Majid talks about losing voice for over two years now

Majid talks about losing voice for over two years now

- Majid michel has recounted how he lost his voice over two years ago.

- He reveals that all medical diagnosis show all is well with his throat.

- He discloses that his voice has affected him a lot on set.

Majid talks about losing voice for over two years now
Majid Michel

Actor Majid Michel has revealed that he has been having   a problem with his throat for over two years .

Majid revealed that the problem with his throat has affected his voice, making it difficult for him to talk  without one realizing that he has a problem with his voice.

The versatile actor added that he has sought medical advise from both the Korle- Bu  and the 37 hospital but to no avail, as the doctors are unable to find out what is wrong with him. He added that the issue has been persistent for over two years and for which he is still seeking medical solutions to.

Speaking on Peace FM's "Entertainment Review" as a special guest over the weekend, he struggled to speak when host of the show Kwasi Aboagye asked him some questions noted that all the doctors who had examined him say everything is perfect with his throat.

Recounting how the strange condition with his voice started, Majid said he was travelling over two years ago when suddenly his voice started breaking and  the condition has persisted till date. He added that the current condition has affected his acting career and his delivery on set “very much".


The "Agony of Christ" actor said when he is speaking it feels like he runs out of breath easily, so he has to force air up from his lungs to the vocal cords but the air feels like its hard to come.

On how he is able to work with his broken voice on set, he noted that he really prepares  when on set so he does not engage in ideal talk on set, so as to save his  voice till the take". Majid also added that people who would watch the latest movie he has starred in "Amaye and Dede", would see clearly that he has a problem with his voice.

However, Majid also revealed that for some strange reason if he gets a microphone with loud speakers, his voice sounds normal.  He added that when speaking on telephone, it is worse, so advises people to send a text rather than call him.

Majid is a versatile and a multiple award winning actor who has many movies to his credit and has won several awards including AMAA award for best make actor.

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