Taiwan female names with meanings

Taiwan female names with meanings

Taiwan whose official name is the Republic of China (R.O.C) is a state located in East Asia. The state borders Japan on the north-eastern side, PRC (People’s Republic of China) on the western side, and Philippines to the Southern side. It has a good economy and a dense population. Like any other state, Taiwan has very beauty female monikers with incredible meanings. If you are a Taiwanese parent, or any other parent fascinated by Taiwanese names, this article will be helpful to you. We are dedicated to share with you quirky, dainty, cute, and sweet monikers that suits your little princess.

common taiwan female names
old female names in taiwan
most common taiwan female names

Knowing the meaning of the names is also vital because they play a role in transition of your little baby into adulthood. Read the sweet Taiwan female names that are common, old, uncommon, and traditional as well.

Common Taiwan female names

Here are some of the cute baby names that you will frequently hear a parent calling her daughter.

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1. Akemi

This beautiful name means beauty of dawn and it originates from the Japanese. All girls are beautiful and nothing beats the feeling of being called beautiful and pretty by everyone around your circle, no matter the language. Girls with this name are so confident in life.

2. Annya

Annya is among the most common Taiwan female names that originate from Japanese. It means peace as well as sustenance. Taiwanese girls with this name are mostly peaceful and they hate getting into trouble.

3. Chia-Jung

Chia-Jung is a unisex Taiwan name that means good and beautiful. Taiwanese girls with this name tend to have a combination of good character, morals, and values. The best part is that they are very beautiful.

4. Chia-Ling

Chi-Ling is a unisex moniker that means excellent and beautiful. Most Taiwanese girls with this name have indescribable beauty and their morals are just close to perfection.

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5. Hsiao-Han

Hsiao-Han is among Taiwan female names that are rare or uncommon. The rare name means ‘dwarf bamboo.’ Taiwanese girls with this name are so down to earth, very beautiful, and short as well.

6. Ing-Wen

This name originates from the Chinese and it means ‘English language.’ Most Taiwanese girls with this name are not only beautiful, but also smart.

7. Shu-Ching

Shu-Ching is cute name that means pure, virtuous, and clear; it originates from the Chinese. Most Taiwanese girls with this name are so pretty and religious. They are also very ambitious in life.

female names of taiwan
traditional female names in taiwan
popular taiwan female names

8. Su-Wei

Su-Wei is a beautiful rare name in Taiwan that originates from the Chinese. It means pure and clear. Most ladies with this name in Taiwan have a combination of good morals, character and values.

9. Yi- Hsuan

Yi-Hsuan is one of the most popular Taiwan female names that originates from the Chinese. It means joy, pleasure, and harmony. Most Taiwanese ladies with this moniker are beautiful and do not like to get into trouble. They are also ever joyous and they try to find pleasure from everything that surrounds them.

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10. Yu-Ting

Yu-Ting is a unisex name that means star, jade structure, building, and house. This Taiwan common name originates from the Chinese. Most females with this name always want to look gorgeous not only on the outside, but also in the inside.

11. Adrianna

This cute moniker originates from Adriatic sea region and it means dark. Most girls with this name have a beautiful dark skin tone. They also have a good heart with indescribable beauty.

12. Aliyah

Aliyah is a beautiful name that means praised or noble. Most Taiwanese females with this name are praised because of their good heart and character. Aliyah is one of the old female names in Taiwan that is preferred by many.

13. Amy

Amy originates from Latin amatus and it means dear loved or beloved. Taiwanese parents who give their daughters this sweet name have strong love for them. These girls tend to grow with admirable morals that make them to beloved by the society as well.

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14. Angela

Angela means angel or a messenger of the almighty. Taiwanese girls that are given this sweet name come from a religious family. They tend to grow into God-fearing young ladies. They are also beautiful and have a pure heart full of compassion and love.

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taiwan female names
common taiwan female names
old female names in taiwan

15. Charlotte

Charlotte is the feminine form of the name Charles. It means manly or tiny. Girls given such a name tend to be short, sweet and very smart. They also believe in themselves and desire to be self-independent.

Popular Taiwan female names

Here are dome of the Taiwanese names that you would help but admire. They sound gorgeous and have beautiful traits in them.

16. Deanna

This name originates from the valleys and it means divine. Taiwanese parents that give their daughters this name are very religious and they guide their daughters to grow religiously as well.

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17. Elmira

Elmira is among the common Taiwan female names; it means noble. Most Taiwanese girls with such a name have a positive impact into their family, society, community, or even state. They tend to be respected for having love and compassion towards their people.

18. Emily

Emily originates from Roman and it is the most popular name not only in Taiwan, but also in the world. This name means rival. Girls with this name cannot be defeated. In fact, they tend to have a strong belief that they are champions and winners.

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19. Ethel

Ethel is a sweet name that originates from Aethelind; it means noble snake. Such girls are very cheerful and they like jokes to brighten up their days.

20. Hachi

Hachi is among traditional female names in Taiwan that means river. Most Taiwanese parents that named their daughters Hachi thought of them as their source of their blessings and prosperity. Most of those girls are usually very focused in life.

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Which of Taiwan female names fascinated you the most? Choose a Taiwanese name for your child and watch her spring into the character that the name possesses.

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