Drama As Little Girl Packs Her Bag And Leaves Home After Mum Told Her To Clean Up: "So Dramatic"

Drama As Little Girl Packs Her Bag And Leaves Home After Mum Told Her To Clean Up: "So Dramatic"

  • A woman has shared her little daughter's funny reaction after she ordered her to tidy up her room
  • Quite to netizens' amusement, the girl packed a little bag, put it on her shoulder and left the house
  • While in tears, she confirmed to her mother the reason for her leaving and even waved goodbye as she ascended the flight of stairs

A video of a little girl leaving her home angrily has surfaced online and stirred huge reactions.

The clip shared on TikTok by her mum left internet users in stitches and has amassed over three million views.

Video of little girl leaving home over being told to clean up her room emerges
She tearfully left home. Photo Credit: @bracefacet4
Source: UGC

In the clip, her mum watched as she took a little bag and put it over her shoulder as she exited the house.

Her mum stopped her in her tracks who wondered why she was leaving. Tearfully, the little girl responded that she was asked to clean her room.

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Her mum was not surprised and bade her goodbye as she moved out. On what was in her little bag, the kid's mum wrote:

"Yall she had toy food to make a burger, teapot set, and stuffed animal in her bag."

A follow-up video showed the little kid returned after her earlier tantrum.

Watch the video below:

The kid's action amused netizens

Duckie IDK said:

"Betuz you told me to tween my woom" I feel that. I hate when I have to clean my room! "

toni⭐️ said:

"It’s the fact she still so polite while running away."

Prisca Madison said:

"The bag over the shoulder is sooo dramatic."

InfiniteRonda said:

"The crying while leaving is sending me."

Belinda said:

"Sometimes you just gotta remove yourself from stressful situations."

$winn️ said:

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"Remind me of the little man scene at the end."

RootingForAnAntiHero said:

"One time my uncle tried running away and my GMA reminded him he wasn't allowed to cross the st by himself so he just kept circling the block."

Little girl leaves home

Meanwhile, YEN.com.gh previously reported that a little girl had packed her bags and left home angrily.

A video of the Nigerian kid venturing out of her parent's house in reaction to being beaten by her mum has sparked mixed reactions on social media.

In the short video shared by @pulsenigeria247 on Instagram, the kid looked visibly annoyed and struggled to gather her lunch box and another bag in readiness for her exit.

Her mum could be seen hilariously appealing to the kid to change her mind, a plea that seemed to have fallen on deaf ears.

Source: Legit.ng

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