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Abel Ohene Acquaye

Education: Certified Innovation Leader, Global Innovation Management Institute; Bachelor of Science (Magna Cum laude), Economics, Voronezh State University
Awards: 2021 SIMOC Awards, Singapore, Top 10 Country Partners; 2022 CEO Awards, Best in Education Consulting; 2023 National Business Honors Winner - Education Impact Award; 2023, TEAM Ahead Awards, Indonesia, Top 5 Country Partners.
Abel Ohene Acquaye is a Program Director at the Academic Talent Development Program (ATDP). He is also the Executive Producer of The Sharks Quiz and the Founder and Executive Director of AB Review Education Hub. Abel Ohene Acquaye recently led Team Ghana, representing the ATDP, to participate in the STEAM Ahead 2023 tournament in Bali, Indonesia, where they won a total of 35 medals in various categories.

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