List of all Mercy Johnson movies ranked

List of all Mercy Johnson movies ranked

No contesting that without Mercy Johnson-Okoje popularly known as MJ there is no chaos for the Nigerian films. Ranking her movies is the most challenging thing because they are all fascinating in their own way. Mercy Johnson movies 2004 to 2018 are quite a number with main casts like Van Vicker and Ramsey Noah making them to be in great sought-after worldwide.This article decided to rank a list of mercy Johnson movies, as we understand the long list of fans she has over the world.

Read on for Mercy Johnson Okojie movies names hopefully that you will find an appealing drama, comedy or romance movie from her to entertain you this weekend or during your free time.

1. Mercy Johnson ‘Heart of a fighter’

‘Heart of a Fighter’ is one of the Mercy Johnson best movies ever released back in 2010. Ifeanyi Ogbonna directs the great movie and the cast as Ramsey Noah, Ruth Kadiri, Nosa Rex Okunzuwa, Enebeli Elebuwa, Walter Anga, and Chika Ike crown the movie with a good flow.

The synopsis of the movie will inspire you to purchase a copy and enjoy yourself with the drama Nigerian movie. It is about a girl (Mercy Johnson) who has the capabilities of fighting like a man, she has fierce heart like that of a man though she is young. She challenged the prince of the land (Ramsey Noah) and her life turned over. Watch the movie and find out what made her life to turn over. It is not a boring movie; in fact, you will enjoy it to the fullest. Part 1 and part 2 is available. Then you continue by watching part 1 and 2 of the Royal fight from the same screenplay, Ruth Kadiri.

2. ‘Mercy Johnson ‘Dumebi The Dirty Girl’

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‘Dumebi The Dirty Girl’ is one of the Nigerian movies that will magically make you laugh your sorrows away. The hilarious movie has amazing main cast that together with Mercy Johnson they made a thumb up job like Kenneth Okonkwo, Tchidi Chikere, Solomon Akiyesi, and Nuella Njubigbo.

Yes, it was released in 2012, but it portrays something about mercy Johnson, which is her versatility character. Chinedu Collins Ezenwa being the producer, and Tchidi Chikere being the director of the movie, you can just tell that it had great everything from the sound track to the flow. We will share with you the synopsis of the movie and it will definitely inspire you to watch one of the comedy Nigerian movies of Mercy Johnson.

The great comedy is about Frank (Kenneth Okonkwo) who had impregnated a lousy, village, dirty, uneducated, irresponsible, and lazy girl by the name Dubem (Mercy Johnson). Frank was living in the city and even though the baby was born out-of-wedlock, Dubem commenced on a journey to go to his house. Dubem arrived safely after loads of rib-cracking scenes only to find a girl by the name Cynthia (Nuella Njubigbo) in Frank’s house and to make the matter worst is that she was so expensive making Dubem not to even try to compete with her.

As always prolonged funny scenes follow to better the movie like Dubem using a taxi on her 2nd day in the city and forgets her son in it. She is forced to spend almost the whole night in search of her baby, which went on successfully because the driver if the taxi gave her back the baby.

Yes, frank preferred Dubemi, but her ill-mannered behavior made him back-off. You need to watch it and get to know who frank choose at the end of the fascinating movie. The movie’s duration is only 1:12;12 with part1 and 2, the best recommendation for the boring day as it will brighten it.

3. Mercy Johnson ‘Mad Couple’

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Mercy Johnson movies are accepted for her versatile character ‘Mad Couple’ not spared released in 2014. It is one of the Nigerian movies worth taking your time to watch with other great cast like Nuella Njubigbo, Uche Ebere, Seun Omojola, Tchidi Chikere, Ruth Kadiri, T.T. Temple Ikeji, and Vivian Pius. The synopsis of these movie produced by Uchenna Ivo and directed by Tchidi Chikere will make you not to hesitate to watch it during your free time.

The storyline is about a girl from the village who makes it to school of medicine by the name Chiamaka (Mercy Johnson). All goes well and she finds a man to who they fall in love with at the school; the man help her to pay her tuition fees while Chiamaka assists him to do his schoolwork.

Back in the village, Chiamaka left her best friend who got pregnant and therefore she grows very resentful. Chiamaka’s mother treatments to her makes her to commit abominable act that you will find out once you watch the good flowing movie. They is both part 1 and part 2 for you to watch the drama and romance Nigerian movie.

4. Mercy Johnson ‘Weeping Soul’

‘Weeping Soul’ portrays the talent of the popular Nigerian actress Mercy Johnson. This is because she cried a whole river out of her making it one of the latest full movie Mercy Johnson that are super emotional. Other main cast like Kenneth Olonkwo, Michael Godson, and Princess Egu make the Nigerian movie worth your time to watch.

The synopsis of the movie is about a girl named Grace (Mercy Johnson) whose death of her mother made her life to be in a big disarray in that she could not afford to continue with her studies. The worst part is that her uncle literally stole her mothers left savings and he goes ahead to encourage Grace to get married. Unfortunately, a family friend takes her to Lagos. You need to watch the movie and know if she went to school back again. It has a good flow of scenes making us give it a thumb up. This is because it will take you a rollercoaster ride packed with emotions with great performance.

