Happy mum gives birth to twins with different skin colour

Happy mum gives birth to twins with different skin colour

- Kayleigh Okotie gave birth to her babies, cuddled them and fell asleep

- When she woke up, she noticed there was something unique about them

- Her boy and girl had different hair and distinct complexions

London mum Kayleigh Okotie is living the dream.

Happy mum gives birth to twins with different skin colour
Kayleigh had no idea how her life was about to change before she gave birth. Photo: Shutterstock
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The 32-year-old is super proud of how beautiful her twins are and how unique the two babies look.

The mum and her partner Jordan King welcomed their children and noticed that the babies had distinct features that rarely occur in most twins.

First, they had different complexions. One was fair coloured while the other was a deep shade of chocolate.

Scientists refer to the phenomenon as a “genetic quirk.”

Jaziyah’s hair is straight while that of Naylah is dark and curly.

“They have completely different personalities, which is amazing to see,” Kayleigh told The Sun about her four-month-old princess and prince.

The mum of two insists that though the boy and girl were born on the same day, their characters are like night and day.

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The 32-year-old is of English and Nigerian descent but she was still shocked when she saw her babies for the first time.

She had just gone through a long and tough labour and all she could do after giving birth was cuddle the kids and fall asleep.

When she woke up, Kayleigh noticed she had missed a glaring detail about her babies.

Previously, YEN.com.gh reported a woman with the Twitter handle @Sentie_Motloi celebrated her twin sisters after they achieved great academic success together.

According to her, the twins became medical doctors on the same day, saying that God did it for their family all again.

@Sentie_Motloi shared two photos showing the ladies holding their medical tags. One of the frames had them all smiling in their doctors' garbs.

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