75 latest children's Ankara styles in 2024: for boys and girls (with photos)

75 latest children's Ankara styles in 2024: for boys and girls (with photos)

The kind of love between parents and kids is beyond words; the sincere feelings are the hardest to express. Parents depict incredible selflessness towards their kids, even with constrained finances. Even though parents sometimes might be emotionally drained, they have to make their kids happy. And if that means buying something amazing from the classiest children's Ankara styles, then that is just what will happen.

children's ankara styles
Latest children's Ankara styles in 2023. Photo: @sofia_elisa_diego, @ankarakidsignature (modified by author)
Source: UGC


The Ankara style has stood the test of time, is one of the most-loved fabrics in Africa and is picking pace in other parts of the world. Instilling the fashion in your young ones with children's Ankara styles is excellent. What are the best kids' Ankara styles that you can easily match?

Trendiest children's Ankara styles

The undeniably beautiful Ankara designs for girls or boys are something unique. Designers have hit the market by storm with some fantastic designs for kids, and everyone is mesmerized.

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It beats the unwritten rule that Ankara is for adults, making kids' designs phenomenal. Therefore, you have a massive collection to decide whether you are going for children's gown styles or any other design.

Plain and pattern styles for children

Here are some plain and patterned designs for both boys and girls.

Half plain, half Ankara

plain and pattern styles for children
Various designs for boys and girls. Photo: @Toludeefashionhub, @SleekStitchesandCollections, @cuzokidsankarastore (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Boys, like girls, look great in a variety of designs. A basic shirt with a floral or partnered Ankara design is a great option.

Sweatpants with Ankara designs are another amazing outfit. This design is suitable for both boys and girls. Sneakers can be worn with this ensemble.

You can also make an Ankara design out of basic fabric patches. It provides your child with a refined appearance. These clothes are ideal for occasions such as weddings or even birthday parties.

Plain design with patterns

children's ankara styles
Adorable plain design suit. Photo: @wondroussam, @dgvkiddies, @wealahkids (modified by author)
Source: UGC

If you are not searching for anything too elaborate, a full-on plain Ankara suit will do you good. This is one of the most effective techniques to achieve the look of traditional African fabrics.

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You may blend in with the loafers and create a variety of colours and designs that your son will enjoy wearing. You can also match it with your son's attire.

One might purchase one already made or have one made to fit their child's style. The wonderful thing about such outfits for boys is that they make them appear cooler, more relaxed, and ceremonial.

Matching Ankara outfits

ankara styles for kids
Kids in different matching outfits. Photo: @dgvkiddies, @sofia_elisa_diego, @wealahkids, @kafos.ng (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Another option to make your children look classy is to dress them in matching outfits. For example, you might choose a patterned print that is bright and colourful. The boys' outfits should match any pattern on the girls' dresses.

If you don't want your children to wear a whole outfit, you can match them with only pants or shirts. Wearing identical outfits for your children is one of the most effective methods of expressing your love for them, and it strengthens their bond as siblings.

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Latest Ankara styles for girl child

When it comes to children's gown style, girls have various choices to choose from. Here are some of the most trending Ankara styles for children's gown pictures you can consider.

Lace styles for girls

children ankara styles
Girls looking stunning in gown designs. Photo: @dikukidz, @sofia_elisa_diego (modified by author)
Source: Facebook

There is a variety of little girl baby girl Ankara styles. Lace gives the entire ensemble a tidy and appealing appearance. It can be worn around a dress's waist, arm, shoulders, or top. Lace updates the look, making it more elegant and sophisticated.

Maxi floral dresses with short sleeves are fabulous for formal occasions. The style is quite comfy, and it is one of the best baby Ankara dresses that your girl can wear with flat or wedge shoes.

In the summer, short-sleeved shirts are also ideal. These Ankara gowns for children are appropriate for both slim and plus-size women. You can finish the look with similar headgear, and your young lady will look stunning.

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Ankara styles for children's gown pictures

children ankara gown styles
Adorable gown designs. Photo: @fashionafricana, @africankidsfashion, @allankarakids (modified by author)
Source: Facebook

An Ankara gown for children can either be straight or flair. You can add some designs to make it stand out in either case. For example, you can have bell-like or multi-layered sleeves on straight dresses. You can also acquire a ball gown for your girl to give her a royal look.

Off-the-shoulder children's dress styles for girls are another great option. You can choose between one that has a cut and one that does not. You can also choose between a long and a short one. Of course, your daughter is still going to rock in it.

Jumpsuit baby girl Ankara styles

ankara styles for girls
Various jumpsuit designs. Photo: @fashionafricana, @africankidsfashion, @allankarakids, @Sèvirkids (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Most girls who seek a chic, classy, and comfy style like to wear jumpsuits. The jumpsuit, like all clothing, looks best on you when it fits well. A thin belt, shades, a headpiece, and earrings can be worn as accessories.

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Shorts Ankara design

little girl baby girl ankara styles
Ankara short designs. Photo: @babysophiavee, @forever21, @kafos.ng (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Everything looks vibrant and fashionable, thanks to the Ankara fabric. Young girls love shorts because of their floral patterns. Colour, on the other hand, depends on your choice. You can choose from pink, yellow, brown or mustard.

When it comes to looking cool in Ankara shorts, it's all about matching them with the right top and shoes. Your girl will enjoy the outfit as long as it looks good, whether it's a high waist design, knee length, or dungaree.

Little girl, baby girl Ankara styles

little girl baby girl ankara styles
Designs for young kids. Photo: @ankarakidsignature, @tedakids, @iamprincess_amelia (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Ankara designs are the best option for clothes if you are seeking the appropriate traditional outfit for your newborn or baby girl. A baby Ankara dress might have a sweet appearance and honour your ethnic values.

You can dress up your girl for any occasion, including significant religious and cultural holidays, family gatherings or even during newborn photo shoots.

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Latest Ankara styles for baby boy

Do you want your boy to stand out and look classy? Below are the various Ankara styles for boys you can choose from.

Shorts and trousers

ankara styles for boys
Ankara trousers set for boys. Photo: @kafos.ng (modified by author)
Source: UGC

There has been a comparable concentration on Ankara fashions for boys, just as there has been on Ankara styles for girls. Their clothing has also improved, so you may choose from various designs if you are a mother or father of a son.

ankara styles for children
Matching boys' suits, shorts and trousers. Photo: @wealahkids (modified by author)
Source: Instagram

Shorts are less constricting and perfectly suited to the extraordinarily active lifestyle. Similar to trousers, shorts can be created in a variety of styles, with the most popular being knee-length, thigh-length, and three-quarter shorts.

Boy t-shirts and hoodies

kids ankara styles
Different shirt designs for boys. Photo: @ankaraforboys, @danddclothingandtailoringllc, @azani_africa (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Another great appearance and one of the most popular fashions for children is Ankara shirts. This Ankara style for boys comes in various styles and looks well with jeans, formal trousers, shorts, or khakis.

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The shirt could be wholesomely made from Ankara fabric or have the same patches. On the other hand, it can be large traditional prints or drawings. This is easy to match top Ankara styles for the male child.

Make your child's Ankara attire stand out. The above children's Ankara styles are some of the best outfits you can consider choosing for your boy or girl.

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