TOP 10 most popular Moesha Boduong movies ranked and bio

TOP 10 most popular Moesha Boduong movies ranked and bio

Through Moesha Boduong movies, one can easily spot a rising star. She is an inspiration to all those still championing for a breakthrough in this competitive industry. Even though she has not been in the movie-spotlight long enough, her reputation is gradually spreading across the country. She has hopes of winning an Oscar award in future and certainly, through her works, she fits the profile.

Moesha Boduong movies

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About Moesha Boduong

For those who are still in the dark, a Moesha Boduong profile features a beautiful Ghanaian actress and model, with an artistic well-contoured body, matched with a natural African complexion, and a very attractive face.

Thanks to the internet, she feels proud letting the world acknowledge her real African beauty. Her photos are constantly updated on various social media channels, letting men drool and reply with flattery comments. Indeed, she continues to get all the attention her beauty demands. Men across Ghana are constantly head over heels in love with her figure and general attitude.

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Moesha Boduong movies

Where does Moesha Boduong come from?

She is from Bipolar in the upper West area of Ghana. Daughter of Rtd. Major Boduong and the late Tina Boduong. Born on March 10, 1990, she eventually completed her primary education at Nyhiaeso International School and Martyrs of Uganda Basic School in Kumasi. Her Senior schooling was at Accra Senior High School before furthering her studies at Ghana’s premier University and finally to University of Ghana, Legon. Her diploma in Theatre, Music, and Dance is what people may refer to as ‘Beauty and Brains’.

Moesha Boduong movies

Other than Acting and Modeling she was also rumored to be joining Big Brother Africa Naija, representing our country in that continental show. Her popularity was enough to stir mix reactions among members of the public, as some could not wait to watch her contest at that international live show. All in all, she has always been a center of media speculation and controversies. Therefore, such unconfirmed stories are always bound to hover around her name.

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Movies of Moesha Boduong

She has featured in quite a number of movies. Her performance has been impeccable, to say the least. In particular, there are ten featured movies depicting how talented this star is. The journey has not been that easy, and it takes courage and determination to fit into her shoes. Moving from grass to grace is what defines Moesha as an icon. One of her recent works is The hero: service to humanity.

Moesha Boduong movies

The hero: Service to humanity

Acting as Miss Dwomoh in this emotional movie, Vultures of, Moesha got a chance to prove to herself and the world that she is certainly a talented professional who can confidently fit in any role. Normally, she is known for the ‘bad girl’ characters. The shift of roles as a decent teacher, full of dignity, has surprised those unaware about that side of her.

She admits facing some challenges in various scenes in the movie, particularly overwhelmed by emotions of how sad the storyline is. But then again, she managed to keep her tears in check and took control of herself.

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The plot of the movie is based on social problems being endured by women in Africa. It involves a young courageous girl, Lamisi, from the northern region of Ghana who was determined to bring change in the society while living with a mentally ill guardian.

Miss Dwomoh was her teacher who discovered she has a special talent. She then nurtures and prepares her for a contest for just a local quiz. Her success from the simple local competition made her climb up the ladder and finally represent Ghana in the West African quiz challenge.

Moesha Boduong movies

Amakye and Dede

This yet another blockbuster movie that went viral in 2016. This time, due to her publicity stunts and free-spirit attitude, Moesha performed excellently acting as a ‘bad girl’ gold digger. She fitted seamlessly in that role. Her dressing costumes also did not disappoint those who cannot get enough of her. Her curvy body and some skin were meticulously revealed for the audience to feast their eyes on.

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This movie featured some big Ghanaian stars that Moesha got to interact with. Figures such as Majid Michael, John Dumelo, Roselyn Ngissah and Emelia Brobbery and Ahoufe Patri. It premiered in March 2016 and helped put Moesha in the spotlight.

Moesha Boduong movies
Source:Ellis Gh

Grey down

Even though she acted a minor role as Betty, getting an opportunity to feature in this drama movie has always been considered baby steps for Moesha into the industry. The movie which got released in 2015 was an unarguably a hit and received massive viewership from across the region. It features a lot of dilemma and drama as it is equally thrilling and absorbing.

