Company Willing to Pay Volunteers close to Ghc8000 to Watch 13 Scariest Movies Ever Made

Company Willing to Pay Volunteers close to Ghc8000 to Watch 13 Scariest Movies Ever Made

  • FinanceBuzz is willing to offer top dollar for anyone who can watch some of the scariest movies in the world
  • The company is researching whether the budget of a movie makes it scarier to the audience
  • The finalist will be required to fit a Fitbit, which will monitor his heart rate during the watching process

A finance company is offering close to Ghc8,000 to anyone willing to sit through some of the scariest movies ever made worldwide.

FinanceBuzz is willing to pay someone to watch a scary movie.
A scene from the movie A Quiet Place. Photo: A Quiet Place/Paramount+.
Source: Instagram

According to CNN, FinanceBuzz is researching to determine whether the size of a movie's budget impacts how effective it is to the audience.

The company is hiring someone to be a horror movie heart rate analyst, and as the person watches the movies, his heart rate will be monitored using Fitbit.

This is just in time for October, majorly known as the spooky season with Halloween and such, hence the perfect timing for their research.

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FinanceBuzz wants to know if high budget movies scare people more than lower budget ones or it is a matter of good writing.

As for the movies, even reading some of the names would cause any fearful person to have a cringe.

They include:

  1. Get Out
  2. Halloween(2018)
  3. Saw
  4. A Quiet Place
  5. Insidious
  6. Amityville Horror,
  7. A Quiet Place Part 2
  8. The Purge
  9. Candyman
  10. The Blair Witch Project
  11. Annabelle
  12. Sinister
  13. Paranormal Activity

The 'chosen one' will be required to watch the said films between October 9 and October 18.

The company is will provide the analyst with a Fitbit tracker, the reward money and another Ghc300 to cover the movie costs.

To apply, one is requested to fill out a form and tell the company why they think they are the best for the role.

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The applications will end on September 26 and the winner chosen on October 1.

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