Hisense TV prices in Ghana

Hisense TV prices in Ghana

Technology has been advancing every day. The old televisions that were huge at the back have been replaced with high quality and affordable ones. Today, there are many television brands available in the market, but Hisense TVs are a great deal! They are among the most budget-friendly TVs that you can go for. What are the Hisense TV prices in Ghana?

Hisense TV prices in Ghana
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Hisense is an electronic gadget manufacturing company based in China. The company has made significant strides over the years and has evolved to be among the well-known electronic brands in many countries, especially in West Africa. Due to the advanced technology, everyone wants a smart Television, and Hisense is the answer to many problems.

Features of Hisense televisions

The Hisense televisions have unique features that have been made to suit your needs. Some of them are:

  • They have a wide range of colours, and they show images as they are.
  • These TVs have a crystal design that includes a black screen that is very elegant.
  • They have an LED backlight.
  • They have an Eco-friendly design. This means that these televisions do not overheat or produce any harmful gases to the environment.
  • They are portable. Hisense TVs are flat screen and light, meaning that they can be moved from one point to another very easily.
  • They have an HDMI port that is important for connecting your TV to your laptop or other electronic devices like a hard disk.
  • They have very high contrast. This makes the video to be of high quality.
  • They have a high frequency of up to 200Hz. The high frequency is important for enabling the televisions to connect to the internet faster.

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Hisense TV prices in Ghana

Hisense TV prices vary depending on the dealer or store that you are buying from. In some places the prices are negotiable. They also differ depending on different TV inches, that is, the sizes.

1. Hisense HD Digital LED 32 inches

These televisions go for approximately ¢900 – ¢1, 700. These smart LED televisions are a bit smaller, but they are clear.

Hisense TV prices in Ghana
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2. Hisense LED TV 39 inches

These televisions are the most sought for televisions in the market. They have a wide screen that is appropriate for the family. They go for around ¢1, 500 – ¢2, 000. These televisions are digitized.

Hisense TV prices in Ghana
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3. Hisense Smart LED HD TV 49 inches

These televisions are large, and the clarity is just amazing. They are sold at approximately ¢1, 800 – ¢2, 800.

Hisense TV prices in Ghana
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4. The Hisense 55 Inches Smart LED HD TV

These TVs are large, and they are a bit expensive. They are very clear, and they are usually sold for ¢2, 950 – ¢3, 500 depending on the dealer.

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Hisense TV prices in Ghana
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5. Hisense Smart LED HD TV 65 inches

They are quite large and usually go for up to ¢4, 500 – ¢4, 900. These smart LED televisions show the videos in high definition, and the quality is impeccable.

Hisense TV prices in Ghana
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Hisense TV promotion prices in Ghana

Hisense usually gives promotional prices for Hisense TVs to its customers during special productions, anniversary sales and festive seasons dates. The customers receive good discounts on all its electronic gadgets.

However, Hisense TV promotion prices in Ghana are not yet available at the moment.

Hisense led TV prices in Ghana are affordable because the sizes are different to suit the budget of every individual. All Hisense televisions come with a warranty and a guarantee of quality.

Is a Hisense TV a good TV?

Yes. Buying a Hisense TV is a great deal if you are after bargain TV. There are many available and affordable options for this TV than the ones being offered by the Big Players such as Philips, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony and LG. Hisense TVs offer great value for money.

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In 2018, these Hisense TVs officially sponsored FIFA World Cup, and it is also lined up to sponsor the 2020 tournament as well. This has made the 2020 Hisense TV line up worth a look.

Where to buy Hisense TVs in Ghana?

There are several places where you can find the Hisense televisions in Ghana. Some of them include:

  • Lapaz
  • Kumasi mall
  • Hisense Ghana
  • Junction mall
  • Hisense Tema showroom
  • Hisense Kisseman showroom
  • East Legon
  • Achimota Retail Centre
  • Hisense Baatsona showroom
  • Kasoa
  • Hisense Accra Showroom

All these locations have Hisense televisions that sell at very affordable prices. Also, the TVs are readily available on some e-commerce stores such as Jumia, Jiji, Telefonika and SuperPrice.

You can visit any of the Hisense dealers in Ghana, and get amazing offers not only for televisions but also other electronics like refrigerators, microwaves, iron boxes, electric kettles and more.

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Who has the cheapest smart TV?

Who has the cheapest smart TV?
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Technologies such as LED displays, built-in "smart" interfaces, and Wi-Fi connectivity have become increasingly common, making it possible for individuals to afford smart TVs at low prices than ever.

Some other television models that are on sale with prices starting at just 130 dollars are:

  • Toshiba 32LF221U19 32-inch 720p Fire smart TV — $130
  • LG 32LK610BPUA 32-inch 720p Smart TV — $170
  • TCL 40S325 1080p Roku Smart TV — $200
  • Vizio D32FF1 32-inch 1080p Smart TV — $200
  • Samsung UN32M4500A 32-inch 720p Smart TV — $207
  • TCL 43S425 43-inch 4K Roku Smart TV — $260

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Is a Hisense TV an ndroid?

Yes. Today, Android TV is becoming a force to be reckoned with in the TV market. This made Hisense come up with a collection of 4K HDR TV models powered by Google's platform, which was announced in May 2019. The Hisense H8F and H9F series pack Android TV, 4K HDR, and Google Assistant costs just 399 dollars.

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Is Hisense TV digital?

Yes. Like any other brand, the Hisense brand has both digital and Android TVs; therefore, this is one of the factors that makes Hisense TV prices in Ghana to vary. Android TVs are a bit expensive because Google powers them.

Can Hisense TV be repaired?

Yes. How much does it cost to fix a Hisense TV? The average cost of repairing a Hisense television is 200 dollars. However, most of the repairs usually range between 60 dollars to 350 dollars. Simple repair process includes replacing the power supply or motherboard for about 250 dollars.

Bulb replacement goes for approximately $88, backlight repair for about $111, and HDMI port repair costs 200 dollars.

Hisense TV prices in Ghana vary depending on size and dealers. However, making up your mind to buy a Hisense TV is a decision that you will not regret. This is because these gadgets are of high quality, and they will be a good source of entertainment for you and your loved ones. Hisense products are original and long-lasting. You will enjoy it.

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