The movie’s writer, producer, and director is none other than Shirley Frimpong-Manso. A reputable name in Ghana, with so many actors, never hesitate to work with her. She is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Sparrow Production, a film, advertising, and television company. She won Best Director at the sixth Africa Movie Academy Awards and ranked as the 48th most influential persons our country has ever been blessed with.

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In her movies, women are always portrayed as fierce people who can be breadwinners as well as lead complex lives. This is modern Ghana and women have a voice. This is clearly depicted by Manso as she elaborates that her drive into filming industry was mainly to change how Ghana was portrayed. Indeed, over the years Moesha has also been seen as fierce and well driven.

Yvonne’s tears

This is yet another blockbuster Nollywood-Ghallywood movie that became part of Moesha’s stepping stone into becoming a distinguished star. It’s a 2015 romantic/drama movie and though she was already in the industry by then, she had not received her breakthrough yet. Her role was minor and was overshadowed by some other big names that had already established firm grounds.

The story line in T involves a womanizer who finally meets the girl of his dreams after messing around with so many girls. Unfortunately, her dream girl happens to be the roommate of yet another girl whom he impregnated and ran off. So much about Karma when confusion, regret, and disappointment takes control of the whole movie. The story line is as impressive as the cast itself.

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In this play, yet again, she got a chance to act alongside Yvonne Nelson, Jessica Williams, James Gardiner, Khareema Aquiar, Prince David Osei among other renowned figures in the industry. Indeed, this is all it takes to sharpen her skills and attain practical experience.

Moesha Boduong movies

Pool party

o is yet another trending movie which actress Moesha Bodoung had an opportunity to feature in. Her role may have been minor but still very significant, as it contributed to the movie’s overall success. It was released in 2011 and just like in her other movies, it featured big-screen stars such as Majid Michel, Yvonne Okoro, Martha Ankomah and Yvonne Nelson.

It was basically a drama movie with a very sophisticated twist of events as a man realizes that his brother had become his wife's lover. There is the tone of betrayal, revenge, and murder throughout the scenes which makes it even more entertaining.

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Generally, there are quite a number of movies that the beautiful Moesha has featured on-which also emerged to be successful and very much popular. They include; Only you, Victims, Assault case, the last part, Hostage, Vultures of horror, Die with Me, Mysterious Girls as well as Bloodline.

All those movies have shaped her career and overall experience into becoming an icon that she is today. The Hero: Service to humanity, which is actually her first movie to be in a major role and have a decent character, is a revelation that she is ready to fly and brush shoulders with so many other international actors.

Moesha Boduong movies

Apart from the most prominent movies expalined above, Moesha also acted in other movies including:

Vultures of horror

Acting as a personal assistant in this ‘horrific’ movie, Vultures of horror, Moesha was simply stunning. She vividly brought out that respectful persona towards her boss, or rather her superiors, but a mean attitude to strangers-especially those were a ‘nuisance’ in her line of work.

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The movie was directed and written by Chidi Anyanwu Chidox with a strong Christian message in its story line. And so, in as much as it may be thrilling, it’s also educative.


Who would have thought that Moesha could act so well as a humble emotional housemaid. In a story that is filled with conspiracy, romance, and hatred, Hostage is one of the movies that really depicted Moesha’s marvelous acting skills.

Die with me

The title tells it all, Die with me is about friendship and love. The storyline is based on two friends- Mike and Fred- who had been inseparable from childhood. But later on, circumstances forced Fred to distance himself.

Well, honestly it’s an emotional movie. The lovely Moesha played the role of Freda, who was actually Fred’s sister. Acting all caring and somehow concerned for her brother, she nailed that role.

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Acting as a housemaid in a wealthy man’s fancy house in the movie Victim, Moesha looked stunning in this movie. Her costume and makeup were rather intense for a maid. But whichever way, she was serving in a rich-house setup and therefore played the part. She acted her role perfectly as naïve, obedient and somehow fearful servant, just like a typical maid. Her role was significant in the dramatic plot of the movie.

