King of Wands: What is the tarot card meaning for love and life?

King of Wands: What is the tarot card meaning for love and life?

Court cards are the most difficult cards to read in the Tarot deck. While the Major Arcana cards are relatively easy to apply to any situation, it’s pretty hard to separate court cards from their personality. This issue with the King of Wands is no different.

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King of Wands
A person holding a King of Wands card. Photo: @kingofwand
Source: Twitter

Whether you're looking for answers about your past or insight into your future, tarot readings are a helpful tool for asking important questions. Your traditional tarot deck will have 78 cards, and if you happen to pull the King of Wands, take it as a sign that it's time to take charge.

What is the meaning of the King of Wands?

The King of Wands meaning varies from one to another depending on several factors. The meaning can be interpreted according to the card's general meaning, symbolism or a specific situation.

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It includes love, career, finances, advice, a person, a yes/no answer, or reversed interpretations. Which are some of the King of Wands keywords? Some of the upright and reversed keywords are:

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  • Confidence
  • Leadership
  • Visionary
  • Takes control
  • Decision maker
  • Innovativeness
  • Boldness
  • Optimism
  • Fast-paced
  • Action-oriented
  • Warm
  • Protective
  • Magnetic


  • Forceful
  • Selfishness
  • Impulsiveness
  • Extremism
  • Tyrant
  • Vicious
  • Powerless
  • Ineffective
  • Weak

King of Wands general meaning

King of Wands: What does is the tarot card meaning for love and life?
A group of tarot cards placed on a mat. Photo: @kingofwand
Source: Twitter

Generally, King of Wands is used to refer to the ultimate leader. Unlike Page, who dreams up ideas and the Knight, who puts his ideas into action, King does the planning and enlists other people to ensure that they come to pass.

In the modern-day and age, he is the business owner or manager in every situation. Some of the key descriptions that suit him are:

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  • Self-confident but not arrogant
  • Lots of experience
  • Easily implements different ideas
  • Gain knowledge from his past mistakes
  • He knows how to control his fire and harness it seamlessly
  • He is bold
  • He knows when to take the risk and when to step back and wait a moment

The King is famous because of his ability to turn his energies of a new idea into something real. He can easily create something from nothing, thanks to his knowledge and willpower. He is a representation of the most outstanding leaders throughout history. His major downfall is his stubbornness.

King of Wands in love

King of Wands' meaning in love is typically a good omen. He is a warm, loving and protective person willing to go to any lengths for their partner. He is a representation of the traditional man of the house.

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If you are single, it means that you are having a pretty good time by yourself. You are typically not worried about finding a partner because you believe they will come along when the time is right.

In negative reading, it represents a person who is an extreme thinker. Such a person can make you change your mind whenever your ideas are not similar. As a result, they do not allow you to have your thoughts.

King of Wands in career

If you pull this card in a career reading, it is an encouragement for you to take your chances on whatever offer has been placed on your table. It indicates outstanding achievements and success in your career. However, when the card appears in a negative position, the meaning could be confusing.

It means that you are not fully taking the plunge as you are expected to. It is a sign that it is time you should do the things that seem scary for you. It shows it's time to try something different because all the power has been bestowed upon you.

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King of Wands in finances

In money, King of Wands' tarot guide shows that you are probably in a stable financial stable position. This means that you have attained a good balance between the money earned and saved.

On financial advice, it indicates that you should trust your instincts on the financial decision you are about to make. The King can also be a sign of an unexpected financial windfall in the future.

King of Wands as advice

As for advice, the King says indicates that the only power within you is you, and you should respect that. It tells you to trust in yourself and everything within without ignoring your gut feelings. If you pull this card, it means that you should find the motivation and passion within.

King of Wands as a person

King of Wands
A person reading tarot cards. Photo: @kingofwand
Source: Twitter

As a person, King of Wands' tarot represents a natural-born leader. Thanks to their enormous energies, they call other people to them. As a result, they have the confidence to ensure that a project comes to timely completion.

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They are super warm and passionate individuals who can sometimes be over-confident and controlling. Such people believe that they are right and will do everything in their power to convince others until they are worn down.

King of Wands yes or no

In almost all the readings, a yes or no, the King of Wands indicates that the answer is a yes. So if you are looking for a yes answer, this is one of the best cards you can pull. When reversed, it still doesn't have an overbearing meaning as it only means that you should proceed with caution.

King of Wands reversed interpretations

King of Wands' reversed meaning is an impulsive and arrogant person who takes whatever they want without regard for others. In this state, he will crush anyone in his path, making it difficult for other people to be around him.

Some of the key indicators of the reverse interpretation are:

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  • Arrogant and impulsive
  • A person who does not plan ahead
  • Aggressive toward other people
  • Selfish and ruthless
  • One who does not care about others
  • One with controls issues in a relationship
  • Lack of direction
  • Unrealistic expectations about money

What zodiac is King of Wands?

The zodiac sign for King of Wands is Aries. It represents the astrological sign of fire. They are people with energetic, charismatic, warm, and spiritual traits.

Why do I keep pulling the King of Wands?

Because it is a sign that you should take full command of your energies. It relates to creativity and enthusiasm.

What does the King of Wands card look like?

It is typically represented with a "king" sitting on his throne with a flower in one hand and a wand in the other. In some cards, the cape and throne are decorated with lions and salamanders to symbolize fire and strength. However, the picture may differ depending on what tarot deck you own.

If you pull the King of Wands, it's a call to carve your path fearlessly and joyously in many contexts. So take up the space, do your thing, and let your inner fire burn bright. It is a sign that the power to do anything is from within you. shared an interesting article about Adinkra symbols meaning, origin, spiritual significance, and style variations. The symbols were invented by Gyaman Nana Kwadwo Agyemang Adinkra.

Gyaman Nana Kwadwo also named them after him. Following Gyaaman's defeat, its use spread from Bono Gyaaman to Asante and other Akan Kingdoms.

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