Top trending Nicki Minaj songs of all time

Top trending Nicki Minaj songs of all time

‘She’s just a girl, and she’s on fire ….’ You remember a song that goes with that line? Here is more, ‘this girl is on fire, this girl is on fire, she’s walking on fire, and this girl is on fire…’ I can vouch by now you know this is, Girl on Fire Song by Alicia Keys and Nicki Minaj. One of the Nicki Minaj songs that hit the airwaves really hard and still has a wide audience now as it used then and bring in popularity by her side.

nicki minaj songs

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I love this particular piece because it just tells exactly of who Nicki Minaj is musically. She is so bright and can burn your eyes, you can try to look the other way but you will never forget her name because she got her head in the clouds. This is just her in character a girl to watch as she lights up the night. Well, you must have seen her perform songs on stage, the energy, charisma, good choreography, vocals, alluring contemporary attire and her own brand she is always crowned with, this is our girl, Nicki Minaj. We love her for her talent and using it to entertain, her diligence, persistence and creativity.

Nicki minaj is easy to tell apart because she is a beautiful girl, thin waist, has well endorsed feminine curves and a good stature. In addition to this, she is fond of wearing unconventional colored hair and wigs and brightly colored costumes and so skin revealing clothes or need I say body con. Well, that a side, the above song is just one of her work but she has a whole list of achievement musically; you need to check out the list of Nicki Minaj songs to attest to the fact that indeed this girl is on top of the world.

Nicki Minj songs 2019

Although Nicki has not yet released new songs in 2019, some of her latest songs that are still trending at the moment include:

  1. Good Form ft Lil Wayne
  2. Goodbye - with Json Derullo, David Guetta, and Willy William
  3. Barbie Dreams
  4. Ganja Burn
  5. Woman Like Me - Little Mix featuring Nicki Minaj
  6. Bed ft Ariana Grande
  7. Motorsport - Nicki Minaj, Migos, and Cardi B

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Nicki Minaj song list

Nicki Minaj has been in the music industry for a long time now, long enough to give her fully exposure to the dynamics and trends in the industry and just to master their tools for the trade. Well, judging by how the girl is received she surely has a position and talent makes it easy for her to overcome hurdles, wade away from challenges, overcome the industry’s barrier and turbulence and always emerge victorious.

She ventured into music in 2004 and has been active since then releasing sing along songs one after the other. Her breakthrough came after she was able to successful release the Pink Friday album with was closely followed by the release of The PinkPrint album. This brought her much recognition, money and fame and she has never look back since then although she often takes short breaks from music just to allow fresh ideas and survey of the industry. She has become a renowned rap music sensation internationally and here are Nicki Minaj’s new songs.

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1. Nicki Minaj - Anaconda

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Anaconda is one of Nicki Minaj songs although the conservative parents do not go down well with the song. This is because the song talk explicitly about sex, love and being Roundy which is somewhat viewed as a piece that instill bad morals to the younger generation. However, the rap song is popular and has received mass airplay, online viewership, and been performed in some high end concerts in the United States and beyond.

The sex appeal to it is probably the fact that has made the song withstand strong criticism as nonetheless the audience is ready to consume it. Beside, America is one of the liberalized countries in the world and such talks have become common and almost right sadly. That aside, this song has made Nicki Minaj make a lot of millions, from the sale of the song copies and music performances. As a matter of fact, her worth has even shot up so having her attend an occasion one would part with some few million dollar.

Nicki Minaj Anaconda is a joint work from Glenwood Recording Studios, Cash Money Records, Republic Records, and Young Money Entertainment and was produced by Da Internz and Polow da Don while the video was done by Colin Tilley who was the lead director. The song was written by Ernest Clark, Anthony Ray, Onika Maraj, JAMAL Jones and Jonathan Solone; some of the world’s best songwriters and just shows the effort put to ensure the song had good content, rhyme among other musical checks that must be considered. It is shoot in California one of the coolest towns in the United States. Nicki Minaj Anaconda is in the album The Pink Print.

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2. Nicki Minaj - No Frauds

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This song is a diss song in response to Remy Ma’s Shether. This is what caused the feud between the two artists that led to the song being written and produced. There is a line in Playtime is Over where Nicki Minaj says, ‘…Tell that bitch with the crown to run it like Chris Brown’ which Remy saw as her direct attack. She responded in Wait a Minute remix, ‘…Same b*** call me, that's how I knew y'all was phony I put putting that work, taking 'em to church, cause I leave 'em holy Will I smoke this bitch?’ this spurred up the beef the more and Nicki in retaliation sang, ‘…Bitch I'm the greatest, no Kendrick and no Sia," I'm the iPhone you the Nokia, Everybody know you jealous, bitch, it's so clear…’

Following this, Remy Ma wrote a song Shether which a seven minute track is dismissing all the personal attacks directed to her in Nicki Minaj’s new songs. The American Rapper is not the kind to let waters settle unstirred; she alongside Drake and Lil Wayne composed the No Frauds song in response. The song was produced by Murda Beatz and release by Young Money Entertainment and Cash Money Records. More than 70,000 copies were sold during the first week but have now sol well over one million copies since its release.

