Egyptian Comedian Hilariously Challenges Action Movie Star Jean-Claude Van Damme to a Fight

Egyptian Comedian Hilariously Challenges Action Movie Star Jean-Claude Van Damme to a Fight

  • Jean-Claude Van Damme has been challenged to a no-rules fight by Egyptian comedian Mohamed Henedy
  • The funnyman had a cheeky twist to his competition, noting the actor must tie his hands hence making the fight tricky for him
  • Van Damme appeared very ready to give Henedy what he wanted but asked fans for their views

Many 90s kids have a story of how brutal movie star Jean-Claude Van Damme was in his kickboxing movies, which made their childhood pretty fascinating.

Comedian challenges Jean-Claude Van Damme to fight.
Even at 60, Jean-Claude Van Damme looks pretty fit. Photo: jcvd.
Source: Instagram

He is a bit older today but still maintains an excellent physique and must have learned many skills in his acting that he may apply in real life.

However, one comedian believes that he can spring a surprise if he and Van Damme hit the ring for a fight.

Going on his Facebook on Saturday, September 18, Egypt's funnyman Mohamed Henedy reminded Van Damme of his wish to fight him.

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In a hilarious post, the comedian said he wanted a cage fight with no rules, but with a huge twist - where the actor's hands must be tied.

"I'm still at my word.. a match without laws.. in a cage of Hill In Seal.. on one condition.. your two hands stay tied," Henedy wrote.

Henedy followed his post with another photo of him showing his built, with a kind of rage in his face, reminding Van Damme on the type of person he could be fighting, he wrote:

"If the fight starts, you will be upset."

Van Damme responds to plea

The renowned thespain reacted to the requests from Henedy, saying he had been invited to a hell-in-a-cell bout.

He asked his followers if he should accept the challenge.

"I'm receiving a hell-in-a-cell invitation to fight against the greatest comedian in the Middle East... What do you all think, should I accept the challenge?"

Here are what some of his fans thought about the fight:

Muhanad Almalik joked:

"Yes, you have to accept the challenge and be careful because he's very dangerous, he uses a snake attack.

El Gri Ngo quipped:

"That would be your last fight cause you're going to die from laughing."

Nipro Ratombo said:

"Go for long as it's at an exhibition level."

O-azha Alnidawy said:

"Yes, but be careful, he has enough to make you laugh on the ground."

Kim Soo Hyun quipped:

"Accept it, but be careful because he’s the no.1 fighter in the Middle East with a huge crowd behind him."

Keith Diamond said:

"No, he’s trying to get famous off you are one of the greats and legend let it be so tell the comedian hell no."

Van Damme dances with mum

In December 2020, the actor showed off his mother in a beautiful son-mother moment as the two hang out together.

The 60-year-old actor delighted his social media fans with a video of him dancing with his 85-year-old mum, Eliana, at a busy restaurant while enjoying some cuisine on Boxing Day.

Van Damme started the video by introducing his mum, saying she was the most famous mother in the world, adding his flexibility came from her.

The actor's lovely mum, who was full of energy and love, said they had enjoyed their day plus the weather was fantastic.


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