5. Mercy Johnson ‘Caro The Shoe Maker’

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‘Caro The Shoe Maker’ is one of Mercy Johnson movie names with a message that they is no diminishing job for a lady or a gentleman. The family drama was produced by Onyekachukwu Ossy Okeke Jnr and released in 2014. Emeka Amakeze is both the director and the screenplay of this movie. Apart from Mercy Johnson, the other main cast include Ken Eric and Uche Odoputa.

The storyline of this amazing movie is a bit interesting with a unique flow. It is about Caro, Mercy Johnson, who is very poor and she has 2 young sisters to take care of. The little money she earns as a shoe maker, is expected to pay up all their bills including their house rent. Chetta, Ken Eric, buys the land where Caro’s small-scale business is located and therefore she receives a notice from her landlord.

Caro (mercy Johnson) is too aggressive and she was ready to do anything to that person who made a step to cross her way. Ekene, Uche Odoputa, is a well of man who was a best friend to Caro. He seemed interested in marrying her and he would do anything to provide shelter and food to both her and her sister. The scenes were well-placed and Caro finally meets with Chetta, the buyer of the land and they are seen spending most of their time together after a real drama. It is a well-performed movie and once you watch it you will be able to tell if she got her shop back and also whom did she end up with Ekene or the land buyer Chetta.

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6. Mercy Johnson ‘ Palace Crisis’

Mercy Johnson and Van Vicker movies are always a sought-after in most parts of the world. This is because both of them are talented and they always making efforts to be original while acting. ‘Palace Crisis’ is one of the Van Vicker and Mercy Johnson movies that have been well-performed and released in 2013. Other main cast apart from the two are Ngozi Ezeonu.

The story will take to a ride of drama, emotions, as well as romance. It is about a The Queen, Ngozi Ezeonu, who wanted a bride for his son (Van Vicker) The Prince. Some scenes follows and The Queen goes for shopping and meets a girl know as Ekwy, Mercy Johnson. Her beauty made her not hesitate to invite her to the palace. Introduction was done though she did not light up the prince light. This is might be because she was so surfaced. A girl named Ebele, Nuella Njubuigbo was the prince choice, but Ekwy and The Queen was not comfortable with his decision.

7. Mercy Johnson ‘Royal Sacrifice’

List of all Mercy Johnson movies ranked

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Mike Ezuruonye and Mercy Johnson movies have always light up the entertainment industry of Nigeria. Right? Royal Sacrifice is one of the Hollywood movies lucky to have them as main cast and others like Patience Ozokwor, Uche Ebere, Eve Esin, Odero Arinze, Paul U, Ofili Ugbo, and Dexter Osita Nwanya. It is a well-performed movie with great sound tracks, credits being given to Ikechukwu Onyeka the director and Emeka Igwemba the producer.

The storyline revolves around queens and chiefs of a land that fail to adhere to the king’s system of abolishing the outcast in order to appease their gods. It is an interesting movie watch watching with loads of drama to grip your attention.

8. Mercy Johnson ‘Emotional Blunder’

‘Emotional blunder’ is among the 2014 movies starring Mercy Johnson. It has a captivating storyline making people rank it among the latest Nigerian movies 2018. The director of the movie is Ikechukwu Onyeka, the producers are Ibe Victor and Tony Oguguo. Other main cast include Clem Ohameze, Patience Oseni, Fred Aseromo, Francis Odega, Chukwudi Okoro, and U.K Anunobi. The storyline is about Jana (Mercy Johnson) that comes from a poor background and her adage to become rich is unstoppable. Did she achieve her dreams or did they remain as fair tale? Well, watch the emotional movie and find out.

9. Mercy Johnson ‘Thy Will Be Done’

‘Thy Will Be Done’ is one of the drama and thriller that suits to be placed among latest Mercy Johnson Movies for it is still in sought-after up to date. Tobe Osigwe is the script writer of the 2015 released movie. Apart from Mercy Johnson, other main cast include Ramsey Noah, Jide Kosoko, Enyinna Nwigwe, and Mary Njoku.

Lets us give you a plot of the storyline to convince you to purchase a copy. It is about Pius, Ramsey Noah, who is a pastor that ministries with a trusted church in Lagos and happily married to (Mercy Johnson). Unfortunately, Pius had a wife in the past (Mary Njoku) who made his sweet life be in a disarray once she showed up. Both the wives scenes made people prove that they is no fury that exceeds a lady scorned. Watch this one of the Mercy Johnson latest movies and get a ride into a real drama life.

10. Mercy Johnson ‘30 Days in Atlanta’

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Mercy Johnson movies list in this article could be complete without ’30 Days in Atlanta’ a romantic movie that was unique with unpredictable scenes. This is a reason why it is among the popular Mercy Johnson Movies 2018. The director of the film is Robert Peters and Ayo Makun is the producer. This romance movie was shot in both Lagos and Atlanta, Nigeria: released back in 2014.

Here is the synopsis of the highest gross movie in Nigeria. It is about a Nigerian man who managed to wins an Atlanta trip for 2 people. The man decided to take his cousin with him. watch it and get to know the scenes that they experience and you will definitely love it.

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