Pregnant Nigerian Lady Relocates To UK As International Student, Stays In Airbnb For Months

Pregnant Nigerian Lady Relocates To UK As International Student, Stays In Airbnb For Months

  • A Nigerian mother who relocated abroad while pregnant struggled to get accommodation and a babysitter for her kid
  • After a random Facebook follower came to her rescue, she spent hours between school, her babysitter, and her Airbnb
  • The lady's situation changed when her husband came from Nigeria to support her before she was delivered of a son

A Nigerian lady who relocated to the UK in 2022 as a pregnant lady has shared the story of a struggle in a new country.

As an international student in the UK, the lady (@itslalacious) said getting accommodation was the first major issue. She had to stay in an Airbnb for months.

Relocating to UK/Lady and her kid abroad
The woman posed why she was pregnant and in the UK. Photo source: @itslalacious
Source: UGC

Pregnant mother studying in the UK

While going to school, she struggled to find a babysitter for her daughter. Her followers on Facebook came through for her in the UK.

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The lady's husband was still back in Nigeria while she was facing all the challenges. In two instances, she missed her bus and her way.

She always had to travel more than 2 hours to her free-of-charge babysitter and some minutes to school. It was not easy for her with her pregnancy.

Watch her full story in TikTok slides.

Diane said:

"You are beautiful and strong woman

Kijin said:

"Thank God for seeing you through those hardships. Glad to see your family is thriving now."

Renikstitches said:

"Hmmmm. I was about to cry too thank God for your support system. God bless him more. UK is not a bed of rose in beginning but with time, God will prove Himself and say am with you my dear one."

erskine said:

"Congratulations, I cried watching this video because I'm going through similar situation I'm encouraged that everything will work out very soon."

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Stylus Artistry Beauty said:

"Had to pause the video for a second to control my tears.. Sending you love."

Emmanuel FabZ said:

"Congratulations and Glory be to God for seeing you through."

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