5 popular beliefs Ghanaians have about the bodies of Ga, Ewe and other women

5 popular beliefs Ghanaians have about the bodies of Ga, Ewe and other women

Experts tell us that insofar as we belong to different groups and categories, prejudices would exist among us and there is very little we can do about that.

The prejudices that exist between human beings can be factual although most of them are unproven myths. They are not always negative but they can get in the way of honest judgement.

These beliefs can range from the way we believe people of a certain category or class think to the way we think they look like.

YEN.com.gh lists a number of ways in which Ghanaians have come to believe women of certain ethnic groups look like.

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5 popular beliefs Ghanaians have about the bodies of Ga, Ewe and other women
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1. Ga women and their backsides

It is one of the popular beliefs among Ghanaians that Ga women are usually plus-sized but especially gifted on their backsides. It is not clear what this belief comes from.

The idea is so popular that it is not strange having men choose Ga women particularly.

2. Nzema women and their skin tone

In this part of the world, we are generally dark-skinned people. So it is interesting that Ghanaians still watch out for those who may be much "darker".

Nzema women are thought to have beautiful darker tones of what could generally be considered as black.

3. Asante women and their height

Just like the issue of dark skins, the people in our part of the world are not generally tall people. Yet, the belief is still rife among Ghanaians that Asante women are noticeably shorter.

The most interesting thing about this matter of Asante height is that it is said of Asante men too.

4. Ewe women and their 'chests'

Ghanaians believe that Ewe women usually have heavy chests. Of course, this may not be true of all women, but prejudices do not make separations.

Those who believe this hold that Ewe women dress to point to their finer physical features.

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5. Fante women and their faces

This one is especially unique because it does not have to do with natural Fante bodies. What is said about Fante women faces is that they love to put on heavy make-up.

Men across Ghana are known to joke that they can easily tell a Fante woman from her make-up.

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