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Education: B.Agric (Animal Science), University of Port Harcourt
Experience: Chukwu started as a Sports Caster at Wave FM 91.7 (2014-2015), Sports Caster at Today 95.1 FM (2015-2017), Sports Caster at Wish99.5FM (2017-2019), Sports Caster at Silverbird Communications, Sports Editor at Sports Brief (2022-2024). Currently Import Editor at
Chukwu Ikechukwu Godwin is a seasoned sports journalist with over a decade of experience across radio, TV, and online media. His career has seen him contribute his expertise to prominent media outlets such as Today FM, Wish FM, Silverbird Communications, and Sports Brief. Chukwu earned his Bachelor's degree in Agriculture from the University of Port Harcourt in 2016. Email:

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