Due to the hurry and desire to cause drama the song was released before the video was out. The official music video was later release and uploaded to Nicki Minaj’s Vevo account and has be viewer by followers all over the world. However, the song received much backlash from the media and her fans for featuring a recent terror attack location, Westminster Bridge. That said and done relevance in the music industry is sought by all means and only the bold make it through due to the extremities one has to go.

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3. Nicki Minaj - Run Up

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Run up is one of the Nicki Minaj new songs released in 2017. It talks about a girl who has become modernized and is often cool; she appears to be shy but nay she is something, a piece of work. She is a bad girl who you want to stick by they love drug and when the phone rings and say they need company, you go, ‘…I'ma run up on you X8’. This is one of the rap songs Nicki Minaj has released and she even feels that it is one of her best work.

It is produced by one of the seasoned music gurus in the industry; Mad Decent and Because Music. Run up is originaly a Major Lazer group song but in bid to bring versatility and good vocals, they came hunting for the bad girl, Nicki Minaj who just got what they were looking for. This song is in the Music Is the Weapon album which features the PartyNextDoor and American rapper Nicki Minaj. It was recorded in 2016 but it was not until January 26, 2017 that the song was released.

Ideally, this song is of dancehall genre with a Jamaican Patois accent. It is about three minutes and twenty three seconds in length with a moderate tempo of 108 beats per minutes. This is one of the great pieces blending in well the Nicki Minaj Trinidadian roots and Party’s Jamaican roots in this track. This made to the Nicki Minaj song list of 2017 and still is ranked high in 2018.

4. Nicki Minaj - Bed of Lies

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The list of Nicki Minaj songs in the PinkPrint album with an emotional feel attached to it. It approached like from the perspective of a jilted lover, who commit all their love and life for the other yet the lover maliciously have you not in their minds, heart or even life. They just have you caught up in their rush for life or the thrill of it, put you in the crib and leave you alone.

The lyrics are what interest me, “Do you ever think of me when you lie? Lie down in your bed, your bed of lies And I knew better than to look in your eyes They only pretend you would be mine

And you know how you made me believe, You had me caught in every web that you weaved

But do you ever think of me when you lie? Lie down in your bed, your bed of lies.” A lover in pain; wondering if the lover notices the tears rolling down or the heart that is bleeding as they engage in their heartless actions against the other. Lamentations of a heart broken love who is hurt by the latter’s careless or deliberate actions against them.

Nicki Minaj Bed of lies is written by the latter alongside Skylar Grey who is a featured artistic in the song and sings the chorus part. It is the fourth track on her third studio album, The Pinkprint. It was first played during the 2014 MTV EMA s awards in Glasgow in Scotland and later got an official release by the Cash Money Records and the Young Money Entertainment. From the onset the song compete favorably with the work of Madonna and Dionne Warwick. In the US Billboard Hot 100 the song ranked 62; in Australia was number seven while in New Zealand at number thirteen.

This song can be classified into both pop and hip hop music genre. It was produced artistically by Kane Beatz, Alex da Kid and Breyan Isaac who were in charge of the choreography, vocal and instrumentation. Bed of lies is about four minutes and twenty nine seconds in length.

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5. Nicki Minaj - Bang Bang

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Most of Nicki Minaj songs you should have realized by now that they are more of diss song; not necessarily down playing someone, but also a behavior, trend and some ill without which we are living in. She most focuses her work towards addressing a particular thing that needs improvement, praise or elimination. Bang Bang is one of Nicki Minaj new songs talking about a girl physically blessed with all there is to life; hourglass figure, booty like a Cadillac, education and money but let’s every Tom , Di*k and Harry to bang bang her room, car and heart, “Bang bang there goes your heart (I know you want it)

Back, back seat of my car (I’ll let you have it) Wait a minute let me take you there (ah) Wait a minute 'til you (ah, hey!) (You know what, girls? let me show you how to do it)”.

This song was written by Onika Tanya, Martin Karl, Nicki Minaj, Richard Gorans son and Savan Harish. The artist behind this production is Ariana Grande but features Nicki Minaj and the British Jessie J in My Everything album – this is Ariana Grande’s second album. Bang bang in the US Billboard Hot 100 stopped at number 3 having started off at number 6. The song has a unique teen pop genre tastefully made by the Metropolis, Glenwood Place and Conway Recording Studios.

Bang bang success is undeniably evident. It lead to nomination at the Grammy Awards – Best Pop/Duo/Group performance and also won the Kids’ Choice Awards as the Favorite song of the year. About 3.4 million copies of the song have been sold out since its release. Although it is a collaboration this song still is named in list of Nicki Minaj Songs.

