Tubidy: How to download mp3 music and videos from the site

Tubidy: How to download mp3 music and videos from the site

Tubidy is a video and audio website where you can get any music or video without any charges. If you are the kind of person that likes to listen to songs on your headphones, then this platform is for you. Tubidy is more convenient and a clear-cut way of media consumption.

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Tubidy music download process can be a bit confusing for iOS, Android, and Windows users. Here is a guide on how to download songs from Tubidy so that you can have all the music tracks you love.

Requirements to download from Tubidy

You will need the following:

  • Access to the internet
  • A browser
  • Enough storage space to accommodate the files you want to download

To save songs to your iPhone gadget, you will need a computer with iTunes program installed.

How to download music from Tubidy via a browser

Follow the steps below:

  1. List the songs you want to obtain: This will save you some time as you will already have a listing of everything you want to get from the site.
  2. Connect to the internet: You can use your mobile data, or any Wi-Fi/LAN connection.
  3. Open your browser: You can use Opera, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Mozilla, and any other fast application for this procedure. On PC, double-click on its icon to launch it. On mobile or tablet, navigate to the app list, scroll up and down or left to right until you locate your browser. Click on its logo.
  4. Go to the platform: Use Tubidy official address to access Tubidy mp3 Music Ghana.
  5. Navigate to the search bar: It is located on the top left side of your screen.

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6. Type in the song keyword: You can use the name of the track or the artist and tap the Enter button to initiate the search. The website will proceed to process your query and show results automatically. For this guide, we will download Sauti Sol’s Melanin song for illustration.

7. Select the relevant result: You will have a list of several songs related to the keyword you entered. Choose the correct song. In our case, we are downloading Melanin.

8. Specify the download format: In this window, the available formats for the music in question will be listed. They will include 3GP, MP4 Video, mp3 Audio and MP4.

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9. Confirm the download: As soon as you are done with the above step, a new tab will be automatically opened. Here, you will have to click on the confirmation button. Afterwards, tap the “Download mp3 Audio” option.

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10. Save the file to your gadget: If you are using a PC, you need to choose the file destination and then press the Save option. Your browser will start the download automatically. The speed at which the file is downloaded is directly proportional to that of your internet.

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Tubidy mp3 download on iOS

If you own an iPhone, iPad or any other iOS mobile gadget, you will need to have iTunes installed on your PC. Follow the steps below:

  1. Install/update your iTunes: Download the program from iTunes platform. Ensure that the software is up-to-date before plugging in your mobile phone. If well configured, it will even check for updates when you open it.
  2. Know that iTunes will perform a synchronization: All the tracks on your phone and not found on iTunes will be deleted.
  3. Connect your iPhone to the PC: You should use a USB cable.
  4. Launch your iTunes: Tap the iPhone icon in the upper left side of the window. You will be able to see your iPhone under Devices. The software will display how much storage is left on your gadget.
  5. Download the tracks: Open your browser, go to the Tubidy website and use the procedure discussed above. Follow all the steps to the latter.
  6. Go to the Summary tab on iTunes: The option is visible on the left panel. Scroll down to Options and select “Manually manage music and videos” and then click on the Apply button.
  7. Locate the Library section: Tap on the back arrow, and you will see this option on the left pane. Now, select Songs.
  8. Add the downloaded tracts to the library: If they are successfully transferred, you will see them in your library.

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9. Transfer the downloaded songs to your device: Drag and drop them to the main iTunes window. If you have several tracks, consider highlighting all of them and then sync as a group.

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How to download mp3 songs on Tubidy Android app

Installing the Tubidy application gives you an added advantage in that you will no longer need a browser to download or stream your favourite music. Use the steps below to install and obtain any songs via the app:

  1. Connect to the internet: Use any Wi-Fi connection, LAN or Mobile data. Make sure the source is reliable.
  2. Open your browser: You can use Google Chrome for an excellent experience and fast processing.
  3. Go to Amazon App store: Use Amazon official address to navigate to the platform.
  4. Search for Tubidy: On the search tab, enter the keyword in quotation marks and tap the Enter button. Click on the appropriate application on the results. A new window will appear.

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5. Download the application: Sign-in or create an account if you don’t have one, then proceed to the download section. Finally, install it on your gadget.

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6. Open the app: Navigate to your App List to locate it. Tap on its logo so that it can be launched.

7. Download/stream your favourite songs: Search for any track you want to listen to, click on it in the results, select the format and there you have it.

That is how you can download an mp3 song from Tubidy. However, offline music is nowadays becoming a novelty, especially with the increasing reliability of streaming services such as Apple Music and Spotify. Nonetheless, it is always good to have backup copies saved on your gadget in case you can’t access the internet.

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