List of furniture companies in Ghana 2019

List of furniture companies in Ghana 2019

A house is not a home without furniture. In many ways, this is true because if you take out all the furniture in a house it is just another empty room with an echo. The difference between different houses in a given apartment block, for example, is the kind of furniture in the houses. Furniture makes all the difference when it comes to home decor or office decor. This is what makes furniture companies in Ghana so important. The furniture they make shapes how our homes, offices and restaurants look.

List of furniture companies in Ghana 2019

The best thing about home, office decor and furniture is that it is not permanent. We are a progressive species and this means we seek continuous improvement in all spheres of our lives. The spaces that we spend our time in, that is, our homes and offices are therefore key to how creative and productive we become. This makes it necessary to change up your decor every once a while. You can also move from one place to another and in the process sell of your old furniture and buy a whole new set. Now, to do that you will likely hunt down some of the best furniture prices in Ghana before making a decision that suits both your style and is pocket friendly. We are going to look at some of the furniture companies in Ghana and the kind of furniture they make, their locations and contacts as well.

1. Furniture City Ghana

List of furniture companies in Ghana 2019

SOURCE: facebook@furniture city ghana

Ranked the best furniture company in Ghana in 2014, Furniture City has one of the largest showroom sizes as well with a floor space of 16000 square meters. They offer various sales on all kinds of furniture from office furniture to dining and bedroom furniture. They often have unique chairs for sale in Ghana on their website and you can get great cheap deals all year long. They also offer delivery services for all the furniture you purchase from their website.

They are located at Main Spintex Road, after Flower Pot Junction and next to Consar Ghana Limited.

  • Email:
  • Contact: +233-244-213-333 /+233-540-314-948 /+233-540-120-790

2. Blue Gallery

List of furniture companies in Ghana 2019

SOURCE: maxmart.ghana

Winning the German Design Award and the FX Design Award were just the tip of the ice berg for this company. Blue Gallery is where you go to shop if you want to have the classiest furniture in your home. They sell furniture from renowned exclusive brands from Italy and Germany and are masters at their craft. Buying furniture from Blue Gallery will come with skilled expert opinions on the best styling options for your home or office to go with the furniture that tickles your fancy. You can check out some of their impressive collections you can choose from on their website or you can visit their show rooms in person at Maxmart Ghana.

They are situated at the Maxmart Shopping Mall, near 37 Hospital, Accra. This branch is solely dedicated to office furniture and their second location in Tema is for both home and office furniture situated at Aflao Road, Opposite Shell station.

  • Email:

3. Melcom Online Furniture

List of furniture companies in Ghana 2019

SOURCE: ghana media world

On the website of Melcom Ghana furniture of all kinds can be found for sale. They offer arguably some of the best furniture prices in Ghana. They have a wide selection of both office furniture, dining sets and more for you to choose from. You can go through their selection of furniture to get some ideas. You can also get in contact with Melcom Online through:

  • Phone: 800 - 234 56
  • Email:

4. Lifestyle Gallery Furniture

List of furniture companies in Ghana 2019


Lifestyle Gallery is another one of the best furniture companies in Ghana. It has a vast collection of modern and classical furniture to suit those with the simple minimalist style and the more chic and sophisticated modernist styles. They will not offer a stylist as you shop but their selections are very well curated and anything you pick is sure to be a stunning addition to your space. Be it office space or your home. You can visit their showroom at No 3 Bank 1st Close, Spintex Road, Accra-Ghana. You can contact them through:

  • +233 24 903 4444 / +233 30 281 1078.
  • Email:

One can also visit their website and shop from the comfort of your home. It is worth noting that the prices of the items on the site are not listed and you must call in first before you are given a price.

5. Kpogas Furniture

Kpogas furniture has been around for well over a decade and despite their website looking a little out of date they have a nice and moderate to cheaply priced collection of mostly African styled furniture. They specialize in making furniture that is suited to some of the more common west Africa style of interior decoration. You can visit them on site at the intersection of Giffard Road and Gbobilor Street in Accra, Ghana. You can also contact them through

  • Phone+233 54 670 0635.

6. Agorwu Furniture

Founded in 1998, Agorwu furniture has weathered through its humble beginnings to one of the most successful furniture companies in Ghana. They make their furniture wholly out of local wood and not imported material. All their furniture is authentically Ghanaian, this coupled with some of the cheapest furniture prices in Ghana make their furniture worth a look when you are decorating your home.

You can visit their furniture shops in Ghana at either of their two locations at the Ghana Trade Fair Centre and at the other on the Spintex road opposite the bank of Ghana warehouse. Their contacts are:

  • 0244-379981 / 020-8110779.

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7. Nest Furniture

List of furniture companies in Ghana 2019

SOURCE: ghana business directory

Nest Furniture makes what can best be described as antique furniture. It looks both classic and borders on what one may think of when imagining the kind of furniture English royalty has. Their settees and other products for home living are excellent for both the home and lounges of restaurants and more. Nest furniture is the best place to shop for antique items and furniture that is sure to make a statement on social class and taste. They are specialists in home furniture Ghana. Visit Nest Furniture at Seraphim Surgicals Building, No. 33 Dadeban Road. North Industrial Area, Accra-Ghana. They also have an outlet in Lebanon.

  • Email:

8. Exquisite Woodworks

List of furniture companies in Ghana 2019


Exquisite Woodworks is another one of the big furniture companies in Ghana that makes exquisite furniture. They are specialists in office furniture in Ghana. Exquisite Furniture has many well designed office desks one can choose from and wall mounted cabinets as well. You can also get wall mounted home decor furniture in Ghana from them. If you are on the lookout for kitchen designs and wall mounted wooden finishes on kitchen appliances. You can check out some of their projects on their website. Contact them through:

  • Phone number: +233 507 313 813.
  • Email:

9. Desire Furniture

Desire Furniture makes another unique category of furniture including kitchen fittings and they are about to introduce a new window department. Windows can be decorated on the inside and outside as well and the choice of glass and fitting designs are key to a beautiful home. Let me offer some perspective, think about an office with glass paneling of different types. Those designs are what they want to start specializing in soon. You can visit their website . Visit Desire Furniture at 20 Blue Gate Road, Haatso-Ecomog, GE-260-0845, Accra

  • Contact: 020 422 6262 | 020 636 8191
  • Email:

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10. Bespoke Living

List of furniture companies in Ghana 2019


Experts in office furniture and boardroom fittings they are a necessary resource when you want to give your office a makeover. Visit them at Plot LI23A, Tema Motorway, Tema, Tema Metropolitan, Greater Accra, Ghana.

  • Contact: 0302936606 / 0204324411

11. Inside Matters Ghana

They serve as curators of interior furnishing. They are furniture brokers and can be hired to match a customer’s preference to the world’s top brands and bring it to their customer. Inside matters does all kinds of interior furnishing.

Visit their showroom at 13, Templesi Lane, Airport Residential Area, Accra Metropolitan, Greater Accra, Ghana.

  • Contact: 0263776170 / 0302797688

12. Furnart Ghana

List of furniture companies in Ghana 2019

SOURCE: twitter @furnart-ghana

Established in 1974, Furnart Ghana is one of the oldest furniture companies in Ghana. It makes both home and office furniture and uses purely local materials. You can visit them at Osu Close St, near the Ring Road, Nyaniba Estates, Accra., Accra, Ghana.

  • Contact: 0303 966 085/0501 581 632

You have a wider variety of shops and retailers to choose from and with different levels of service and quality. It is impossible to miss a furniture shop in Ghana that suits your taste. Be it a simple fitting for your home, office or a complete makeover

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