
  4. He is the founder of the Michael Essien Foundation - this is a charity based organization which is not for profit. It operates in Ghana and aims to offer life changing opportunities to people who are underprivileged for one reason or the other. Ideally. it runs community based projects that focus on improving the lives of the people through implementation of activities or projects that yield results solving a societal problem. Michael Essien’s wife, Akosua Puni Essien runs the foundation in the capacity of a manager and a public relations officer.
  5. His father was a football player – well, it appears these genes run through the family. His father during his youthful days played for the Gold Coast football team and even in old age remains a fervent football fan. His elder brother too played football and would have been a face to reckon until he met his death through an accident he was involved in.

Michael Essien bio

Michael Essein was born on 3rd of December 1982 which makes him 36 years of age. He was born Michael Kojo Essien but is popularly known as Michael Essein especially in the entertainment and football circles. His mother is known as Aba Gyandoh and his father James Essein who is a fallen hero. He was raised up in Awutu Breku Village and did show great interest in football from a tender age. The family would then break and he alongside his other siblings moved to Accra with his mother.

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In about two years, Michael Essien had been awarded to Football scholarship in Cape Coast. Immediately after school he began his professional life in football with Liberty Professional. He was later invited by Manchester United but couldn’t go since he was under age and was very difficult to obtain a residence permit at the time. However this did not kill his dream further pushed on and has worked with big clubs such as LYON, Chelsea, Real Madrid, AC Milan, Panathinaikos and Persib Bandung. He has participated in many matches scoring goals for the teams and has a successful track record.

Michael Essien life has been surrounded by many women. He has had several girlfriends including the much publicized love affair with Nadia Buari. This relationship was seen as the perfect kind but sadly the two broke up and Michael Essien swiftly moved on to date and even marry his publicist, Akosua Puni who is slightly older than him. This relationship has gone through harsh public scrutiny but the handsome football lets none of this thwart his plans of establishing a lifelong commitment with Mrs. Puni.

However, due to reasons known to him, he kept this information confidential and only remained as unconfirmed celebrity gossip until recently during a cocktail event for a match the Master of Ceremony referred her as Akosua Puni Essien. However, the two have severally been spotted together although no outright lead was given and most people believed their relationship was purely professional. The two are believed to have been in a relationship since 2012 and have two kids together.

Michael Essien must have learnt that publicizing his life also has a negative impact on his life. He has recently kept his life on low profile and he is determined to safeguard his family. Being based in a foreign country has made it possible for them to stay out of the public glare. He does not in fact flaunt his properties as he used in the past which often lead to him being attacked by robbers at his home and valuable items including cars being stolen. I also concur with him that private life should also be private, the social media and media has the capacity to destroy someone within a twinkle of an eye.

I always thought money was a good thing, until I found out talent to be the best because it can offer you all the life’s pleasantries and goodies on desires. The life of Michael Essien is the classical example that explains how this is true. Well, we do not know much about Michael Essien education however, he dines and wines with the high and mighty had the dream life of every young person and resources all traced back to talent. From Michael Essien net worth, we learn that this footballer is indeed rich and better still successful. His life is admirable and I am sure he is content with what he has become of himself and a joy of having a supportive and understanding wife by his side who manages him.

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