Young lady Narrates how her Friend Called Armed Robbers on her After Taking care of her

Young lady Narrates how her Friend Called Armed Robbers on her After Taking care of her

  • A young lady has opened up about how her friend arranged an armed robbery attack on her
  • In a Twitter post, @Grace_undiluted revealed that she accommodated her friend for three years and took good care of her
  • Many who saw the post took to the comments section to narrate their own encounters with ungrateful friends

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A disappointed friend has recently taken to social media to narrate how her own friend orchestrated her robbery and assault.

In her post on Twitter, @Grace_undiluted recounted that in 2018 she took a struggling friend in and accommodated her for three years.

According to @Grace_undiluted, she even paid for seven months rent for her friend when she had to travel.

Netizen opens up about being betrayed by a friend
Sad young lady Photo credit: Westend61/Getty Images
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The sad lady revealed that she found out the person who was living under her roof plotted her rape and murder.

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"How do I explain to the world that a girl I kept under my roof, fed and took care of since 2018 till April 2021 when I finally left my house for her with a 7 months rent paid was the one who planned my own gang rape and murder yesterday."

The young lady's post took many aback on social media.

At the time of this publication, the post has close to 10,000 likes, more than 4,800 and 509 quote tweets.

A few of the 635 comments have been highlighted below by;

@AbujaGirl commented:

What she did is extremely wicked but we should all realize and note that when people are down and we are helping them, one single word or action can undo everything we have done for them while leaving them with the type of pain that makes them to seek revenge.

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@DanielRegha replied:

The world is a wicked place, sad reality is that ur closest friends & family most times turn out to be ur worst enemies; We sometimes skip the red flags cos we hold loved ones at high esteem. Never give anyone ur 100% trust cos people are unpredictable; Better safe than sorry.

From @emmy_uzor:

There are people who hate to receive or think they are the ones who deserve your station. For survival they will take but with each forced humility and fake appreciation, resentment continues to grow until they show their true colours. Sorry this happened to you please deal with her.

@uti_xo wrote:

I’m really sorry! Nowadays this doesn’t surprise me and it’s why I stay clear from people. Any red flag I see no matter how minuscule. I’m disappearing. The same person my mum was helping his entire family. Sending all three boys to school and also giving the woman stipends too

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From @PeewitPro:

I have noticed & have also concluded that most of these people we love dearly and have shown love to over the time don't really love us the way we do to them.. Some of them even hate us with passion and I still can't fix it at all. I'm actually talking from experience earlier reported that a frustrated Ghanaian took to social media to share a heartbreaking and disappointing situation he finds himself in.

Narrating his story via a page on Facebook called Mx24gh, he anonymously gave a vivid account of how his own former classmate, whom he helped get a job at the company he was working with, ended up backstabbing him and getting him fired.

Recounting his experience, the man shared that, 10 years after completing school, he managed to land a Finance Manager role in a reputable company.

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