Mother's classic reaction to sons' broken TV prank cracks up Twitter

Mother's classic reaction to sons' broken TV prank cracks up Twitter

- Two young men came up with a brilliant idea on how to prank their mother with breaking the TV

- The mum was fuming with her son's recklessness wondering why they would cause such damage during these difficult times

- The sons were told that they would sleep outside and on an empty stomach

- Even after learning that it was a prank, their mom was still heated warning them not to try that on her ever again

- Fans on social media enjoyed the prank as it reminded them of African mothers and their tough side

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A video of two boys perfectly executing a prank on their mother has cracked up many on social media.

The boys brought out exactly what, many like to describe as an African mother, into life.

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Zdaddy Amore and Chokosh Wa Ronga, as they are known on Instagram, downloaded a screengrab of a broken TV and displayed it on their home set.

They then pretended to be fighting and in the process 'broke the TV' which appeared pretty real.

They called their mother to see the damage and immediately she started rebuking them.

She reminded them how everyone was having a difficult time during these coronavirus times and shouting to saying they sleep outside just like the cars.

"You've broken the TV at this time, issues with coronavirus and no one has money. You guys will sleep outside just like the cars and also sleep hungry, you'll only have water for dinner," she said.

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As the boys tried to explain what happened, their mother was tired of it and began seriously whipping them using a belt.

This went on for a while as they tried to blame each other but she was not in a place to listen to stories.

The boys went a little further claiming they should have called their dad as repairing the TV would not cost much, something that made their case even worse.

The mother became more distressed as she asked them to go down and received a beating.

The boys then decided it was time to reveal to their mom that it was all fake and this did nothing to cool her down as she warned them never to do any of that again.

Netizens were so impressed with the mother as many felt a déjà vu moment as the exact experience happens to many families in Kenya.

Many could relate to the same type of reactions that Mama Amore showed and they confirmed it in the comments as seen below:


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