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6. Nicki Minaj - Right by my Side

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Right by my Side is a heart outpouring expressing how life is void of someone you hold so closely to your heart. “…I-I, I'm not living life I'm not living right I'm not living if you're not by my side

Ooh oh”. She say of how it all started missing a morning kiss to now not being able to withstand your absence; she is pouring her heart to the boy she loves. Well, Nicki Minaj is so full of ideas, love songs have been sang year in year out but this song never get stale. She got a wise and creative selection of words such that it gets new every time you listen to it.

Ideally, the song’s persona is that of a woman speaking her heart out to the man she loves. In the Nicki Minaj song video, Chris Brown is the man in reference where she speaks to. And need I say the video is just outstanding and show stopping for lack of a descriptive word. One of the best hip hop rap love song of the day.

The song was written by Warren Feder, Eleanor Jackson, Andrew Wansel, Ester Dean among many others. It was sent to Nicki Minaj who made edit and personalized it making this piece her own including the vocals. Chris Brown was then reached out to feature in the song and video and he just did a lot of service to making the song a great success. Right By My Side is in the Roman Reloaded Pink Friday album under great music powerhouses; Universal Republic, Cash Money and Young Money Entertainment.

7. Nicki Minaj - Pills and Potions

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Nicki Minaj pills and potions address some personal situation people find themselves in, in their love life. Talks about a person in love who loves the other partner unconditionally, even when they do what is not right, tasteful and grateful they still love them and are not ready to burn the bridges. They take the bitter pill even when no sorry is said - the Pills and Potions and fight on. ‘Pills n potions We're overdosin' I'm angry but I still love you Pills n potions We’re overdosin' Can't stand it but I still love you…’

They swear that they love you even with the bible but their action on the contrary, more like they are your rivals, soon as you out a nigga’s life is when they start to miss you but you have already sped off having been tire of the life unfruitful. But the surprising you still loves them and pop up some pill for them. It addresses a real situation yet one that is utterly complex and satirically critics it.

Pills and potions is one of Nicki Minaj songs that have been loved by the audience. The universal music group did the production while she did the song writing assisted by producer Dr. Luke, Ester Dean and Cirkut. It was later released by young and cash money music labels and over a million copies have been sold out to date. Pills and potion is the first track on the Pink Print album by Nicki Minaj, an American rapper, songwriter and singer. The song has been uploaded in the digital format and is available online for downloading and viewing both as an audio and visual record.

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Nicki Minaj new songs - Chun-Li

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Nicki Minaj has not graced our screen with new things in the year 2017 like she used in the past but the lady appears to be more rejuvenated in 2018 more than ever before. She recently announced and released two track Barbie Tings and Chun-Li on an album she is working on. A close look at the video, you will appreciate the time the lady took a break as she has had a triumphant comeback. From vocal, choreography, costumes, location and brand this rapper must has rolled up the sleeve to ensure she feed the fans with something that have a long standing legacy.

You need to check out Barbie Tings and see what she got to say about the queens in the house written in collaboration with Jeremy Reid. It is already on number 10 of the US Billboard hot 100 list despite it having been released a few days ago. On the other ball that is rolling, Chun-li is about an attitude of someone who is never courteous. In this Nicki Minaj song, she is in a leather leotard and very expensive customs which more or less loss beautiful with a bit of vintage touch.

The above is the list of Nicki Minaj songs. However, it is not exhaustive as I have only sampled up some of the new and massively played track; some of which are popular and are best sellers in the market today. There are other songs such as Feeling myself, pound the alarm, the night is still young, super bass, only, starships, motor sport, beez in the trap, truffle Butter, Moment for life and so many other. They have made her be nominated severally is prestigious music and film awards and won especially in the Grammy Awards and MTV.

Nicki Minaj profile

Nicki Minaj was born in Saint James, Trinidad as Onika Tanya Maraj in December 8th 1982 to a mother and father who were gospel singers although the father later became addicted to alcohol and drug and at some point burnt down their house. She was however raised in New York City by her grandmother and realized her passion in music and acting. She struggle through working in over 15 jobs until she made it through musically and in films.

Today Nicki Minaj has been able to build an empire for herself. She is the most versatile woman you will ever meet; she is a model thanks to her good looks and body, an actress – eloquence, public confidence and love for camera. Additionally she is a songwriter, singer and rapper. She has four albums; Pink Friday released in 2010, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded of 2012, the Pink print in 2014 and is currently working on her fourth album with amazing songs such as Chun-li and Barbie Tings in the list of Nicki Minaj songs.

The artist makes a lot of money from the sale of Nicki Minaj songs. Apparently she has sold over 60 million copies making her one of the top selling music artists in the world. Thank to prestigious awards at the BET awards, MTV video music awards, Billboard Music awards, Grammy awards and American Music awards the girl has money flowing into her bank account.

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