Multi TV: Installation guide, TV decoder, channels, and frequencies

Multi TV: Installation guide, TV decoder, channels, and frequencies

Multi TV is a direct-to-home satellite television station in Ghana that brings you non-stop entertainment throughout the day. The station has many award-winning channels and programmes and delivers quality, rich entertainment for all. An advantage of using Multi TV is that it does not bother users with monthly charges. All you have to do is get a Digibox, install it, and start watching your favourite shows. But like other similar services, you will have to figure out how to install Multi TV before you get started.

Multi TV
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Before you install Multi TV, you need to know the best direction to point its satellite. Generally, you have to position the Multi TV satellite towards the east. The east is the direction from which the signal comes. Once done, the next step will be to install Multi TV and start watching your favourite programmes.

How can I install Multi TV channel in Ghana?

Here is a step-by-step guide to installing Multi TV Ghana.

  1. The first step is to install or mount your dish to a preferred position. Mounting should be straightforward. Follow the instructions in the manual on installing the dish. Ensure you have the round dish plate, a dish cap, stand, LNB and LNB holder, and dish accessories.
  2. The user manual will also show you how to assemble the dish. Ideally, the process involves fitting the LNB to the arm, with connectors facing downwards. The LNB should go in its holder.
  3. Once done, you will have to mount the stand with the four holes at the rear end on a position you had selected earlier. The stand has four holes. Avoid turning or bending it when mounting.
  4. Ensure to align the bracket vertically, or it will be challenging to find the satellite.
  5. Also, it should face the east and should not have any obstacles interfering with it.
  6. If everything is has gone to plan, secure the bolts and screws tightly to prevent the dish from moving in strong winds. But first, ensure it is easier to adjust it to find better signals. You can tighten it later once you get a strong signal.

Setting the dish

The next step is to connect your dish. Here is how:

  1. Make a hole for the cable by drilling through the wall or window frame nearest your bracket.
  2. Ensure water will not run into the hole when drilling. You can do this at an angle.
  3. Feed the cable through the hole from the inside.
  4. Cut off a short piece, then fit the F connector to the end that leads to the receiver.
  5. In simple terms, use the connectors provided to connect the coaxial cable from your dish to the receiver.
  6. Connect the cable into the LNB input of the receiver.
  7. Power the receiver ON and get started.

Multi TV decoder installation guide

After installing the dish, your next step will be to install the Multi TV decoder or the digital box. Here is what to do:

Method 1

Multi TV
Multi TV dish. Photo: @multitvworld
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  1. Press Menu.
  2. On installation, press OK.
  3. Select manual search and press OK.
  4. Edit the frequency by pressing the green button on the remote.
  5. Choose modify and press OK.
  6. Enter the number 12522 and press OK.
  7. Select polarization.
  8. Press the right button to change to vertical and press OK.
  9. Select symbol rate 27000.
  10. Press on the blue button to save and exit
  11. Press ok to start scanning.

You will have to start the search by moving the channel down the knob. If done, press OK to start scanning and then exit.

Method 2

If you have a strong decoder box, the process will be slightly different. Follow the steps below:

  1. Press menu.
  2. Press the right volume button.
  3. Enter the password as 0000.
  4. Select manual scan and press OK.
  5. Press the red button on the remote to select transponder Astra 3a/3b.
  6. Press the green button to add the TB list.
  7. Enter the frequency 12522.
  8. Go to symbol rate and enter 27000.
  9. Change the polarisation to either v or h. The bars change to green colour.
  10. Press ok to start scanning.

You can now exit after the scanning.

How to get more channels on Multi TV

Multi TV signals will reach your decoder from a satellite called Astra 2B. Its location is on the coordinates 28.2°E. But understand that Multi TV is not the only broadcaster using the same satellite. That means you can add several new parameters to your satellite receiver to identify other signals and add more Multi TV channels.

Multi TV
Multi TV decoder and remote control. Photo: @multitvworld
Source: Twitter

To get started, enter the details below for more channels:

  • Multi TV – 12525 (frequency) – 30000 (Symbol Rate).

The above options will give you 23 TV and 13 radio stations.

Alternatively, consider re-scanning your MultiTVworld digital box to get more channels without new frequencies:

  1. Press Menu on your Multi TV remote.
  2. Select Installation.
  3. Select Install satellite.
  4. Press OK.
  5. Press the green button on the remote.

Your Digibox will start the re-scan automatically. Once done, it will give you more television and radio channels, including UTV on Multi TV.

How do I activate Multi HD TV?

You can activate your Multi HD TV account by following the steps below:

  1. Dial *879#.
  2. Press 1 to start your free trial.
  3. Select option 5 to add your HD+ account number.
  4. Input the first six digits of your HD+ number.
  5. Input the last six digits.
  6. Press 1 to confirm your number.
  7. Select 1 to activate your HD+ account.
  8. You will receive a confirmation number.

If successful, your Multi HD TV account will be active and allow you to enjoy the programming.

Multi TV follows the same principle of available satellite TV installation. But all you have to do to get things right is input the satellite tracking parameters and then skew or track to pick up the Multi TV signals. The Multi TV frequency is 12525. When installing your satellite dish, ensure it faces east to get more signals. You can also get more channels by scanning your Digibox or entering the right frequency. If you have installed it correctly, you will get at least 20 TV channels and ten radio stations. shared an article on Startimes Ghana packages, channels, and prices 2021. StarTimes has operations in countries such as Kenya, Nigeria, Guinea, and Ghana. With a subscription to one of the StarTimes Ghana packages, you will have access to many channels ranging from sports to entertainment.

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