Latest Kofi Kinaata songs

Latest Kofi Kinaata songs

The Ghanaian based Martin King Arthur popularly known by his stage name Kofi Kinaata or the king of Fante rap seems to have made it in the music industry with the well known Kofi Kinaata songs. It is a struggle to make a brand for yourself through your music. The rapper gives credit to the people like Samini who saw the talent in him and helped him get a platform. He was signed by Samini’s records where he has produced quality big tunes. We all know how Ghana and the larger West Africa has great talented and competitive musicians and he has managed to be at the top with his fellow colleagues.

Kofi Kinaata 2018

At the beginning of 2018, it was confirmed that Kofi Kinaata broke up from high life grade family reasons yet to be known. However, his light is still shinning and he is truly headed to the top. Most people thought that his career was over after partying ways with Samini’s high life grade family however this has not been the case since he’s performance on this song is amazing and he will totally ace the music industry with time. Kofi Kinaata new single can be seen as an inspiration to those people who could be afraid of venturing in to the music world solo, it is clear you can do it on your own. The video is exceptional and we urge you to listen and watch to it.

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Kofi Kinaata- No place like home

His role as an ambassador for UN Migration Agency which facilitates safe movement for the citizens of Ghana made him write this song. Kofi Kinaata latest song is only one week old and therefore you have not missed out on much. This song emphasizes on the need for migrating well using the right channels to avoid issues like slavery, abduction that could occur to you when traveling. You will definitely learn a lot from this song as it also entertains you.

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Just to give you a snippet of Kofi Kinaata latest video you will be able to see how the two young men at first are thrilled to be going to Europe because life is not easy at home. However as they always say East or West home is indeed the best with all the problems in the society. This song no place like home seeks to increase awareness to Ghanaians has recorded close to 90,000 views since it was uploaded. We urge you to share and pass the message to as many people as you can so that everyone becomes aware and appreciate the fact that there is no better place than home.

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This song will definitely be used in UN conferences and other official seminars that deal with migration. The agency did a great thing by chosing a young person to steer the campaign because most of the immigrants are the young people who will be useful in the future of Ghana.

Kofi Kinaata new song 2018 can be seen as a very huge risk since the release of this song was just after the breaking away from High Life grade family. He did not take time to build himself and his brand on his own. Of course, his former boss Samini so to say, had played a very big role by ensuring that he had the skills he needed to survive on his own in the competitive market.Kofi Kinaata current song, play, is doing well in the chart and we hope he can get an award or nomination for it later on in the year.

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Kofi Kinaata- Play

This banger was released nearly at the end of 2017 which was a really good year from the Takoradi born man. The song produced by the never disappointing producer Dr. Ray, their influence in this song made it famous and wild.

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In the event that you have not listened to this tune with authentic beats we recommend you grab earphones or headphones and do listen to it immediately.

Kofi Kinaata- Susuka

This was and still remains to be a banger in 2018 since its release in 2016. The production was done by the sensational Kin Dee. Through this song he received praise and so much support from his fans. With over 3.3 million views on Youtube you can be able to tell how successful he has been and with this trend he is going to be a music icon in Africa.

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If you have not watched the beautiful created video or listened to it we do suggest you do so because your day will definitely be good and filled with great vibes.

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Kofi Kinaata- Sweetpie

When you will want to get over a heart break or separation or getting dumped or you could be targeting a new catch we urge you to listen to this ‘Sweetpie’ it will ‘heal’ your pain. The amazing well done Fante lyrics attracted positive comments from many fans who are not just from Ghana but also international.

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The song on youtube is in audio slide form and currently stands above 1.2 million views. You will enjoy listening to this beautiful tune.

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Kofi Kinaata new music

2017 is still fresh in our minds and we will have a look at some of the songs he released because they are played often in our airwaves.

Kofi Kinaata- Time No dey

‘Time no dey ooh’ this song has a quality video which brings out his voice more especially through the rap.

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The song became so popular with the fans immediately after its release with 1 million views. If you have not watched the video you need to grab this chance and enjoy the well done tune.

Kofi Kinaata- Last show

The hitmaker also produced in 2017 closely after his single ‘confession’ was well received across many African countries. It is among Kofi Kinaata new video. You will definitely be impressed by this song when you listen and watch its video which will make you dance just like the awesome dancers in it.

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It was produced by Yaw Skyfacewho is known to never disappoint and we definitely look forward to them working together in the near future with another slapper. Last show’s video basically shows the simple life in Ghana Kofi starring in it very well. We do hope you will enjoy the 4 minute song.

Kofi Kinaata- Single and Free

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It is among Kofi Kinaata latest single. The song was released in the market just before we bid a goodbye to 2017. This song is educative in the sense that Kofi tells you not to be with people who could be in our lives and are fake.

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Both the audio and the video if the song is well done and we hope you will be excited to listen and watch it.

Kofi Kinaata- Confessions

This song was so popular that it became study material at Kwame Nkrumah University.

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Kofi Kinaata – Move

Move is a beautiful collaboration done by both Kofi Kinaata and the main man from Volta Keeny Ice. Just like ‘last show’, this song was produced by Sky face being so rich with the African beats.

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This song made it in Ghana, other African countries and even outside the continent. We do not want you to be left behind; therefore have a look at this wonderful well done song.

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Kofi Kinaata- Crusade

This masterpiece which was released 2 years ago is another hot one that once you watch lightens up your day and makes you in a much better mood because it is really funny.

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This song is as a result of various artists like Donzy, producer and video director who made it become so successful with 1.4 million views on Youtube. You could stream, watch, download and share with your loved ones who will be thoroughly entertained.

Kofi Kinaata- oh azaay

The producer of this song Dr. Ray for sure meant business with this massive tune when producing it. Since its release in 2014, it is still very popular in Ghana and so is its now you know that Kofi’s songs are educative and moral teachings and this song adds more truth to this statement.

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To give you a snippet on the video it is set in the prisons as the song starts later on their beautiful girls who whine so well which would entice any man. The video and the lyrics will not disappoint you because we live for such amazing African music.

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Kofi Kinaata is the star that everyone should watch out for especially for the remaining part of 2018 because he earlier said that he is looking to work with other artists for great massive tunes. We should be alert us we wait to update our playlists.

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