Popular wedding songs in Ghana 2018

Popular wedding songs in Ghana 2018

The best wedding songs in Ghana will guarantee that entertainment in your part goes without a hitch. Imagine yourself in your wedding gown or suit, enjoying the proceedings then Alas! The wedding singer picks on a song you hate and to twist the knife stubbed in your flesh, the crowd bursts into that song. So you are trying to hide your feelings and someone walks to you requesting for a dance. A putrid experience right? In this article, we fully understand that weddings only come once in one’s lifetime. The events of this day should be well organized and at their peaks. Entertainment being the key factor for the day’s success, selecting the best wedding songs will ensure that the day you and your partner are marrying is a hit and remains in the memories of your guests for long.

Popular wedding songs in Ghana 2018

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Ghana weddings

Ghanaian weddings like all weddings anywhere in the world are social events that are celebrated by the marrying couple together with family, relatives and friends. In this social events, the marrying couple exchange vows as the invited guests pay witness. There are various types of weddings in Ghana. There are modern weddings celebrated according to religion i.e. Christian wedding and Islamic wedding. We also have traditional weddings that a celebrated according to the rich Ghanaian culture. Participants in this weddings ensure that they bring out their best. The kind of food cooked particularly in this Ghana weddings, plus the elegance in dressing coupled up with Ghanaian wedding song makes everyone aspire to have a wedding.

Ghana wedding songs

There is great hustle when it comes to finding those best Ghanaian wedding songs for those who might be wishing to have their weddings in Ghana. If you are scratching your scalp for this reason, worry no more. This article is meant of you. It provides a better guide on making the right choice.

Popular wedding songs in Ghana 2018

These are songs performed at weddings in Ghana. Let’s have a look at some.

The popular Ghanaian wedding songs

The songs below are popular Ghanaian wedding songs. Rarely in Ghana will you attend a wedding and fail to hear them being sang or rather being played.

1. Taking over

This is a song by Shatta Wale. It is evident that one cannot miss Shatta Wale Ghanaian songs at a given event across the republic. Taking over is mostly sang at the receptions of most weddings in Ghana. It is normally sang when the couple makes it entry.

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2. Poison

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Poison by Ebony is yet another popular Ghanaian wedding song. Ebony is a well know artist in Ghana thanks to her sexual explicit performances. This artist, also known as the original 90’s bad gal has got talent. This is a very nice song. However, if you don’t like her raunchy performances please don’t go for it.

3. Bronya

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Bronya was sang by Wutah. This song has gained popularity in Ghana. Wedding singers in Ghana are singing it all over. This song is sang in functions, Christmas parties and weddings. All you need is Bronya by Wauta on the playlist to make your function a hit. This a song that all couples love to listen to during their weddings.

4. Jennifer Lomotey

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After the song was promoted, it became every DJ’s tune and rarely would your miss it at any social gathering. It was done by Kurl Songx. The song is made perfect of wedding ceremonies because of the typical contemporary Hi-Life instrumental.

5. Me Ni Waa

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It is played in at most all weddings in Ghana. It ranks top in the list of best Ghanaian wedding songs. This is another contemporary Hi-Life song you will definitely want played in your wedding. This song by Becca was produced by Richie.

6. Angela

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With this song, its producer and singer, Kuami Eugene became popular. Angela was everyone’s favorite and it received huge play in weddings. This song is among the modern wedding songs in Ghana. Rarely will weddings in Ghana come to an end without hearing the song. Imagine if the name of your partner is Angela, do you really need anything other than this song?

7. Painkiller

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Just like the name suggests, definitely weddings are unions that are life lasting. These ceremonies are of significance that your union acts as a remedy to some problems that one underwent when he or she was still alone. Marriages give an opportunity to share problems. Listen to painkiller by Sarkodie. It’s definitely a track you will love for your wedding.

8. Agbo

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Agbo was sang by EL. This is a song you can’t miss in a list of Ghanaian songs sang during most functions. EL is most known for singing wedding songs. He began with his hit song Auntie Martha and ever since he has never looked back. Agbo by EL is a good Ghanaian wedding song.

9. Odo

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The hit-maker has without doubt proven to be someone who can handle guests. KiDi is riding high with Odo and Say You Love Me hit songs. If you are looking to have one of the best wedding entertainment include Odo by KiDi as one of your songs.

10. Oh yeah by King Promise

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If you are looking to treat your lady to a surprise, how about you sing this song to her, this song made King promise be a ladies’ man. Unlike other song on this list, Oh yeah is perfect for a traditional wedding ceremony. It is definitely a hit.

Majority of the above songs are sang at the receptions. At the reception the forum is open and couple can listen to the music they like without any hindrance. However, weddings begin at churches therefore it is important for a couple to also have a list of Ghanaian Christian wedding songs. It should be well understood that this does not mean to restrain the songs in the churches only. These songs as so perfect that they too can be used at the reception to spice up your list of modern wedding songs.

Ghanaian gospel wedding songs

Here is a list of Ghanaian wedding gospel songs you would love to hear during your wedding.

1. The lady, her lover and the Lord.

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This song was sang by T.D Jakes. If you listen to this song then definitely his voice alone is likely to transform the wedding arena into heavenly romance. In the song T.D Jakes looks at the life of the bride who has been through many heartbreaks until she has finally gotten her rightful partner. Through relentless prayers the bride now has a friend, and someone who loves her selflessly. Ladies, this is a song that will bring those tears of happiness rolling down you cheeks.

2. Wait on the lord.

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This is a song which gives encouragement. It is appropriate to encourage your guests and especially your friends who are single at the wedding. It encourages your single friend that if they wait of the lord, their time will come and they too will have what you are having that day. This is a song that a wedding singer can sing as you walk down the aisle. The song was sang by Donnie McClurkin featuring Karen Clark Sheard.

3. I never lost my praise by Brooklyn Tabernacle choir.

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This is another favorite gospel wedding songs. This is the song you would definitely want played at your wedding especially if you really prayed for your partner and they showed up just at the right time. It is one of those songs that when sang the couple will walk down the aisle full of praise and glory.

4. Order my steps

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This is a prayer song. And as a soon to be husband or wife, you should have a prayer song in the list of wedding songs. A couple should be prayerful for the accomplishment and the responsibilities that await them after the wedding. The song sang by Brooklyn Tabernacle choir is a song that one should have sang at their weddings.

5. Bebe Winans: This song

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Talking of popular Ghanaian wedding songs? This is the song of songs. This is a song that is perfect for both the groom and bride. Though released in the late 90’s the song still remains a hit, one with a romantic voice. Sing this song to you partner and you will see that smile on their face. This song can be found though the following link.

However, before we end let have a look at these artists and their contributions in making weddings outstanding. This is a list of my personal favorite.

K-Ci & Jojo wedding songs

Let’s have a look at K-Ci & Jojo wedding songs and how you can find them

1. K-Ci & Jojo - This very moment

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2. K-Ci & Jojo - All my life

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Banky W wedding songs

Here are two bank W wedding songs and the links so that you can access them.

1. Banky W - Made of you

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2. Banky W - Heaven (Susu’s Song)

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In conclusion, has our article been helpful? It will aid you in making the best choice for your wedding songs, gospel or not gospel. The above videos will prepare you for better expectations at your wedding.

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