Generally, the movie features a young girl who had been a victim of rape from an old rich man. Being wealthy and successful, the rich man played by Paul Wilson wanted sexual favors from the girl-having paid her college fees. There are so many twists and turns as revenge, hatred, and sacrifice takes most parts of the movie.

10 most popular Moesha Boduong movies

There are quite a number of movies that the beautiful Moesha has featured on-which also emerged to be successful and very much popular. They include; Only you, Assault case, the last part, and Mysterious Girls among others.

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All those movies have shaped her career and overall experience into becoming an icon that she is today. The Hero: Service to humanity, which is actually her first movie to be in a major role and have a decent character, is a revelation that she is ready to fly and brush shoulders with so many other international actors.

Challenges faced by Ghanaian female actors

People always think that the greatest challenge in acting is staying ahead of the competition, and always being perfect at your roles. Well somehow it still is, if you are incompetent, you will definitely find yourself being overrun by some newbies who are still afraid of theater lights.

However, one other challenge that actors face especially ladies, as echoed by Moesha Bodoung, is the coercion of male producers to have sex with them. This trend has been going on for a very long time, costing many of them their dignity. Moesha, for instance, laments that she has been confronted a number of times by producers who either directly or indirectly ask for sexual favors in exchange for roles.

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It's not until recently that that actress Vicky Zugah accompanied by Moesha Bodoung spilled the beans. Being liberal minded, they took to the social media to address this issue and ask for intervention from the relevant authority.

Moesha Boduong movies
Source:Kemi Filani

Vicky Zugah explains that sex for movies roles is not a guarantee that you will certainly secure the position. At the end of the day, these people are still businessmen and want only the best actors for their movie roles, so as consequently, they can generate more income. That basically means that even after favors of intimacy you still need to put extra effort to outdo the rest of the applicants.

But then again, Film Producers Association of Ghana has made it clear that such allegations are yet to be received by them, as no one has ever filed a formal complaint in any way. Its, therefore, the responsibility of every female victim to fight for justice by keeping the authority in the loop.

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Moesha Bodoung 2018

Always mixed in controversy and media speculation, this year has not been any different for the one and only Moesha Bodoung Ghana actress. She bought herself a brand new Hyundai Santa Fe and was proud to flaunt in the social media for the haters to see. This sparkled agitation as people took it to the online platform to express their suspicions of where she may have gotten the car from. Fortunately, such stories never last long.

There are always critics trying to pull her down with various allegations and rumors. According to her, she has been working very hard to be where she is today, and no one can stop her from enjoying her life. That is why she is considered a free minded iron lady who never apologizes for being who she is.

Moesha Boduong movies

There has also been recent tension from the members of the public regarding comments she made on Cable News Network (CNN) in a show hosted by Amanpour. The show which was dubbed ‘sex and love’ Moesha confirmed that a greater number of ladies have sex with older married men in exchange for monetary support and payment of bills such as rent.

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Hell broke loose in the social media after the comments hit the airwaves, as people referred to her as a disgrace to Ghanaian women. The irony is, not everyone woman disagreed with her.

Moesha Boduong movies
Source:Ameyaw Debrah

As for wedding bells, the public may have to wait a little longer since there are no signs of any engagement this year. She is always known for her peculiar opinions on marriage and connections as a whole. Being single has usually been the way for her.

Nonetheless, since she is always passionate and well talented in acting, not to mention her well-certified credentials, Moesha probably is working on her new 2018 project for her fans. By keeping us posted on her Instagram page as well as her show on Viasat 1 TV hopefully we receive some information on her acting career.

In conclusion, for a woman to be as strong as Moesha, it requires strength and determination. She is frequently on media’s radar with people throwing insults at her for very petty issues-even though others also praise her. But regardless of all that, she still keeps her head held up high and continues to live her lavish life. She also speaks freely without any fear of contradiction, she is bold. With such a personality, she is definitely an inspirational figure.

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