10 male English names that are very popular in Ghana

10 male English names that are very popular in Ghana

Naming a child and the accompanying ceremony is one of the favorite traditions that exists all around the world, and especially in Ghana where we add our own beautiful cultural element to it.

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The name you select for your child has been said to be the guiding force for them as they grow to become adults.

However some names, like the English names remain popular choices for most parents, and this week YEN.com.gh has found 10 popular male English names in Ghana:

1. Charles. We all know at least two people who are named Charles.

2. John. The name of the past FOUR presidents in Ghana. Talk about popularity on steroids. We dare you to throw a rock and not hit someone called John.

Most popular male english names
John is a name so popular, it was borne by the past FOUR presidents of Ghana. In photo: Former President John Dramani Mahama

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3. Michael. Named after the Archangel Michael, parents hope that their sons turn out ‘angelic’. If you know someone called Michael, can you confirm they have angelic souls?

4. Joe. Joe is the shortened form of Joseph, which is a very popular name, and will probably remain so for a long time.

5. Evans. There is always an Evans on every street corner.

6. Daniel. The man who was left in the lion's den. It has been a popular name among 90s born kids.

7. Isaac. We all know this one. It is such a name popular choice all over over the country.

9. Eric. Who does not know an Eric? That’ll be impossible because we all have an Eric in our lives

10. Andrew. Shortened to either Drew or Andy, it has been one of the favorite name choices for many decades.

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