Photos: Meet Aisha the untouchable Chinese galamsey queen

Photos: Meet Aisha the untouchable Chinese galamsey queen

- Asia Huang, popularly known as Aisha, is a Chinese galamseyer (illegal miner) operating in Dunkwa Offin

- She is said to be well-connected and untouchable, earning her the nickname "Chinese galamsey queen".

- She has been arrested three times but released on all occasions without charge

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Asia Huang, popularly called Aisha, is a Chinese national who is involved in galamsey (illegal mining) in the Ashanti Region.

Photos: Meet Aisha the untouchable Chinese galamsey queen
Asia Huang (Aisha)

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Aisha, who refers to herself as Yaa Asantewaa, is said to operate at the Dunkwa Offin area near the River Offin.

According to Abdul Malik Kweku Baako, the editor-in-chief of the New Crusading Guide, she was arrested three times in the past but used her connections to secure her freedom on all three occasions.

“This particular Chinese woman, I have it on record, was arrested three times during the previous administration and three times she was released. She is a very powerful woman who operates more within the Ashanti Region, especially Kumasi. She’s got connections from my own checks also in this administration. She appears to be a very smooth operative," Baako said.

There have been public calls for her arrest as part of nationwide campaign to clamp down on galamsey, which destroys the environment, especially lands and water bodies. Abandoned galamsey pits have also led to the death of scores of people across the country.

Photos: Meet Aisha the untouchable Chinese galamsey queen
Asia Huang (Aisha)

As part of her galamsey operations, she is said to have brought several Chinese girls into the country, who have managed to sleep with several high-ranking Ghanaians officials and record videos of the act.

Baako says she uses the video to blackmail Ghanaian officials to come to her aide each time she is in trouble.

“They have video and audio recordings of people who are powerful; videos of people who we have entrusted with responsibilities to protect us as a people. That’s how dangerous the game is and that is where the strength and power of these Chinese women are coming from,” he said. understand following public outcry over Aisha's conduct, the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) has invited her for questioning.

The invitation comes after four Chinese nationals were arrested over the weekend for engaging in galamsey in violation of a ban on the activity by government.

She is said to have invited the four men into the country.

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