Swine Flu is killing innocent lives! Save yourself with these 6 critical tips this Harmattan season

Swine Flu is killing innocent lives! Save yourself with these 6 critical tips this Harmattan season

The outbreak of Swine Flu at Kumasi Academy has recorded sad deaths and scary infections.

Swine Flu is killing innocent lives! Save yourself with these 6 critical tips
Swine Flu is killing innocent lives! Save yourself with these 6 critical tips

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It all started later in the year when isolated cases of death were being treated as mystery deaths until laboratory results from the Noguchi Institute revealed that it was a full-blown strain of Swine Flu.

As the year comes to an end, the Ghana health service is cautioning Ghanaians to be very wary of flu-related illnesses like Meningitis and the almighty Swine Flu.

In this article, YEN.com.gh runs you through basic tips to prevent being infected with the Swine Flu virus.

What is Swine Flu?

This is a virus which spreads fast from one person to the other. It was first discovered in 2009 after spreading and killing hundreds of people, especially in the Asian nations.

The deadly virus spreads during dry seasons like December and the only way to stay safe from it is by having a flu shot which, according to the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) contains a vaccine against the virus.

Swine Flu can spread like wildfire. In fact, a common sneeze by an infected person can see the virus spreading on tables, door holders, everywhere.

Preventive tips

Now that we know what Swine Flu is all about and also how contagious it is, we can now explore the ways of preventing an infection.

1. Sanitize your hands every time

If you don't have a hand sanitizer kindly get one for at least 5 Ghana Cedis in any shop or pharmacy near you. Hand sanitizers contain antiseptics which cleans off all germs from your palms. All you need to do is to apply some drops on your palm each and every time. This prevents you from picking up germs and even strains of Swine Flu from an infected person.

2. Stay away from infected persons

Now that we know how fast the virus can spread, it is advisable to keep your distance from anyone who has a terrible cold or a cough. If you can't then better cover your nose and mouth with a handkerchief whenever someone sneezes uncontrollably. This is to prevent the drops of infection in the air from getting through your nostrils or mouth.

3. Stay home when ill

Staying home when ill gives the opportunity to not only recover well but also save your loved ones if it turns out your diagnosis is highly contagious. In a Flu-like season as this, you may want to always seek the attention of a doctor whenever you feel something wrong. This is especially crucial since the more you stay, the less chance you could survive. If you don't have money for medical help, maybe you can take advantage of your National Health Insurance (NHIS) card.

4. Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth

These are very sensitive parts of our bodies. They are easily infected with bacteria and virus. So in this Flu season, you may want to be extra careful to do such things since our hands touch so many infected things every time. That's the main reason we recommend the use of a hand sanitizer.

5. Never panic

Panicking is a natural thing but this can also affect your general health especially if it;'s the case that you have Swine Flu. Although there is no reason to panic, there is a good reason to get vaccinated and seek prompt medical care for flu symptoms if you think you have Swine Flu.

6. Read more about Swine Flu, stay updated

Following the outbreak of Swine Flu at KUMACA, the ministry of health together with the Ghana Health Service (GHS) will definitely be posting several updates on Swine Flu infection and prevention. All you need to do is always stay in touch and get all the information you need on the deadly virus.

With this information, we hope you can now have a peaceful holiday season and also the health to keep reading life-saving articles as this from YEN.com.gh.

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