Beautiful Little Girl Gets Angry At Her Mum For Coming To Pick Her From School Late: "She's Fed Up"

Beautiful Little Girl Gets Angry At Her Mum For Coming To Pick Her From School Late: "She's Fed Up"

  • A little girl stunned social media users with the way she talked to her mother when she came to pick her up from school
  • In a video that has received over 4 million likes on TikTok, the girl tackled her mother for coming late
  • Even as the woman tried to explain the reason for her delay, the girl did not want to hear any of it

A little schoolgirl got angry with her mother for coming to school late to pick her up.

In a short video shared by @kyiasamone, the little girl expressed anger when she saw her mother.

Girl sad as her mum comes to pick her up late from school.
The girl was sad with her mother. Photo credit: TiKTok/@kyiasamone.
Source: UGC

Before getting into the car, the girl told her mother how sad she was over the late coming. She continued lamenting when she entered the car.

Even as the mother attempted to explain that she got stuck on the way, the girl did not want to hear any of it.

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Many people from Africa said they would never try talking to their parents that way. However, some others said the little girl was genuinely sad, and she deserved to express it.

Watch the video below:

Reactions as girl gets angry at her mother

@belashedbyalii said:

“Know you not picking me up no more."

@Hunter.Malik commented:

"At this point, give her the keys and get in the back."

@Prettyyy Blackkk reacted:

"I picked my son up late and he gon say “if you don’t love me just say that."

@jamellaolivia_ commented:

"You can’t even get mad because they act just like us."

@Nono commented:

"Me admiring her, knowing very well I could never say one word to my mom even if she picked me up tomorrow."

@Callum reacted:

"Imagine she was a manager and you were late to work."

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@ThatsRissa said:

"My girl is fed up."

@LeetolExpat said:

"As a 90s baby I’m wondering who raised our parents because no matter how we felt we kept it in."

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