Lady Gets New Generator from Boyfriend After Lamenting Three-Week Dumsor

Lady Gets New Generator from Boyfriend After Lamenting Three-Week Dumsor

  • A Nigerian lady experienced a delightful surprise when she received a thoughtful gift from her partner, following her conversation with her boyfriend about the prolonged power outage at her home
  • The unexpected present, a brand-new generator, was a solution to the persistent electricity issue
  • Overwhelmed with joy, she showcased the generator and its accompanying receipt, capturing her genuine excitement

A Nigerian lady was astonished to receive a present after informing her boyfriend of the three-week power outage at her residence.

The clip revealed that her partner had surprised her with a new generator to alleviate the electricity issue.

Nigerian lady gets generator from boyfriend
Nigerian lady excited after getting new generator from boyfriend. Photo credit: @big_val2
Source: UGC

With receipt in hand, she excitedly unveiled the generator, confirming its authenticity, as shown by @big_val2.

Watch the video below:

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Gracious kiddies said:

“Fuel coste fir buy solar for you.”

His wife wrote:

“Make I manage the one I see fess.”


“Make I nor talk.”


“Where did you order your own boyfriend from please.”


“I'm happy for you.”


“Na until you Comot from chibueze hostel ehh fine girl.”


“E no fine.”


“U no go like drop update d junction u see ur man.”


“Hold am very well o.”

Priceless favo:

“Where una dey find real love na.”

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Meanwhile, earlier reported that a video of a young lady who got a wonderful surprise from her loving boyfriend on the day she completed her last paper as an undergraduate student has attracted thousands of views on TikTok.

The lady had no idea that her boyfriend had planned a special gift for her to celebrate her academic achievement, which made it more thrilling and exciting as she could not hold back her joy.

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Even though it was a rainy day, many people joined the lady to share her happiness and compliment her gift. The video shows the lady’s reaction as she sees her boyfriend drive into her school. The video has received thousands of comments and likes from TikTok users who praised the couple’s love and the boyfriend’s gesture.


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