3 fine tricks to becoming a young Ghanaian millionaire

3 fine tricks to becoming a young Ghanaian millionaire

In this article, YEN explores the best and legit ways by which every young Ghanaian could make hard and ready cash using some tricks of investment.

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Whenever the issue of being rich pops up many of us think prosperity is a journey we can never reach but come to think of it, there remain various ways by which every young Ghanaian could adopt in becoming fabulously rich and YEN.com.gh will be helping you out with 5 of such clean and practicable ways.

1. Investing in treasury bills over a 10 year period.

Treasury bills is a cool form of investment which is more so like borrowing your money to government. What this means is that government sets a specific percentage of interest for the money you borrow to them and out of that do you make hard cash by the end of the day.

2. Creating an investment account

With Ghana's boisterous banking sector, one of the most lucrative packages available are mutual funds which, unlike treasury bill rates, accrue interest on a monthly basis (based on the terms and conditions of the bank you are subscribed to). There continue to be success stories of how a 5-year mutual fund has landed many financial independence and your story could just be the next!

3. The magic of social media

We can't discuss the success of financial independence without tackling the issue of social media. There is no doubt in our minds that social media continues to provide millions of funds to persons world-wide and that of Ghana is no exception. All you need is a little training on how to monetize your content and your are good to go!

There are various magical ways by which one can make real, legit cash. It's all about the best choices to take and how best to take advantage of opportunities.

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