Kusasi: origin, population, marriage customs, songs, festivals

Kusasi: origin, population, marriage customs, songs, festivals

Africa's multiculturalism is just unique. About four-fifths of its landmass rests between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, bringing about a fascinating cultural dynamism influenced by the prevailing climatic conditions. Indeed, dark skin colour is the commonly perceived characteristic of indigenous African people, but some have a different shade. The Kusasi are ethnic people dominant in northern Ghana and Southern Burkina Faso. What is their origin and what cultures do they practice?

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There are so many distinct communities in every African nation with deep ethnic identities. And they all abide by different cultural practices that have been experiencing a magnanimous transformation. However, cultural conservation and assimilation are widespread among indigenous Africans.

The Kusasi are just an example of this cultural dynamism in Ghana and the rest of the continent as they are, in a way, an identity. Are you interested in knowing more about their culture or do you want to know the Kusasi language? Like other communities, they have certain unique practices that have stood the test of time to become a great heritage.

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Who are the Kusasi people?

They form the majority of the population in Ghana and speak Kusaal. This is part of the Gur language that is also dominant in northern Ghana. The Kusasi population in Ghana is estimated to be around 646,000.

The Kusasi people are farmers. Their staple foods are rice and yams, mostly when they are in season. The Kusasi also utilize Hausa and Moore languages for trading; however, they have a great affiliation towards their native language. It is even used to teach in schools and local churches.

The dominant religion in the area that the Kusasi occupy is Christianity. Churches have done various community empowerment works in the area.

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Their origin

You have probably heard so much folk tale about your society's background, stories of your ancestor's first civilization. Sometimes, such accounts are exaggerated to create a great anecdote and keep it alive in the community. However, there's always a truth to it, one that expresses a community’s past.

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Kusasi history is fascinating. Some say that the community has always been part of the northern corner of Ghana. Others state that the Kusasi came to Ghana's north territory while escaping enslavement by the Mossis and Busani. So, what it is the real story of their origin?

It is said that the Kusasi people migrated to their current region in search of more fertile farmland. They came from the White Volta region in Mamprugu before colonization. The Paramount Chief of Mamprugu created new posts for chiefs. This allowed him to open new trade routes between the Nalerigu, Tenkudougu and to provide escort for traders from the north.

The Kusasi migrated mainly from Biengu, Zwaga and Yuiga, which are currently in Burkina Faso. They ended up settling majorly in the outskirts of Baku and took part in crop farming and animal husbandry.

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Interesting Kusasi culture

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Would you want to know more about the traditions practised in any Kusasi marriage ceremony? Similar to any African community, the Kusasi have different cultural practices that are evident in their everyday activities.

The Kusasi have a typical traditional dance that they perform at funerals. This is meant to allow the dead to reach their ancestors in the new world successfully. The most dominant dance style during these events is the Tuk dance as they jam to Kusasi music.

Here, the Tuk leader commandeers other participants to take part, moving around the court singing songs in the Kusasi language.

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The Samanpiid festival

The Kusasi people celebrate the Samanpiid festival whereby they thank God for a bumper harvest in the farming season. They started commemorating it in 1987.

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If you are a Kusasi and have been wondering about your culture, the above information would suffice as a sufficient answer to your inquiries. They have a rich history that informs on their origin and much more.

Ghana is a has numerous festivals commemorated at different times in a year. Yen.com.gh on August 7 highlighted these festivals' dates and why they are celebrated. These are significant events in Ghana's calendar that many people look forward to.

And they happen all year round, making sure that people have something to look forward to. Some are traditional, while others are religious.

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