Donald Trump mocks journalist for wearing mask in his rally: "She wants to be politically correct"

Donald Trump mocks journalist for wearing mask in his rally: "She wants to be politically correct"

- Fox News host Laura Ingraham is among journalists who are believed to be reporting "nicely" about Donald Trump

- Trump, however, did not spare her his scathing criticism when he spotted her wearing a mask in his rally in Michigan on Friday

- It is not the first time Trump is mocking reporters for showing up with masks at his events

- After trump's recovery from COVID-19, several White House staffers have tested positive for the virus

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US President Donald Trump has once again poked fun at a journalist for wearing a mask at his event.

Donald Trump mocks journalist for wearing mask in his rally: "She wants to be politically correct"
US President Donald Trump. Photo: Donald Trump.
Source: UGC

On Friday, October 30, Trump mocked Fox News host Laura Ingraham for donning a face covering at his rally in Michigan, accusing her of wanting to be "politically correct".

While making his address, Trump paused and asked for the whereabouts of Ingraham, but appeared to be surprised after spotting her in the crowd wearing a mask.

"I do believe Laura Ingraham is here in someplace. Where is Laura? Where is she? Where is Laura? I cant recognise you. Is that a mask? No way are you wearing a mask?" Trump said appearing to be stunned.
"I have never seen her in a mask, look at you. Ooh...she is being very politically correct," Trump said amid wild cheers from the crowd.

Fox News is among broadcasters that are believed to be reporting "nicely" about Trump and receives several retweets from Trump who has fashioned himself a tweeting president.

Ingraham, in some of her broadcasts, has appeared to bear the same tone about the raging COVID-19 pandemic and Trump.

"As the Biden team wants you to freak about the COVID-19 case numbers, we should instead be celebrating. America's GDP number, that would not have happened were it not for the smart decisions made by President Trump, is outstanding at 33.1%.
It wasn't a long time ago that the experts had a different view in mind. They talked about possible greater depression. Are these people ever right. No. And they will never admit they were wrong eighter," Ingraham said in one of her shows that she titled "The Great Trump Recovery".

Earlier, Trump teased Reuters' Jeff Mason for wearing a mask at an event at the Oval office.

During the October 22 event when Trump announced a peace deal between Israel and Sudan, Mason posed a question to Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Trump, however, rephrased the question to Netanyahu, who was on a conference call, and informed him that the reporter was wearing a mask.

In May, Trump asked a journalist to remove his mask claiming he could hear him properly but answered part of his question.

However, when the scribe insisted on having his mask on, Trump accused him of trying to be politically correct.

Trump, who recently recovered from COVID-19, has also joked at his close contender Joe Biden for showing up in "very large masks" even in places with adequate social distancing.

Biden's team has, nevertheless, used Trump's dislike for masks to paint him as a careless president who has escalated the rate of infection in the US.

On Friday, October 30, the US recorded a new high of 101,461 cases within 24 hours. The Trump-led county had as of the morning of Sunday, November 1, registered 9,402,590 cases of COVID-19, 236,072 deaths and 6,062,438 recoveries.

Former US president Barack Obama, who is part of Biden's campaign team, said the pandemic would have been challenging for any president but Trump "messed up everything".

Trump, who is seeking re-election, will lock horns with Biden during the Tuesday, November 3, election.

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