Trending topics on the go: How we write news at

Trending topics on the go: How we write news at has come to be a brand that is dearly loved by many Ghanaians both in the country and many others in the diaspora owing to how we cover the news extensively and bring out all the unknown facts to get our readers to connect the dots.

Our dedication to reporting on trending news and informative content that augurs well for personal development, information and entertainment over the years has been matchless.

Due to our speed at covering the news when it breaks and giving our ardent readers blow-by-blow accounts of trending issues, we have been named the among the most influential websites in the country.

Speaking about all the successes we have chalked, apart from being touted by many influential individuals in and outside Ghana, we were adjudged Online Portal Of The Year at the 2019 National Communications Awards.

Trending topics on the go: How we write news at
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How Do We Do It?

With you will never miss the hottest discussion-provoking topics because our news is always accurate and up-to-date.

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This is due to the fact that we have cutting-edge apps that track the news as and when it happens and we get to be the first to publish and inform our readers.

We focus on research, fast delivery, careful fact-checking, passion and professionalism of the team to report on the facts.

We carefully sift through the news to report the truth and we have research as our hallmark.

Trending topics on the go: How we write news at
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Our Country editor, Samuel Obour, has always ensured that we do not put a foot wrong when it comes to this. At the start of every working day, he has a catch phrase which has become like a commandment at He would normally end all news briefing with:

"Research is paramount in whatever information we put out there. If you are unable to verify the source of the information, do not put it out there. Whoever you are writing about has a brand to protect and would not sit to have you destroy their hard-earned reputation. Always be sure of a story before you publish. If you are in doubt, run it by a higher-up"

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We are the champions of entertainment news in Ghana: Here is why

When it comes to reporting entertainment news, we are always ahead of the pack due to the personal relationships we have built over the years with the movers and shakers of Ghana's entertainment industry.

We at always try our very best to verify the news from the involved party before putting ideas together for a story.

Our experienced entertainment writers squint more than other writers elsewhere and report on angle NO OTHER website would consider.

Many sister websites always come to us to copy our stories and our exceptional style of writing. This, therefore, makes it not far from true to call us the trend-setters in news.

We set the agenda when you consider reading about hard news in Ghana

When we report on hard news, it starts debate on social media it can go on and on till the day ends with our ardent readers expressing their opinions on the important reports we put out that are linked to national interest.

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Our growing numbers on social media is due to the fact that we consider the times and seasons in the nation's political, social, cultural and economic landscape and report on ONLY relevant news.

The Human Interest Stories we cover gain world-wide acclaim and we have proof!

Over the years, we have put in the effort to be the mouthpiece of many extraordinary Ghanaians who are doing exploits in the country and elsewhere.

Trending topics on the go: How we write news at
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We have also given our platform out FREELY to some of our readers who wanted to have the world hear their stories and we have done so right from the get go!

Now, here's our proof: was the first news website in Ghana to break the story of Frank Darko, the talented Ghanaian inventor who built the water bicycle.

After we broke the news, international media like BBC, DW TV and sister websites in the diaspora, reached out to us to ask for permission to pick the story and report on their platforms.

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We also report on stories of real people and give practical advice on all spheres of life.

Have national and human interest issues to discuss? Know someone who is extremely talented and needs recognition? Your stories and photos are always welcome.

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