Prempeh College courses, houses, alumni, address

Prempeh College courses, houses, alumni, address

Prempeh College is a public secondary school that was founded in 1949 by the Asanteman traditional authority, the British colonial government, the Presbyterian and the Methodist churches of Ghana. It is located in Kumasi, the capital city of Ghana, Ashanti region.

prempeh college main campus
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It is named after the King of Ashanti (Asantehene) Sir Osei Tutu Agyeman Prempeh II who donated the land that houses the institution. It is a boys' boarding school whose mission is producing God-fearing, competent, educated and capable men who are prepared to make a positive impact on Ghana and the world as a whole.

It is considered the best school in the region. Its vision is to offer students a unique experience in education to achieve academic excellence and train young men to occupy positions of responsibility.

History of Prempeh College

Prempeh College was founded to cater to the educational needs of Kumasi Metropolis and Ashanti. Before it was built, there were no public secondary schools and the colonial government was challenged to work on the same by inviting the Presbyterian and Methodist churches which had run academic centres before.

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This was achieved to meet the demand for education for the locals of Ashanti and the northern regions of Ghana. There is a PTA as well as an Old Boys Association (AMANFOO). These two are meant to help sustain the school's focus and act as a safety net whenever necessary. The school is led by a chairman and a board of Governors, who usually chooses the headmaster.

The green and gold colours are part of the Ashanti traditional colours and so were adopted by the school, with a crest design adopted by the first headmaster Rev Sidney N. Pearson. The first four headmasters were from the colonial government. Notably, Dr T. A. Osae was the first Ghanaian to lead the school.

The school maintained top honours producing many students pursuing medicine. The original motto of the college was “Oman pa fapem ne obrapa,” translated as “Integrity makes a good nation was changed to “Suban Ne Nimde” which means character and knowledge.

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Prempeh college entrance and houses

prempeh college main campus
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The school's aim to provide a conducive environment for students. The aim is to have all students focusing on their academics. This explains the facilities, starting with top-notch Prempeh College houses.

The school has nine houses headed by a housemaster who is chosen from the senior members of the teaching staff. The houses are:

1. Ramseyer, which was the first to be built.

2. Freeman

3. Pearson

4. Aggrey

5. Guggisburg

6. Osei tutu

7. Serwa

8. Opoku ware

9. Butler

Prempeh College main campus

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Prempeh College campus is situated in the Western By-Pass, 233 Kumasi, Ghana. The school take pride in its ability to excel in whatever it ventures into. Academically, it is one of the best institutions the country has. The number of accolades it scoops in different competition attests to this fact.

Prempeh College official website

All school information can be found on their official website. It is on this site that you get to learn about the special Prempeh College uniform. Both staff, students and leaders have unique wears for special occasions. A great example would be seen on the school's social media page when Prempeh College photos can be seen. It is a mixture of beautiful green, yellow and kente inspired details for both staff and students.

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The school is well-known anywhere in the country because of its striking uniform. It is difficult to have the boys confused with any other students. This piece of clothing serves as a reputation that needs to be upheld.

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Prempeh College courses

Both undergraduate degree and diploma programs have been released by Prempeh College. Potential students are advised to check if they meet the qualifications. Courses offered include:

1. Business

2. Visual Arts

3. General Arts

4. Social Science

5. Accounting

6. Management.

7. Home economics

8. Health science

9. Computer Science

Prempeh College old students association

Just like any other school, Prempeh College has an old students organization known as Amanfoo which comprises of forward-thinking individuals who work to sustainably benefit their school.

Members register to promote the welfare of their members in the United Kingdom by giving financial support to their alma mater. Amanfoo gathers members people from various parts of the world. Each member is to uphold the values of welfare shared by other organization and its alma mater. They basically are well-wishers who believe in the value of education to the well-being of the community and are committed to good character and integrity. Its main objectives are:

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  • Keeping the Prempeh College spirit alive through integrating and supporting members.
  • Focusing on making contributions as well as freewill donations for the public good.
  • Getting Prempeh College old students to support the society's needy.

Some of the famous Prempeh College alumni include:

1. John Agyekum Kufuor, who is the former president of Ghana.

2. Kwesi Ahwoi, best recognized as the former interior minister

3. Francis Amanfor, a renowned diplomat.

4. Hon Kwadwo Baah-Wiredu, former education minister.

5. Owusu-Ansah Koffi.

6. Dr Kwabena Dufuor.

7. Dr William Amankwa Danquah.

Prempeh College science lab

Tullow Ghana Limited (TGL) is recognized for coming in to support the construction of Science Laboratories. The goal is to have students love Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects.

Prempeh College address

The school’s address is:

  • Location: Western By-Pass Kumasi, Ghana.
  • Postal address: P.O Box 1993, 00233 Kumasi Ghana.
  • E-mail address:
  • Phone number: +233 32 202 3287

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Prempeh College is an institution that most parents would wish their children to join. It has a great track record not to mention that its incredible performance academically and otherwise sets it part. The awards it has won, including the Toyota Innovation Award, are proof of the school's focus on excellence.


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