Whites emerged from blacks during the Ice Age - study

Whites emerged from blacks during the Ice Age - study

-Historical research has lent credence to the fact that the pale skin emerged from the black one.

-Archaeological digs all people have black ancestry.

-The pale white colour came about during the Ice Age

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Research has proven that the white skin came out of the black one after black-skinned people migrated to outer lands. The change occurred as they were subjected to unbearable conditions of the Ice Age.

According to a report by Face2FaceAfrica, studies have proven that the ancestors of Caucasians and Europeans originated from Africa. A good example is a primordial human who left Africa for Europe about 80 millennia ago.

Archaeological findings in Asia, Europe, Africa, the Americas and the Pacific reveal many human remains with African ancestry.

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Other theories find that Neanderthals, originally blacks were forced into Europe out of Africa and became light-skinned.

Melanin is the reason for the black colouration. The Caucasians also known as the whites developed basically due to ‘survival of the fittest.’ During the Ice Age, there were pulsating cold temperatures in Europe and its environs.

These are known as glacial periods. During these times, the pre-historic Africans who were unable to shed their melanin could not survive and therefore perished.

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Melanin, the ‘black-pigment’ developed in the skin of Africans as a reaction to Vitamin D from the sun. When Vitamin D levels go up, the body needs to produce melanin or be put at the risk of cancer.

In lower temperature zones, the body undergoes de-pigmentation which gets rid of the melanin. This means if there was no Ice Age which forced melanin out of the black skin, there would be no pale skin in the world.

In another story, a hilarious picture has surfaced online with a man fully costumed like the ‘Night King’ in the Game of Thrones series. Many sources have said that the place where this incident took place was Ghana’s Northern Regional capital, Tamale.

There are debates from the other side of the argument with varying propounded theories about how the two skin colours came about, but they come with relatively little evidence.

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