It Didn't Harm Me, I like it; Reactions as Woman Serves Hubby Burnt Food, He Teaches Her Daughter Hard Lesson

It Didn't Harm Me, I like it; Reactions as Woman Serves Hubby Burnt Food, He Teaches Her Daughter Hard Lesson

  • A lady has shared on social media the unforgettable life lesson she learnt from her dad after he was served very burnt food by the wife
  • According to the lady, her mother who is a fantastic cook surprisingly served her father food that was burnt to the point it turned black
  • The man received the meal, consumed it like nothing happened and turned to interact with his daughter, an act that provoked a question from her

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A lady has revealed that supporting people we love and not focusing on their mistakes is one of the secrets to keeping long and happy relationships.

The lady, Dr. Belinda Kendall, made this statement on her LinkedIn wall as she recounted an incident in which her mother served the husband a very burnt meal.

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Social media reacts as man teaches daughter life lesson after her mother served him very burnt food
He taught his daughter a valuable life lesson with his action Photo Credit; LinkedIn/Designated Dr. Belinda Kendall
Source: UGC

Belinda said her mother is a fantastic cook but happened to serve her father with a pie meal that burnt till it turned black.

Her father's reaction taught her a valuable life lesson

To her surprise, her father consumed the meal like nothing happened and even complimented his wife for a sumptuous meal despite her apologizing for it.

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Upon confronting her dad about why he told his wife that the meal was nice, he responded:

"Your Mother had a tough day at work.
"She was tired.
"The burnt pie didn't harm me but, a sharp word could have hurt her."

Social media users react

Sam Norris stated:

"I love the story...on a different note, when making a mistake, own it. You boss will appreciate not wasting their time with excuses and obfuscation. I always throw in "but I learned...and this won't bite me again"'s just part of the human condition that we'll all make mistakes, the important thing is to learn from them."

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Dorothy Young remarked:

"Another word comes to mind- unconditional. That pie to me represents many of us- worldly, burned out, burned up in our sins, but God. Like the wife- she already knew what she had done.
"No need to bring it up - like our God. He does not bring up all our shortcomings and sins. Our repentance and confession of our sins and asking forgiveness is all that matters to Him. That husband was an example of that."

Chris Madison wrote:

"I agree, that was a great response. That being said, if her day was truly that hard, maybe the husband chould have made the dinner and pie so his wife could recover from a hard day… I am not saying I have this nailed… Lord (and my wife) know I do not."

Theresa Chaze said:

"I think the gender difference is amazing. The women thought the actions of the husband were loving and supportive, while most of the men were looking for a reason to be cruel in the name of honesty."

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Man shares how he snuck into the kitchen after refusing to eat wife's food

Meanwhile, previously reported the action a man took after getting angry and refusing to eat his wife's food.

Ayeni revealed that after the woman had gone to bed, he quietly went into the kitchen, picked a spoon, and started chipping away at the rice in the pot.

He did that so that his wife would not notice he later went to eat her food. The man stated that after he had scrapped at the food for a while, he went and got a bigger spoon.

With the spoon, Ayeni scooped the rice in large amount inside his plate and added meat.

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