9 types of people you will find in a Ghanaian compound house

9 types of people you will find in a Ghanaian compound house

Living in a compound house while economically sound may also be like a trial test for real life tests.

You are in constant daily interaction with different people of different backgrounds who somehow always manage to bring drama, good or bad. Here are the 9 types of people you find in every Ghanaian compound house.

1. The 'Methuselah'

9 types of people you will find in a Ghanaian compound house
This tenant has lived in the compound for so many years, they practically own the house. They like to give unnecessary life advice and always treat you like a child no matter how old you are. They have all the juicy gossip about the compound from the time it was built. But you better not mess with them, they could get you evicted sharp!

2. The 'Ei madanfo'

9 types of people you will find in a Ghanaian compound house
These type of tenants want to know every and anything about you. They like to trade stories about the other tenants and always want to know what is going on in your life. They are very pretentious, always looking to be friendly and helpful but using that as a means to find out every secret you may have.

3. The 'Konkonsa officers'

These are the tenants you always find in a group. Always together doing one thing, gossiping. When they eat together, they gossip. Sweep together, they gossip. Even when they are watching KhumKum Baghya together, they gossip. They are Ludo champions too. You always see them on the far side of the compound pretending to be busy with themselves but watch out! You are their latest topic.

4. The 'Ready fighter'

If you ever see or hear of a fight happening on the compound, they are usually the initiators. These tenants are always ready for a fight. Even if you passed by the door, they want to start a fight. It is always best to just ignore them and walk by.

5. The 'Obiaa y3 menua'

They are very free with everybody, sometimes too free. They are very clingy and always want to be around everyone. They can walk into your room at any time. They practically share your stuff with you. They are also usually the most promiscuous ones on the compound. However, they make good friends and have your back.

6. The 'La borrow'

Well, you guessed it. They have to always borrow something. Even your TV remote, they want to borrow it. They are in constant need of something and seem to only always come to you. They start with simple things like salt or coal pots then before you know it, they've graduated to money.

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7. The 'unwelcome dinner guest'

9 types of people you will find in a Ghanaian compound house
Your face when you see them coming around

This tenant doesn't only come at dinner, though. Anytime they see you about eat a meal, they readily appear, even if you could swear they were not home. It's as if they a signal that alerts them to whenever you are ready to eat. It gets so bad that you have to hide away anytime you cook or bring food home.

8. The 'Oh I'm busy oo'

These tenants never want to take part in the assigned chores. When it's their turn to handle the cleaning or scrubbing, they are nowhere to be found and always have an excuse. If you live or have lived in a compound house, you've met them.

9. The 'Menni Sika'

They are always out of money, and cannot contribute to the bills or anything that requires all the tenants to pay for, yet somehow they are always shopping.

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