170+ Common Taiwanese female names with meanings for your baby girl

170+ Common Taiwanese female names with meanings for your baby girl

One of the first gifts a parent gives their child is a name. This is something that your child will have for the rest of their lives, so it is important to pick something that sounds beautiful and has a beautiful meaning. Choosing baby names is perhaps one of the most exciting parts of being a parent. A lot of time and consideration are required to ensure that you pick the right one. If you are looking for great names, these Taiwanese female names are a great place to start.

Taiwanese old female names
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In Taiwan's naming convention, one's surname comes before their given name. Most common Taiwanese last names are made up of one syllable, and the first names generally have two syllables. In the culture, naming is usually patrilineal.

Taiwanese female names to choose from

Here is a collection of Taiwanese girl names one can give their baby.

Taiwanese names starting with the letters A-D

names for women in Taiwan
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Here is a look at some lovely names of Taiwanese women that start with the letters a, b, c, and d. The names have some striking similarities with those of other countries bordering Taiwan, most notably China.

Ah LamTaiwanese for beautiful flower or orchid
AkemiThe beauty of dawn
AkinaSpring flower
AnnyaPeace and sustenance
Ayako Beautiful silk
AyameIris flower
BoPrecious or treasure
BaiWhite, pure, or crystal clear
Bao Treasure
Chia-HaoA flower with stripes and spots
Chia-JungBeautiful and good
Chen Morning
Chia-WeiPowerful and light
ChunSpring season
Chi-LingExcellent and beautiful
Daitan The daring or bold one
Diu A down to earth and practical person
Da-Xia Bringer of warmth, love and care
Daruma Famous Buddhist

Female names in Taiwan starting with the letters E-H

female names in Taiwan
A Taiwanese baby. Photo: pixabay.com, @Jupilu
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If you are looking for some nice-sounding names for women in Taiwan, check out these lovely ones whose first letters include e, f, g, or h.

Ehuang Born in August
EzumePure water
Eiko Prosperity
EshimaTrue blessed intention
Emiyo Beautiful generation
EnaA gift from God
FenFragrance or perfume
Genjivaluable and precious
Guan-YinMercy and kindness
HanakoFlower child
HayamiA rare beauty
HarumiSpring or beauty
HaneenThe flower child
HananThe flower child
HanamiBeautiful flower
Hsiai-Han Small bamboo
Hisa Long-lasting
HiromiFull of beauty
HimekoPrincess child
Heiwa Peace
Hui -fangPleasant fragrance

Taiwanese women's names starting with the letters I-L

Taiwanese girl names
A beautiful Asian baby. Photo: pixabay.com, @bongbabyhousevn
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Here are some beautiful Taiwanese names starting with the letters I, j, k, and l, and their respective meanings. The letter k is particularly common in South Asian names, an attribute that explains its widespread use in Taiwanese female names.

Ing-WenThe one from England
Ishi Rock
Jia outstanding or everyone's favorite
Jiya-Ling Good and beautiful
Ju Daisy
Jui HuiIntelligence or cleverness
Jua HuaFlower
KailiBeautiful and victorious
KanaTalent and skill
KikuBeautiful flower
KimiBeauty of the century
KirikoThe girl of the mist
KishiLong and happy life
KosameFine rain
KotoBeautiful harp
KumaBear or mouse
KumikoThe girl with pretty braids
KunikoA child from the farm
LeikoThe confident one
Lee / Li LeePlum or beautiful

Taiwanese girls' names starting with the letters M-N

names for women in Taiwan
A happy young girl. Photo: pixabay.com, @bongbabyhousevn
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Are you looking for some nice-sounding Taiwanese female names? Here are some excellent options starting with the letters m and n.

MajimeEarnest one
ManamiLove of beauty
MarikoPure knowledge
Masami Truth or correctness
Mian The graceful willow
MingDelicate or dainty
MeiyingPretty flower
Miyo Beautiful generation
Mei-Ling Beautiful and delicate
Misumi Pure beauty
MioThrice strong
MingmeiBeautiful and bright girl
Mikia Flower stem
MikaNew moon
Michiko Righteous child
MeilingGraceful and delicate
MorinaFrom the forest
NyokoGem or treasure
Nuwa The mother goddess
NuanFriendly and wholehearted
Nori Law or tradition
Ning Peaceful
NarumiThe seed of beauty
Narimi Precious one

Taiwanese female names starting with the letters O-S

names of Taiwanese women
A baby holding onto a chair. Photo: pixabay.com, @bongbabyhousevn
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The letter s is quite common in Taiwanese names, both male and female. Here are some great names from the Asian country that start with o, p, q, and s.

OrinoWorker's field
OkiMiddle of the ocean
PingLevel mind
QiFine Jade
Qui Autumn
Quinyang Sunshine of my heart'
RaedenThunder and lightning
RanWater lily
Rippina Brilliant light
RuLittle scholar
RoulanBeautiful and rare.
Su-Wei Pure and clear
Sumiko bright or smart mind
Shu-Hua Deliberate beauty
Shu-fen Charming fragrance
Shu-ChingPure, virtuous, and clear
Shuwarm-hearted or kind
Shu-HuaThe gorgeous one

Taiwanese baby girl names starting with the letters T-W

Taiwanese old female names
An Asian baby. Photo: pixabay.com, @bongbabyhousevn
Source: UGC

Here are some beautiful Taiwanese baby girl names starting with the letters t, u, v, and w and their respective meanings.

TakaneMountain peak
TamaOne of the most common Taiwanese old female names. It means jewel.
TamikaChild of the people
TingMeans timeless
TomiyaWealthy person
Tomoko Two friends
UmekoChild of the sea
Umi The ocean
UmikaThe fragrance of the ocean
UtaSong or melody
UtanoA field of songs
WakanaBeautiful plant
WakumiA spring of water
Wenling Mild jade tinkling

Taiwanese female names starting with the letters X-Z

Taiwanese women's names
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While not many countries have names starting with x, Taiwan has quite a number. Here are some excellent female names starting with the letters x, y, and z.

XiuElegant, beautiful, and charming
XiulinBeautiful orchid
YangThe sun
Yasu Resting
YenayShe who loves
Yi-HsuanJoy, pleasure and harmony
Ying YueThe moon's reflection
Yoko Sunshine or brightness
YolandaViolet flower
YoshiGood and respectful
YoshikaGood fragrance
YoshimaThe lucky one
Yoshimasa Good luck
Yovela Joyful heart
Yu Yan Woman with a beautiful smile
YumiA friend of the ocean
Yu-TingStar Jade
YvannaGod is gracious
Zhiruo The personification of beauty
ZhilanIris orchid
ZhenInnocent, precious, or virtuous

There are numerous Taiwanese female names one can give their newborn baby. Like in numerous other cultures and countries, these Taiwanese names have varying meanings behind them.

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